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Near the Edge

Erica was in pure bliss as she continued to drink her fill from Benny. She was amazed at how good his blood tasted and enjoyed every drop that entered her mouth. What made this even better for her was hearing the constant moaning coming from Benny letting her know that he was enjoying this as well. However Erica was starting to take too much blood from Benny which was beginning to make him woozy.

"Erica, stop," mumbled Benny in a weak but serious voice knowing he couldn't afford to lose any more blood.

Luckily Erica's sensitive hearing picked up his warning and had snapped her out of her blissful state. She quickly removed her fangs from Benny's neck and looked at him to see if he was alright. Worry immediately came to her eyes when she saw the delirious state he seemed to be in.

"Baby, are you alright?" Erica asked in concern while placing two fingers on the unbitten side of Benny's neck to check his pulse.

To her relief his pulse was only slightly slower than usual and would be back to its normal pace in due time.

"I've never felt so aroused in my life. We've got to do that again sometime," muttered Benny in a dazed yet excited way.

For a moment Erica wondered if that was just the blood loss talking but then she really hadn't taken that much from him and he wasn't that out of it. Realizing that Benny did mean what he said a smile appeared on Erica's face knowing that she would like to taste his blood more frequently herself.

"Agreed, I had no idea your blood would be so delicious," commented Erica as she licked her lips to get the bits of blood that still lingered on them.

"I bet my magic has something to do with that," stated Benny with a grin coming to his face.

Benny knew that Ethan was actually the one with the super rare blood but hearing that his wasn't just ordinary either, made him feel a little bit better about himself.

"Speaking of magic what kind are we under anyway?" questioned Erica with a curious expression on her face.

Benny was a bit surprised by the question but then realized it had to have been obvious that their current situation wasn't just because of simple teenaged hormones. But then the fear of Erica getting upset about her being under the influence of a potion without her consent came to him soon after. His face must have shown his distress because Erica suddenly grabbed the side of Benny's face and planted a kiss on his lips. Benny's eyes closed in delight savoring the feel of her lips touching his as he began kissing her back. Though it wasn't Erica's intent for the kiss to be a long one and left his lips with a smile on her face.

"I'm just curious. I don't plan on letting this end anytime soon. Besides we can't do anything else right now until you get your strength back anyway so we might as well kill some time," reassured Erica which succeeded in relieving Benny's worries.

Benny agreeing with her reasoning and decided he would tell her the whole story. Benny opened his mouth ready to speak until Erica suddenly interrupted him.

"Wait a minute, I want to get more comfortable before you start," Erica announced as she grabbed Benny's arm and wrapped it around herself before laying the side of her head on Benny's chest.

"Ok, now I'm ready," she told him with a huge grin causing one to form on Benny's lips too.

"Well it all started this morning when Ethan wanted to ask Sarah out."

If Sarah could describe in one word how good Ethan's blood tasted it would be ambrosia. She had known his blood was one of a kind out of many and she figured it had to of tasted good especially when she had smelled it those few times. However she had never imagined that it would taste this great. She truly couldn't get enough as she continued drinking greedily from Ethan. As for Ethan he had admitted that he had been caught off guard when he felt Sarah's fangs pierce his skin. Though the moment she had started drinking from him, his eyes had rolled back in pure ecstasy at the sensations caused by Sarah draining his blood from him. Several sounds of pleasure escaped his mouth never before having felt something this good.

"Oh Sarah…please don't stop," moaned out Ethan loving this more and more.

Hearing Ethan's lust filed words prompted Sarah even more as she snuck her fangs deeper into his neck and stated sucking his blood faster. Doing this had made Ethan call out Sarah's name in pleasure before his eyes turned white and a vision had suddenly hit him. Once again he saw Sarah and himself together but this time they were actually naked in bed. He then watched as they both vamped out before kissing each other passionately and noticing that bite marks were glowing a tad of red on the side of both of their necks. The vision then ended leaving Ethan gasping in both fatigue and anticipation knowing that they were already on their way to having that vision come true. Despite noting the slowing down of his heartbeat, Ethan was still in a very good mood from what he had just seen. Yet realizing he would most likely pass out soon he wanted to make sure Sarah would know what to do next when she finished drinking from him.

