Title: PDA
Author: Leanne8582
Rating: PG
Summary: Lex and Chloe run into problems at Smallville High School
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Disclaimer: I own nothing, except my computer. And you can't have that.
Author's Note: I'm not in High School anymore. Now I'm in college, but when I was in high school, this was a real rule, and it was enforced.
Timeline: This takes place shortly after the first season. This story assumes that Lex and Chloe have been dating for a few months.
[] -shows thought.



Chloe sat at her desk in the torch office. It was noon, lunchtime, and she was putting the finishing touches on one of her articles. She still had twenty minutes until the bell rang for fifth period and she intended to make the best use of her time possible.

Chloe had perfected the skill of typing with one hand. She simultaneously edited her copy and finished off a BLT and diet Pepsi. She had one more paragraph to go when she heard a knock at the door. She looked up and saw the most gorgeous man in the world standing in the doorway.

"Is this a private party or can anyone join?"

"Mr. Luthor. What brings you to this insignificant institution of higher learning?"

Lex, taking that as an invitation, walked into the room and towards his favorites reporter's desk. "So now it's 'Mr. Luthor?' Last night you were calling me something entirely different."

Chloe started to blush. [Two can play at this game]. "I know why you're here. You just can't get enough of me. I have you completely under my spell."

Lex smirked. "That might just be the case. Actually, I came to bring you these." He pulled a dozen red roses out from behind his back.

Chloe gasped, "Oh Lex! They're beautiful. I love them."

"I knew you would."

"I just have one question... why? I mean, we are trying to keep our relationship a secret and all. Only Clark knows that we're dating. Aren't you worried about being discovered?"

Lex reached out and stroked her silky blond locks. "I passed by Nell's shop and as soon as I saw them I knew that you had to have them." He pulled her close. The lips met in a kiss that was at first chaste, then, as the seconds passed, became more passionate. Chloe could feel nothing except the warm softness of Lex's lips and the gentle beating of his heart. Her arm snaked around his neck, then.......

"MISS SULLIVAN! What do you think you are doing?!!"

As the couple broke apart, Chloe groaned. "Oh no! Not now."

Mrs. McGeehee, the 12th grade composition teacher, strode towards them, her high heals clicking forebodingly. "Miss Sullivan, you know the rules. You and your... companion... need to come with me to Principal Kwan's office."

As the three of them walked down the hall Lex asked, "Chloe, what is this all about?"

"Lex, at Smallville High, PDA's are not allowed."


"You know, Public Displays of Affection. They are against school rules. A vein attempt by the administration to keep the students from fornicating."

"So, does this mean that you get detention or something?'

"Not exactly."

Mrs. McGeehee stopped right out side of Principal Kwan's office. She knocked on the door and opened it. "Jack, I've got two here on a PDA."

"Send them in."

Lex and Chloe walked into the office and the door closed behind them. Mrs. McGeehee had gone back to her classroom.

Principal Kwan looked up from his computer. When his eyes focused on Lex they widened in surprise. "Mr. Luthor, What are you doing here?"

"I was visiting Chloe, but then I was pulled into this office by a very efficient member of you faculty."

"I assume, then, that you and Miss Sullivan are my PDA case."

"Yes. Though why it's such a big deal is a mystery beyond me."

"Nevertheless, Mr. Luthor. You and Miss Sullivan will be punished accordingly."

"So, a slap on the wrist?' Lex asked.

Chloe looked at him. She answered, "No. When two students are caught, the punishment is they have to call each other's parents and explain why they are calling."

Lex looked at the administrator. "Unfortunately for you, sir, my father doesn't give a damn about what I do."

"Actually, Mr. Luthor, since you are over 18 and not a student here, Chloe does not need to contact your parents. But you do need to call hers."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then you will be in violation of school policy and Mrs. Sullivan will be suspended for a week and Miss Sullivan will be permanently removed from the position of editor for The Torch. I'm sorry, Mr. Luthor, but the rules must apply to everyone."

Chloe look at him with desperation in her eyes. "Lex, I can't lose the Torch. It's my life."

Principal Kwan pointed the far corner of his desk. "There, Mr. Luthor, is the phone...."

To Be Continued.


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