In the 30th century, Helios knelt at the top of the high tower in the world of Elysion, his head bowed, his eyes closed, and his hands clasped in prayer. His duty as priest was to uphold the world of dreams by intercessory prayer. Should he neglect to do this, or should he fail, the world would be attacked by nightmare, and thus would all dreams. Along with this task of upholding the world of dreams, Helios was also charged with the guardianship of the Golden Crystal, which took the form of a golden horn on his head.

Many years previous, in the 20th century, the evil Queen Nehelenia, leader of the Dead Moon Circus, kidnapped him, imprisoning him in her lair. She had hoped to gain the Golden Crystal from him, as well as, for whatever reason, his allegiance. He had managed to escape her and protect the Crystal by transforming his soul into a Pegasus and leaving his body to hide in Sailor Chibi Moon's dreams. Unfortunately, Nehelenia had found him and forced him to return to his body, thus enabling her to steal the Golden Crystal. Had it not been for Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Senshi, Nehelenia would have covered the world in darkness.

Now Helios had already been on the tower for several hours, and had finally finished his prayers. He unclasped his hands and rose to his feet, looking up toward the bright skies. He then looked out over the land. Elysion was a beautiful place, and Helios couldn't help but feel pride for it. At times his task was cumbersome, but he knew it was worth it when he stopped to admire what it was that he was protecting.

After a moment, he descended the tower and met the attending maidens, Eos and Aurora, at the bottom. Eos carried a tray of food. Helios accepted the food gratefully and found a quiet place in the garden to sit and eat. When he had finished, he sat there for a while, and his thoughts wandered to Chibi Usa. She had been touching his thoughts often since their parting, recently even more so. It had been a long time since that day, but time had done nothing to dull his memory. Helios remembered clearly how he had kissed her hand, how she had flung her arms around him and cried, and the promise to meet again.

"My maiden…" he murmured. He blinked, surprised at the longing behind his words. Perhaps, he thought, it wouldn't hurt to see how she's doing…

All of a sudden, he was no longer in the garden. Chibi Usa was standing before him, now a young woman. She smiled warmly at him and held out her hand. He found himself smiling, too, as he reached out and took hold of it. "Helios," she whispered. Her voice was lovely, and her hand in his was soft and warm. She pulled him close, so that they were chest-to-chest. Her free hand moved to his neck, and her face slowly moved closer to his until their lips met. Helios closed his eyes as they kissed, deeply and slowly. After a long, beautiful moment, she pulled back, then whispered in his ear. "My Helios." Helios was startled. This voice was not the same as the first one; it was sultry and mature rather than girlish. His eyes snapped open, and he was once again alone in the garden.

"What was that? A vision?" he wondered. He thought about the kiss and blushed. It couldn't have been real, but he wished that it had been. It had been so perfect…up until the end. "The second voice…where have I heard it before?"

Suddenly it occurred to him. The voice was the one he'd heard so long ago, when its owner had come to him seeking the Golden Crystal, and so many years after that, when he had been imprisoned…


Okay! My first attempt at Sailor Moon fanfiction has officially begun! I've decided to focus on my favorite anime couple for this one. SuperS was my favorite season (even though the English dub butchered it...) In any case, I'm very excited about this! If you like this first taste of the story, please do review, because it motivates me to work on it more! Thanks and God bless!