"S-Sarah…t-turn me," faintly murmured out Ethan with the last of his strength before he finally passed out from blood loss.

Hearing this had stunned Sarah enough to take her fangs from Ethan's neck and turn to him ready to ask him why he told her that. Unfortunately she saw that Ethan was unconscious and fright entered her immediately.

"Ethan! Ethan, wake up!" yelled Sarah in alarm as she shook him slightly but not receiving any response.

Not getting any reaction from Ethan, Sarah hastily checked his pulse and heartbeat. To her horror they were both very faint and continued to slow down. Sarah's first thought was to take him to the hospital but then Ethan's last words rang in her head.

"S-Sarah…t-turn me," repeated in her head in Ethan's desperate voice making her hesitate on what to do.

"Should I?" thought Sarah not sure if that was something Ethan had really wanted her to do or it was the delirious state he had been in from losing all that blood.

However she knew she didn't have all day to make up her mind as Ethan's heartbeat was getting slower and slower. Looking at Ethan's unconscious form, she thought about all that had happened between them this day and finally decided on what to do.

After Benny finished telling Erica the whole story, she couldn't help laugh at the part when Ethan's dad had walked in on them when Ethan was practicing to ask Sarah out.

"You should have seen his dad's face it was priceless," laughed Benny causing Erica to chuckle even more.

"Well I'm sure after all this there won't be any doubt of you guys' sexuality," Erica teased with a smirk.

Benny just shook his head in amusement before a serious look came on his face.

"So you really don't mind being under a potion right now?" he asked Erica, looking down at her on his chest.

She looked back at him before burring herself deeper into Benny's chest.

"Let's see, I'm in a hot guy's bed, laying on top of him in my underwear and got to enjoy tasting his delicious blood. Hmm…nope, I don't mind at all," stated Erica giving Benny an enchanted look.

"Did you just call me hot?" Benny inquired with a smirk spreading on his lips.

Erica moved in closer to Benny's ear and whispered lightly into it.

"Yes baby, you are incredibly hot and sexy," answered Erica in a seductive tone making Benny shiver in pleasure.

"You're pretty hot and sexy yourself," Benny replied in a flirtatious voice of his own.

"Yeah, being a vampire does have its perks," commented Erica in confidence, yet this made Benny frown before bringing her head in front of his.

"I already thought that about you even before you became a vampire," he told her firmly with all seriousness on his face.

Erica's eyes widened in surprise not expecting him to say that let alone mean it. Seeing the surprise on her face Benny decided it was time to tell her the truth regarding his feelings for her.

"I liked you the way you were, you know as a geek. You were so smart, funny, and yes beautiful. I liked how you were never afraid to show your love for Dusk or anything else. And even though you were a geek you were never shy about it. You just went on with your life and I admired you for that. You were my inspiration to be the best geek that I could be and not worry about what others thought about me," confessed Benny which left Erica completely stunned into silence.

Erica in her wildest dreams had never thought that someone had actually liked her old geeky self and to know how much Benny actually liked her before warmed her up in ways that she could not explain.

"Really?" she asked still having a hard time believing what he had told her.

Benny smiled at her before pointing his head in the direction of his closet.

"Look in there. On the floor there's a box with your name on it," he replied to which Erica hastily got off from the bed and headed to the closet.

She slid the closet doors open and looked down in the far back to see the mentioned box. It was actually a medium sized black box that indeed had her name written in gold on the top of it. She grabbed the box from the floor and turned around to see Benny now sitting up on the bed smiling at her.

"Open it," was all she needed to hear him say before she placed the box on the side of the bed and took off the top.

A gasp escaped Erica's lips when she saw a few of her old nerdy cloths folded in it with one of her old hair bands and her old glasses sitting on top of the pile of cloths, all in perfect condition. Erica then took the glasses in her hands and looked them over to see that they were truly hers.

"I can't believe you actually have this old stuff of mine," she said while putting down the glasses and taking out a white blouse shirt and holding up for her to examine.

"Honestly when you turned into a vampire it seemed that everyone including you forgot the old Erica. But I didn't want to so I took this stuff from your trash and used magic to make them all new. That way the old Erica could never be forgotten and I could keep her in my memories," admitted Benny a low voice no longer looking at Erica.

