This is my second attempt to write a story revolving around Zelgadis and Amelia. My other full length story, The Amulet, revolved around Zel and Amelia on a quest to find Zel's cure. That story was my pride and joy, I took it down to revise the ending, and misplaced it. That was….6 years ago, and I still, have not found it (though I keep searching) I am hoping that this story entices you, entraps you and is overall just fun. So let me explain a few things here.


There was your warning. If you have only seen a few episodes of Slayers but not all of it, you may be confused. This story will cover the first season of Slayers to Evo-R and characters from all 5 seasons may make an appearance.

This story will also be done in chapters. I know that's not usually my style, but I want this story to be great, and so I think chapter format will make it easier to get my idea for this story across as well as keep me focused and not want to wander onto something else out of boredom.

Amelia will refer to everyone with the traditional san at the end. I hate Mr and Miss, I think it sounds annoying. So for example, Zelgadis-san, Lina-san and so on. The same can be applied to Sylphiel regarding Gourry, so instead of Gourry Dear, it will be Gourry-sama.

Xelloss' trademark will stay the traditional 'sore wa himitsu desu' (sore-e-wah he-mit-su des) which means 'it's a secret' I like the way the Japanese version sounds, and I think it's more in character for him as well.

I am keeping true to cannon couplings. So if you've some-how stumbled (though I'm not sure how) onto this fic expecting to see Zelgadis tell Amelia to take a hike and proclaim his love to Lina, you need to look somewhere else. This isn't it.

Okay, I said my peace, please enjoy. Moreover, PLEASE if you read it, review it, it doesn't take too long to leave a simple comment and reviews will keep me going on this project. Thanks. :D