For most people, spirits are just that of old wives' tales. If someone says that spirits exists or says that they saw a spirit, everyone would look at them like they would need to be put in a mental institute. After all, spirits aren't real. They're only tales that people have made up to scare children... right? They're just those things that fiction authors write about. There are no such things as angels, demons, spirits, or dragons... right?


My name is Roxas Strife, and I am an elemental spirit born of human flesh. I control the element of ice. I love Winter, and all things cold... that includes ice cream. In fact, I love sea salt ice cream to death. I've never frozen anyone... in fact, I'm not sure I'd ever have the heart to do such a thing... I mean, after all, I'd be taking a human life, right? Right? Humans are precious. They need to be protected... after all, they're so fragile. They break so easily... not that I would know.

Anyway, back to introducing myself.

I have a brother who's name is Sora Strife. My dad's name is Cloud Strife. See where I get my last name from? I don't have a mom... well, I did have a mom, but she died a long time ago. So, it's only natural that my dad would be lonely, right?

Haha, wrong again. He's going out with this man named Zack. Zack is okay, I guess. He has jet black hair and a really nice build, but... I don't really associate with him that much... or any of my family, for that matter. I know it sounds really stupid of me to say this, but... I don't really like my family.

They don't get me. They always try to be all cheery and happy and act like we're a big happy family... and we are. There's nothing wrong with us. We're in a good financial state, and we don't ever argue. Because I keep to myself, and myself alone. I don't really interact with them besides getting breakfast, eating dinner, and cleaning the house.

But anyway, I might as well tell you a little something about each of them.

Sora's element is wind. He's a very bouncy and hyper, so it causes him to release wind current that sometimes knock things over. That being said, he needs to learn how to contain his wind so it doesn't become a problem for everyone else... one time, I was reading a book and minding my own business when Sora decides to come into my room, blabbering on about something, when a force of wind rips through my room so hard that it yanks my book out of my hand and flings it against a nearby wall.

Cloud's element is also wind. Cloud is better at controlling his element than Sora, but sometimes I catch his hair floating in an invisible wind when he's with Zack. Emotions can cause our elemental powers to go a little out of control sometimes, but still, they need to learn how to calm themselves down. I mean, how can you let your guard down just for a... person? If we elementals can even be called people, anyway.

Zack's element is ice, just like me. But there's something about him that I don't get. He's very cheery and happy all the time, yet... his elemental control never slips in a chaotic way. He's always picking Cloud up and twirling him around, something that should cause him to blow a major elemental fuse and create several glaciers, but... he never does. There are times, though, when I see frost forming over his hair when he's with Cloud, but... that seems to be the only thing that happens.

So, I've introduced everyone else, so that means I get to tell you more about myself.

I go to Kingdom Hearts High, I'm in the tenth grade, I like in Traverse Town, and I'm fifteen years old. Now you might be thinking that because I'm in High School, that I must have a large group of friends that I hang out with... but you're wrong.

I keep to myself not just with my family, but with other people. And I know you're thinking 'oh, that makes you a selfish uppidy bastard', but I have a good reason for it.

Because we're elementals, you'd think that we'd be in hiding from the government because they'd want to do tests on us to see what makes us different from other people... besides the fact that we can... oh, I don't know, summon a hurricane and shoot ice from our fingertips... but that tyranny ended a long time ago. Cloud says that somewhere in the distant past, a human raised this big fuss about elementals being treated differently, blah blah blah, and we ended up getting our freedom.

And it's not that I'm not grateful for that, I really am. But the people at school don't see eye-to-eye with that law. They always bully me about being a 'snowman freak' or 'ice bitch' or some other ludacris statement. Oh, and the fact that I'm gay doesn't sit well with them either.

Yes, that's right, I love guys in a way that I'm not supposed to, I know. You don't have to say anything. Christian freaks have already walked up to me and shoved a bible in my face.

"You're going to hell unless you repent and throw away your sinful ways," they say. That raises a big wave of laughter from the stupid jocks. But I usually just brush it off and just push the book of shit back into their arms, with a polite, "Thanks but no thanks."

I'm not the only one that gets bullied about being an elemental, though. There are these group of people that I've seen around our school that people have bullied too.

One of them has blonde hair. I heard he's really good at the guitar and that he controls water. Rumor has it, that he's even saved someone from the bottom of the ocean, only to find that their body was crushed by the pressure.

Another one of them has steel-blue hair and always carries around this black book. I've heard that he placed a hex on someone, and the next day, that person got cancer. They say his element is darkness, and that he's cursed a whole town before.

Another one of them is a girl that has brown hair and is always wearing pink. She's really into floral stuff. One time, I saw her near our school lake tending to some flowers. I was surprised when she actually leaned down and kissed the flower, then walked off. She's also president of the outdoors club.

Another one of them I know personally. His name is Riku, he's dating my brother Sora. They say that he onced gave someone a glass of water... only it wasn't water, it was poison. But he's actually not bad. I hear my brother and him laughing all the time. It must be nice having someone to laugh with.

And the most athletic and beautiful of them all... Axel. With his red hair and pyromaniactic tendencies, it's not hard to figure out that his element is fire. He's on the football team, and has two amazing tear tatoos underneath each of his eyes. He's the one I like most. I wish we could go out... but I don't think that would work. Fire and ice are opposites, so there's no way it could work.

Though... I've heard opposites attract.