Erica looked at Benny with an unreadable expression on her face before she did something she never thought she would do ever again. She put on the blouse shirt that was in her hands and then took from the box one of her old black skirts and put it on too. She then took a gray hair band and wrapped her hair up in a high ponytail. Lastly she took the black framed glasses and put them on her face.

"How do I look?" she asked causing Benny to turn right back to face a geeky looking Erica.

A huge grin beamed on his face at the sight he never thought he would see again. With a sudden burst of energy, Benny practically jumped off the bed and pulled Erica towards him for an abrupt passionate and tender kiss.

"You look absolutely gorgeous," declared Benny with joy after he finished kissing her.

"Just to make this clear, I'll only dress like this for you. You tell anyone and your dead, got that?" she threatened with a 'you better not mess with me' look.

This just made Benny grin more as he took a hold of her ponytail and fiddled with it between his fingers.

"Don't worry, I kind of like the idea of having the old Erica all to myself. I'm not planning on sharing you with anyone else," proclaimed Benny causing Erica to smile back at him in return.

However the moment was broken when that burst of energy had left Benny and he started to wobble on his feet as he had not yet fully recovered from the loss of blood. Erica immediately grabbed a hold on Benny to keep him steady and then sat him back down on the bed.

"You're staying in this bed until you get better," instructed Erica as she carefully but firmly pushed him down to lay him in the bed. "We'll just have to continue later ok?"

"And what are we supposed to do until then?" groaned out Benny not happy that they now had to wait once again before they could have their fun.

"Well, what do you usually do when you've got free time?" Erica asked him as she sat on the side of the bed as close as possible to Benny.

"Play video games, read comics…practice my magic," listed off Benny saying the last one a little quieter than the others though Erica still heard him.

"At least the last one's not so bad," commented Erica however this made a frown come to Benny's lips.

"And what's so bad about reading comics and playing video games based on said comics?" questioned Benny who was starting to feel a little offended.

"Are you seriously asking me that?" Erica replied as if the answer should have been obvious.

"Have you ever read any?" countered Benny, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Do I really need to?" Erica quickly countered back with sarcasm heavy in her voice.

"Are you kidding, comics especially DC and Marvel are filled with some pretty awesome stories, genres, characterizations, plots, and so much more! …Certainly a million times better than Dusk," Benny declared strongly and proudly.

"What was that?" said Erica in a firm and hostile tone now being the one who felt offended.

Yet despite her obvious dislike of what he said about Dusk, Benny would not back down from this and wanted to continue to get his point across.

"Oh come on the romance in it is kind of dull especially that love triangle with the werewolf thing. Now you want a real good love triangle ask Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Emma Frost. Then talk to me," he defended confidently causing Erica's face to puff up in anger.

"Dusk is a romantic classic with a supernatural twist that's very alluring and relatable to most teenagers! It is a wonderful fantasy that contains a hint of realism and its characters are very concrete!" she argued back actually making Benny laugh.

"Please! Marvel is known for its amazing and realistic character development! Unlike Dusk the characters actually go through real like troubles and situations and have to be heroes on top of that! Things like death, prejudices, love, tragedies, religion, magic, science, government, parallel universes, are just a few of the elements contained in one arc of a story. Dusk has none of that!" Benny declared with a bit of annoyance in his tone as he sat up so he could stare down Erica.

"That's because Dusk is so good that it doesn't need all of that! It can stand soundly on its own as a romance story! That's why it's so popular!"

"So are a lot of comics! If you'd go to any comic book convention you would know that!"

"Oh really?!" challenged Erica moving in closer to Benny's face with a hard glare.

"Yes really!" Benny retorted also moving in closer to Erica with his own glare.

They stared down each other in silence for a few more seconds before they closed the distance between them with a sudden kiss. The kiss quickly grew wild and passionate as their arms hastily wrapped around the other leading them to lie back down on the bed with Benny on top of Erica this time. They soon put a pause on their kissing as grins broke out on both of their faces.

"Did we just have our first fight as a couple?" wondered Erica with mirth clear in her eyes.

"Yep, and on top of that it was a nerd fight too," Benny remarked with a chuckle before his face became slightly serious.

"Really though, if you read some of the comics you'd probably like them. They are really good stuff in them," stated Benny which made a thoughtful expression cross Erica's features for a brief moment.

