I came home to a worried Cloud. Immediately after I opened the door, I found myself wrapped in a pair of thick arms. I blinked against Cloud's clothed chest, and tried to look up at him. Unfortunately, his face was buried in my hair, so I couldn't looked up to see if he was crying or whatever. I couldn't hear sniffing, so I assumed that he wasn't crying.

"Roxas!" Cloud said, and lifted his face out of my hair.

"Cloud!" I responded in a very sarcastic and tired manner.

Lifting my face upward, I felt him grip my shoulders and he kneeled down to look me in my face. I could see worry, sadness, and a little anger in his eyes. We had a staring contest for a few seconds, then Cloud broke the silence.

"Roxas, where in the world were you this whole time?"

"I... um, I was with a friend," I said. "Why?"

Cloud's eyes widened. "Why? What do you mean why? I was worried sick about you. Do you have any idea what time it is? It's almost night time. What happened? Sora came home with your backpack and said that you passed out in the middle of the cafeteria room. Did someone hurt you?"

So many questions. "No, Cloud-"

"Dad," he corrected, and I saw hurt flash across his eyes. My throat constricted, and I found myself unable to answer or continue what I was saying. Wait, was I feeling... sadnes?

"I didn't get hurt," I said, pulling myself together. "I accidentally used my powers to protect myself when a water fountain burst open and this huge wall of water came at me. That's all," I said. Cloud studied me a minute longer, then nodded. He drew me in for another hug. I let my hands hang by my side, not returning the embrace. He finally let me go, and I started making my way to my room.

But when I took my first step, the ground rushed up to meet me. Cloud's arms caught me, and adjusted me so that I was being carried bridal-style. I automatically wrapped my arms around Cloud so that I wouldn't fall. Cloud carried to me to my room and carefully put me on my bed, my head meeting soft pillows. He briefly went into the kitchen and returned with a pack of ice. He started to put it on my head, but I stopped him by grabbing the bag and emptying the ice into my mouth. I threw the bag somewhere on the floor as I began crunching on the ice.

Cloud smiled as I chewed the ice and swallowed. I noticed him smiling, and stared at him. "Is there something funny going on? Because I don't see anything funny," I said.

His smiled turned apologetic, and he rested a hand on my cheek. "Sorry," he said, and began caressing my cheek. "But that was really funny. You downed a whole bag of ice, you know," he said. I turned my head away from his hand, and frowned.

"Duh," I said. "I'm an ice spirit in Summer. It makes sense," I said. The front door opened, and sat up in alarm, thinking that someone had broken in one us.

Cloud placed a hand on my chest and eased me back down. "Easy there, Roxas. It's just Zack," he said.

"Oh right," I said. "I knew that." Cloud smiled at this, and reached forward to rub my head. I was about to bat his hand away, but something about it made me feel... comfortable. Like I was at a place where I would be safe. I basked in the feeling for a second before Zack appeared in my doorway. Cloud's eyes lit up, and I growled on the inside. Despite me not liking my family... I kind of liked the attention I was getting.

Zack walked in the room and stood beside Cloud. He frowned, and look from Cloud to me. "Hey, what's going on here?" he asked.

"Roxas said he accidentally used his powers in school, and now he's drained of energy," Cloud said with a worried look on his face. He rubbed his hands together worriedly, and his bottom lip quivered. "Is there anything you can do, Zack? I've never dealt with this kind of thing before, and I don't know if Roxas will-"

Zack silenced Cloud by putting a finger to his lips. I mentally gagged myself at the show of affection. Um, couldn't they see that I was in the room? It might not be kissing, but really.

"I've got this, okay? I just need some alone time with Roxas here," Zack said. Cloud nodded, cast a final look at me, and exited the room.

Zack turned to me and kneeled at the bedside. I looked over to him, and frowned. "Can I help you? Because if you have nothing helpful to do, you can go somewhere else." I expected some kind of angry response, or even an angry face from Zack. But his actual response shocked me.

He smiled. "How was school today, buddy?"

Buddy? Who did he think I was? I wasn't his buddy, I wasn't his friend, I wasn't his pal, or anything like that. I was infuriated that he would even use such friendly words with me, when he probably knew that I didn't care for him, or his boyfriend, or his boyfriend's son, who is my brother. I realized that I was doing the exact think that I wanted Zack to do. I took a deep breath, and felt my emotions cool down a little.

"Well, I was assaulted by a gigantic jet of water, which I froze on accident, leaving me drained. So, yeah, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life," I said, the sarcasm thick in my voice. I left out the part about my outing with Axel, because... he didn't need to know. After all, he'd just go back and report it to Cloud, who would freak out and forbid me from seeing Axel, even though Cloud has never met Axel.

Zack continued smiling. "Well, it sounds like you've had a very exciting day. But the whole energy draining sucks, yeah?" Zack asked, taking my hand in his.

I imagine I was looking at him like he had grown an extra head. Was he serious? How could he take such a thing so lightly? And to touch me, right after saying such things was beyond-

My thoughts halted when I felt something cold slithering into me. I looked at my hand to see white mist trailing from Zack's hand into mine. There was also this feeling inside of me, like I was gaining more energy. Within minutes, I didn't feel as tired as I had felt a few minutes ago. I felt normal. Like the incident with the water never happened. Zack let go of my hand, and thin trails of mist floated in the air, then disappeared.

"What did you..." I trailed off.

"I gave you what you lost. Think of it as a friendly gesture from me to you." Zack got up and exited the room. I watched him go.

I sat back, my face set in a frown. Why would he do that? How did he do that? What was that? Whatever it was, it left me feeling normal again.

But the one thing I couldn't get out of my mind was that long gash in the back of his arm that I saw as he left.


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