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Chapter 25


Late December

Overlooking the waterfront from up of the hill, Bella took in the familiar site.

"It looks mostly the same," Bella said to Jake as they made traction down the hill to the familiar place.

"Yep, wet, gloomy and chilly," he said. "That and the historical society made sure this place was kept in tact, especially after the city recovered from that massive flood in 2048."

"Oh yeah, I read about that, I forgot."

A gust of wind hit them and Jake shivered.

"Missing the warm weather already?" she teased.

He gave her a challenging look.

"I'm not the one wearing two layers of thermal wear, with several layers of clothing, sweater and jacket," he pointed to her heavy attire.

"Yeah, well, my old age of, I guess technically 32-years-old is getting to me, my bones hurt in this weather."

"And your cheeks are all pink," he observed caressing his thumb on her temple before leaning in for a kiss.

She smiled before her stomach made a fierce growl.

They laughed.

"So where did she say she had her shop?" he asked.

"She's three doors down from the original Starbucks," she said.

"I still can't believe how popular her muffins have become."

"Yeah, well I'm not surprised, God just thinking about them makes my mouth water. Especially since she promised me a fresh batch of blueberries."

Jake laughed. He hadn't been to keen to stop in Seattle before but now there after walking down the familiar streets, he felt a sense of coming home. And within a few days they would travel back to Forks and visit his tribe. It was an overdue homecoming, even if it was just a visit.

The first few years, they had maintained their distance and gone out on their own but Jake couldn't resist reaching out to the Uley family to see how the center was doing and just overall how all the descendants of his friends were fairing. During the process Bella kept asking about Sarah. Sure, she had mentioned that she never wanted to see the girl again, but something about Sarah had left Bella wanting to know more.

It wasn't until one day Jake, finally said, 'why don't you write to her and ask how she is yourself,' that Bella finally took initiative to write to Sarah directly. It started simply.

Have you started selling your muffins yet? And after a few days Sarah responded. It was weird at first with a little bit of tension but that all soon fell away and they became friends. It was kind of nice to have someone who knew all about the madness that Bella and Jake had lived through, even if it was second hand.

There was so many times with her friends back home in New Orleans, that she had almost dropped her guard when she would almost mention her past lives. It didn't help with the melencholy that would sometimes get to her, she had missed out on the greatness of her own time. Immortality had robbed her of her youth and there was no way for her to transport to the past and start anew. But she couldn't complain. She loved her life, career, friends and Jake.

Through the years Jake and Bella had enjoyed to learn more about one another, finding more reasons to love and laugh. But it hadn't always been easy, they both were stubborn and passionate about their work that when Bella obtained a fellowship in Australia to work on new system attempting to rebuild the ozone layer, she insisted for Jake to tag along. However, Jake couldn't leave New Orleans since he was under contract at the university as an assistant professor, plus he honestly loved his work and he feared he would not come by another job so easily down under. When Bella mentioned he could live off her money for a few years, it ended up in a hell of a showdown, which was followed by days of silence where they were too angry to discuss. It was only until finally Jake broke down and demanded that she talked to him that they were able to patch things up and come up with a hard but doable solution.

They would live apart, and so for two whole years they lived in separate nations, barely seeing each other. Sure, they saw each other through virtual telepresence but it wasn't the same without touch or eating meals together, especially when your time zone was several hours difference. It had been tough but also good. It gave themselves time to get to know others and make friends outside of each other.

"Look they have reeds made out of dry chiles, we should get some," Bella said.

"Okay, stop acting like a tourist, let's get to the shop," Jake pushed her along.

"Oh look the cheese store, it's still here! Let's get some mac and cheese for lunch."

"Muffins first," he reminded her.

Soon they could see the sign 'Sarah's muffins.' It had been a long journey but here it was, a small in-house business now a big bristling bakery in the famous Pike's Market with several eager customers across the Northwest.

"You know she refuses to open more shops outside the Northwest," Bella groaned.

"You tell me all the time," he reminded her.

The whole shop came into view with a line as long as the old Starbucks place. Inside, a very happy Sarah distributed orders as busy baristas were taking orders. Bella smiled and waved. Sarah caught site of them and walked out.

