Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A/N: Every once and a while a story keeps nagging at you until the voices become so loud that you have to write it for the sake of sanity.

Anyway, this story is a Jacob and Bella story. And I wrote this story because I wanted to test what would happen if Bella had an intense blood thirst. That paired with a very unique gift made the story too tempting not to tell.

I mean-what happens when Bella gets exactly what she wanted? Was it worth it? That's the question.

But at the end of the day it's about the choices we make when we are young and how as we age we reflect what life is really all about.

This story takes place at Bella's wedding reception and Jacob shows up for a dance.

Goodbye Twisted Triangle

"Dance with me," Bella proposed with an open palm before Jacob even said hello.

He knew he shouldn't but couldn't find it in him to say no, especially when she looked so beautiful in her dress that clung to her like painted glass.

He took a big breath and wrapped his hands around her. He never was a good dancer but for her he would try.

He gazed his surroundings, there were so many watchful eyes, guests, his fellow wolves, the Cullens and of course him.

"Jacob, pay attention," Bella whispered. "I'm right here. Forget everyone else."

He nodded as they swayed together with the music.

"Everything is so perfect now that you are here," she smiled.

This was far from perfect, he thought.

The music changed, another symphony to cue another dancer, it was her wedding day and he was sure others wanted their turn to dance with the bride but he couldn't let her go, not yet.

He almost hadn't made it, for how could he watch her marry the wrong…man?

Yet, he came, he needed to see her with him, in hopes it would force him to let her go to give up.

But his traitorous heart couldn't let go, it demanded to fight even though a pretty ring was already lodged on her finger letting the world know that she belonged to another.

"It didn't have to be like this," his voice trembled as he pressed his forehead against hers. She felt soft, and smelled sweet like jasmine, he thought, and something he couldn't quite pinpoint but loved all the same.

The idea of not having her this close caused despair to form inside his throat.

"You know, I'll always remember you like this…"

"Jake, please don't," she begged.

"…Warm, soft pinks cheeks, two left feet, human and perfect just the way you are."

"Jake, please" she warned softly.

But he continued, he couldn't be the only one going through this, he thought.

"I'm sorry but I have to say this, while you're still here in my arms. I wish—God," he swallowed the frustration, trying not to appear upset "We could have had such a great life together," he said with such mourning in his stare. "Can you see it, Bella? Can you see the times we still had ahead? Growing up. Really living. There was so much to discover, about each other and us. There was such a rich future of possibilities. I dream about those possibilities, going away to college, growing-up, falling in love over and over again. We could travel you know, remember how we used to talk about it? Then one day we would get married—" he swallowed knowing this would go south soon "—and one day you run up to me with panicked-excitement in your eyes—" he stared at her lovingly "—because you were pregnant."

Her eyes turned glassy, ready to cut him with her tears. Surely, she had imagined a life with him at some point.

"Jake, stop," she whispered, breathing him in, taking in his warmth and the sound of his heartbeat; she would mourn those possibilities, she couldn't deny it. "I made my choice. We talked about this you need to respect it."

Jake shook his head, tears suspended in his eyes as he held her impossibly closer, their flesh only separated by bits of fabric.

"You know what hurts more?" he whispered painfully. "I can see it in your eyes that you love me, and it kills me because I know you do. But you picked him. I see how you look at him, it's not love you're just determined to become one of them. You're just too stubborn to see…"

"Enough!" she growled, trying to resist this feeling that had formed a knot of doubt in her chest. But no, she needed to make him see that he was never the option. She needed to convince herself and push him away even if it meant that she had to hurt him. "When will you understand that we can never be? I'm ready to live my life, so stop getting in the way. It's—it's getting old this silly crush of yours."

Her words slash him like a ragged knife and he couldn't help but feel abandoned, rejected and angry. He let the feelings consume him because it was easier than the pain.

"Silly crush you say," he let her go and could feel the loss in the pit of his stomach that begged him to go back to her, to hold her once more. "Fine, you made your choice and are sticking by it but it doesn't mean it's the right choice. But don't worry, I'll no longer get in your way—ever. Goodbye, Bella."

He stepped back and turned around.

"Wait. Don't go—please," she begged softly. "I can't lose you."

He shook his head. She wanted them both, he understood that now but he wasn't going to play along.

"You made your choice and here is mine, the treaty stays. If they bite you, you are our enemy. And if you ever return as one of them, know that I will end you with no second thought."

He walked away hearing her sob. He felt like a son of bitch but what other choice did he have? She had used him, broken him, taken his heart without giving hers in return and still wanted to keep him—as a friend. She had no right to ask him to stay by her side when there was nothing left for him. So even though he never felt so cold and empty, he walked away.


97-years later

Pounding rain covered the forest floor as large wolf prowled through the wet cold darkness.

There hadn't been a sighting of vampires for nearly a decade and perhaps it was word-of-mouth that the mountains of Washington were littered with supernatural wolves out for bloodsuckers' heads that had kept them away.

But tonight was the night. Jake felt it. He would find the vampire that had been lurking in his woods.

For something had felt off in the woods, perhaps it was the birds that were too quiet or the bears that were unusually on edge that caught his attention but it was more than that, it was instinct that was telling him that something was stalking him.

He made another turn down the hill but nothing.

Where the hell are you! He growled as he searched through the shadows.

He jumped back up the hill when he caught something move in a flash of red and black.

'FINALLY!' his insides roared.

He chased the creature, feeling his paws break through the familiar wet ground that shook under him as he gained momentum.

He was close and it thrilled him, this is what he lived for, to hunt, chase and rip bloodsuckers apart.

He snapped his sharp teeth at the creature's limbs when suddenly he felt a sharp debilitating shock inside his head causing him to blackout.


Not a pleasant reunion

Rumpled groans rippled through his consciousness as he came to.

"What happened?"

How long he had been out he didn't know. Where he was, he knew exactly where.

Somehow, some thing had known where he lived and worse had him chained-up into a tight metal-chained burrito. To say it was uncomfortable and slightly humiliating was not saying enough.

"Damn it," he hissed.

He closed his eyes trying to calm his nerves. Never had a bloodsucker had an upper hand on him, especially now that he had grown stronger and faster with age.

He tried to break the chains but it was useless and frustrated him to no ends.

"Show yourself you coward!" he roared.

He continued to holler out until finally the door to his basement opened revealing the cloaked figure he had chased.

He may have not been in wolf form but Jake growled his displeasure all the same.

"Release me now," he answered with the full authority as the descendent of Chief Black. "And my pack might just kill you quickly instead of ripping you apart slowly and painfully."

The cloaked figure shook its head; it didn't appear perturbed by his warning.

"Why have you come here?" he yelled.

More silence followed.

"Answer me!"

The cloak figure let out a feminine sigh. "I'll tell you but I need you to relax," her voice shook at the words for she hadn't spoken to anyone in nearly 4 decades.

No it couldn't be, he thought.

"Bella," his voice came out as an unintended whisper that pained a very old bruise that still lived inside his chest. "Is that you?"

"Hi Jake. It's been a long time," she said and without thinking she pulled off her cloak revealing her soft loose curls and beautiful milky white face, enhanced with pink lips and auburn-red eyes!

A/N: Yes Bella is a vampire and I know some people are not thrilled about Bella as a vamp in these fics but trust me this ain't the normal route for vampire Bella. Give it a chance…you might like it.