"I'll think about it," she replied with honesty before connecting her lips with Benny's once more.

Sarah had never felt such a mixture of relief and irritation in her life. She was relieved that she had managed to get Ethan to the hospital in time but once she got there, the staff started badgering her to give them his personal and insurance information which she did not know. It was a good thing she decided to go to the emergency room instead since they had to take care of Ethan since his life was in danger but no one would let her anywhere near him until she could fill out the information and/or confirm her relationship status with Ethan. Sarah wanted to scream when she came to another question on the paper that she could not answer. In an act of frustration she slammed the clipboard down on the ground with a huff causing a weary glance from the female receptionist that she was supposed to give the clipboard back to. However the main concern for Sarah was that the whole thing made her realize that she hardly knew anything about Ethan which led her to become disappointed in herself.

"I'm supposed to be his girlfriend and I don't even know the basic stuff! What kind of girlfriend am I?!" Sarah thought bitterly with a sour expression coming to her face.

Logically Sarah knew that Ethan and her weren't official, in fact they had yet to go out on a date. But to her, and she felt it could be the potion's doing, it was as if they had been going out for years. Either way Sarah realized that if they were going to continue to maintain a relationship they were going to have to get to know each other a lot better from now on. Sarah then promised herself that once this whole ordeal was over she would get to know Ethan from the inside out and she would make sure he would know the same about her as well.

"Excuse me miss," a male voice said, interrupting her thoughts.

Sarah immediately turned to face the man to see that it was the doctor that had been assigned to Ethan. Quickly her focus turned to him with a worried look.

"How is Ethan?" Sarah asked right away needing to know the condition he was in.

"Well he has lost a lot of blood…"

"I know that already! All I want to know is if he's alright!" yelled Sarah who had by now lost her patience with this place.

The doctor wasn't fazed by this having been used to similar reactions from many others before her. So he simply continued on as if she hadn't interrupted him.

"He was in a very critical state and it was very difficult for us to find the right blood to match his type being that his is rare, but we managed to find enough to keep him stable for the time being," the doctor explained casually making Sarah feel even more annoyed by his normal tone.

"Can I see him now?" Sarah asked through clenched teeth doing her best to not attack the man right where he stood knowing that he was the one that had Ethan's care in his hands.

"And what's your relation to the patient?" he asked back with a pointed look already guessing that she wasn't related to Ethan.

"He's my mate!" screamed out Sarah in anger, surprising the doctor and herself.

"Pardon?" inquired the doctor not having expected that particular answer.

"I-I mean he's my boyfriend," stuttered Sarah completely stunned by what she had just said, not knowing at all where the word 'mate' came from.

"Uh huh, well whether he's your boyfriend or mate," he replied with a little amusement in his voice, "Only a legal guardian or family member is allowed to see him at this time."

This news deflated Sarah as she wanted to see Ethan as soon as possible. In fact she was almost tempted to just run past the doctor and locate Ethan herself. But she knew that would just cause more problems for herself and she really didn't want to do anything that might jeopardize Ethan's care here by her breaking the rules.

"We are still going to need to know his information. Have you finished filling it out yet?" the doctor asked causing a pit to form in Sarah's stomach.

"Not yet," she said taking a side glance at the clipboard that was still on the ground from when she threw it.

"Well we need it as soon as possible so please finish it as fast and accurately as you can," instructed the doctor with a stern expression.

Sarah just gave an affirmative nod in response before the doctor left her to return to his other duties. Alone once more Sarah went over to the discarded clipboard and picked it up to continue to try and fill the papers out. She let out a groan at the emergency contact and emergency number part. All she knew was Mr. and Mrs. Morgan's number but she had already put their numbers under the parent/guardian section so she didn't see the point of putting them in as the emergency contact.

"What would Ethan put?" thought Sarah before an answer and an idea hit her.

Taking out her cell phone she quickly dialed a number and when the phone started ringing she prayed that the person would answer. However after several rings the voice message came on, but Sarah refused to give up and she redialed the number again. She had to try this three times before someone finally picked up the phone.

"What?!" shouted an annoyed male voice however Sarah ignored the rude greeting for more important matters.

"Benny, it's Sarah, Ethan's in the hospital and I need your help."

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