"Oh my God!" she smiled, walking out in her bright red dress, looking more flush and beautiful in her middle age. "You made it."

She walked towards Jake and Bella and gave them a big hug.

"Happy to see you are doing well," Bella said.

"Is it like this all the time?" Jake asked.

"Pretty much," she said with a big grin. "Come on in, I have a spot for you guys out by the windows upstairs so we can sit and eat."

"Yes, let's do that," Bella smiled.


Jake and Bella sat on couch in the hotel overlooking the view again. The water appeared so crisp and cold and it was breathtaking. Jake placed his head on Bella's lap and they stared out into the vast open water banks. It had been a long day of site seeing and eating.

They had even had a chance to visit the Woodland park zoo, which Jake swore the white wolves were plotting their escape. Bella had just nodded and let him have his say, wondering if he missed shifting.

Bella's fingers curled into his hair and she smiled, he looked so young when he was relaxed. Teaching at the university had definitely earned him a few gray hairs.

So beautiful, she thought to herself remembering a time when she had said that lifetimes ago. She wouldn't say aloud that she missed his long hair, there was something beautiful about his long black locks that she missed. And then an old thought emerged again, that of children.

A little boy and a little girl, she thought.

They had rarely discussed children, perhaps because they were too focus trying to live their lives and earn their degrees, that it was really something they rarely put thought to. But just in case, Bella had been on a steady stream of birth control shots that she would take every two years. She had missed her last appointment, she had never forgotten but with this whole trip it had been pushed aside.

Could I even conceive if I wanted to? she asked. Never know if I don't try. Never know if I don't ask Jake what he wants. And what if we can't? What if he wants to?

"Hey," she heard his voice. It was reinvigorating how his voice could pull her out of her trance. "You're off in your own head again."

She smiled.

"I guess being alone for 100 years still has its lingering affects," she said.

"All sorts of dialogue going on in there without me," he continued.

She nodded.

"What were you wondering about?"

"Stuff," she evaded the specifics.


She tilted her head and kissed his forehead.

"Children," she admitted.

Jake slowly sat up and turned to Bella.


"Two," she admitted. "A boy and a girl."

He nodded.

"Not sure if it's possible for us," she continued. "But it was something I have been thinking about since I came back from Australia."

He sighed and nodded.

"I've been thinking about it, too," he admitted.

"You have?" she grinned.

He nodded.

"Of course I have," he said, hold her hands in his. "I told you this, once."

She shook her head and frowned at him.


He sighed. She could tell he regretted bringing it up.

"It was long ago, I said it during a dance, in another life," he reminded her.

She swallowed, it had been the one truly vivid moment from her first wedding day that she could recall with fierce detail. His pleading face, his tight embrace and warm words that hit her core making her think of what could have been if she had chosen him.

"You probably don't..."

"I do remember," she interrupted.

And then she stood up and walked towards the window, looked out into the direction of the deep forest. She hadn't stepped into a forested area since they had left Washington nearly over a decade ago, but she could remember it so clearly.

"That dance was my first clear memory of you. At first, I couldn't hear the words, just your face and the feel of your embrace and then one day, I remembered your voice asking me, 'Can you see the times we still have ahead?'" she quoted him. "I was still in deep with blood lust, deep in a world where nothing was ahead of me but time. But that memory brought back my humanity. It was that memory that gave me hope."

Jake embraced her from behind and kissed the top of her head.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to send you back there into those times," he apologized.

"We knew coming back here would make us remember parts of ourselves better forgotten but it's good to visit the past sometimes."

"Just not live there," he finished.

She nodded.

"So back to this children, conversation," he said.

She smiled and turned back to him.

"Yes, children. So what do we do?" she asked.

At this Jake just chuckled and kissed her deeply, causing Bella to shiver and moan.

"Well Bella," he spoke in a deep alluring voice. "When a man and a woman love each other..."

She laughed and smacked his shoulder.

"Smart alec," she said, before she yelped in surprise as Jake picked her up and carried her off to the bedroom.