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Naruto thought this clue would be the hardest of them all, but in fact, it was quite easy. All he had to do was think hard about what the words meant. He slowly walked towards the destination, wanting to take him time all of a sudden. Although he wouldn't admit it, he had fun searching for the clues.

"Sasuke said he can't go on without me…and his clues were saying steps in which we live out ours lives. The lives of shinobi. And because we're shinobi, we sometimes die at missions, adding that together with the fact that he can't live without me, it all leads me to…."

Naruto was standing in front of the Uchiha memorial. The memorial was built shortly after Itachi had killed the clan. It was made out of sheer respect for the one of the strongest (if not the strongest) clan in Konoha. His eyes lay upon the final envelope. He grabbed it and opened it slowly, hands shaking, and pulled out the letter.


Congratulations dobe. I'm happy you figured this out. Come to the Uchiha mansion, I'll be in my room.

I'll be waiting for you.


Naruto smiled and placed the piece of paper in his pocket. He took a deep breath and raced over to the Uchiha mansion, totally prepared for what would await him.

But nothing in the world could have prepared Naruto for what Sasuke had planned.

He was in the doorway of Sasuke's bedroom. The deep blue curtains were drawn over the windows, and all the lights in the room were off. The window was open slightly, making the curtains blow forward slightly as the cool breeze cascaded into the room. One would think that, because of this, the room would be dark. But no, it wasn't dark at all. At the head of the bed, was a small ledge, and on the ledge were two decorative glass bowls. One on the far right, and one of the far left. Both were filled with water, and had three white floating candles in each. In the middle of the two, was a large white pillar candle, together, they all lit up the room slightly, giving a dim, but romantic look.

The king sized bed was lined with white silk sheets. It was covered in red and white rose petals. They were thrown neatly all over the bed, and around it on the floor, and all over the room. On the dresser, was incense, which made the room smell like lavender.

Naruto backed up slightly in shock, and the door closed, he turned around to see Sasuke leaning against the closed door, smiling warmly. He was wearing a light blue, casual robe, and the slippers Naruto had bought him not to long ago.

"Sasuke…" Naruto whispered, trying his best to keep his composure. He was, to say the least, shocked. Naruto never would have thought Sasuke would be like this. It was so sweet, and Naruto would have never guessed that Sasuke could be so…romantic…

"Happy anniversary Naruto." Sasuke said, walking slowly up to Naruto and wrapping his arms around the smaller boys waist. He kissed Naruto's forehead, and gazed into his deep blue eyes.

"Naruto, we've been together for 6 months, but it feels like we've been together for so much longer then that, because I've loved you ever since I could remember. This gift is exactly what it looks like. I've wanted you for so long Naruto. I think you've made me wait long enough, eh dobe?" Sasuke said, pulling the slightly shorter ninja up for a kiss. Naruto melted into it, letting Sasuke's tongue slip into his mouth when he felt Sasuke nipping at his lips. Naruto moaned slightly as he felt Sasuke wrap his tongue around his own, tasting and mapping out the area, even though he knew it by memory by now.

Pulling away, Sasuke kissed Naruto's forehead, and grabbed his chin, and put their foreheads together slowly. He looked into Naruto's eyes, smiling. Naruto smiled back, looking deep into Sasuke's dark eyes.

"What do you say?" Sasuke asked. He wanted Naruto to say yes. He wanted to take this relationship to higher levels. He wanted to show Naruto how much he loved him. He would wait, but it wasn't exactly something he wanted to do. He want Naruto so badly.

"Yes, Sasuke, I say yes. Of course!" Naruto said. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He felt so many emotions now. Lust, happiness, excitement, fear, and most of all, love.

Sasuke smiled as he took Naruto's hand and led him to the bed. Naruto lay down in the middle, laughing slightly as the rose petals stuck to his clothes. Sasuke joined him moments later, propping himself on his left elbow and right knee on above Naruto, smiling down at the blond.

He kissed Naruto gently on the nose, causing the boy to giggle. Sasuke was being so…intimate. Sure, they had kissed many times before, and the cuddled (only in private though, Sasuke wasn't the type for PDA) but it all seemed so much more intimate now.

"Sasuke, I love you." Naruto whispered.

"I love you too, Naruto. And I'm about to show you just how much I love you." Sasuke responded, anxious.

Sasuke tugged at the bottom of Naruto's shirt, pulling it upwards. Naruto raised himself slightly, and raised his arms so Sasuke would be able to pull off his shirt. Sasuke threw the shirt onto the floor, and moved forward, kissing Naruto's neck. The blonde moaned and lifted his head up, exposing more of his neck to Sasuke. He loved when Sasuke kissed his neck. It always turned him on so much and sent shivers of pleasure throughout his body.

Sasuke licked and nipped at the exposed neck, enjoying the sounds he received from the boy underneath him. He knew Naruto's neck was sensitive. It was something he learned when he leaned his forehead on Naruto's shoulder once when he was injured. His breath touched Naruto's neck, and Naruto whimpered in pleasure. He had tried to hide it at that point, but Sasuke already knew.

Taking a new path, Sasuke kissed down his chest until he met a nipple. He ran his tongue over it, before taking it into his mouth and sucking. Naruto moaned again, running a hand through Sasuke's hair. Sasuke pulled back and blew on it, making it harden.

Deciding to go further, Sasuke trailed a path down Naruto's stomach with his tongue, stopping when he got to the blondes belly button. He dipped his tongue in and hooked his fingers onto Naruto's pants and boxers, pulling them down all at once. Naruto, getting the hint, raised his hips so Sasuke could remove his clothes completely.

"Sasuke!" Naruto whined, and Sasuke looked up at him.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked, hoping his love wasn't having second thoughts.

"It's not fair!" Naruto yelled at Sasuke.

"What's not fair?" Sasuke asked, confused.

"You still have that stupid robe on! And I'm laying here, completely naked. Take it off Sasuke!" Naruto asked, and Sasuke smirked. He loved hearing Naruto talk like that. He untied the rope to his robe and threw it to the floor with Naruto's clothes. The robe opened up, exposing the pale boys chest. Sasuke wasn't wearing anything underneath the robe. Naruto tried to glimpse lower, but the fact that he was laying down made it hard to see. Sasuke saw this, and smirked.

"Like what you see?" He asked.

"I'd like it better if you took the whole thing off!" Naruto yelled, sitting up slightly and pushing the robe off Sasuke's shoulders. He kissed the pale boys right shoulder, biting it and sucking harshly, hoping to leave a mark on his lover.

Sasuke spared Naruto the trouble and rid himself of the robe, letting it fall to the floor and join the rest of their clothes in a small pile.

Sasuke pushed Naruto back on the bed gently, causing more rose petals to cling to Naruto's exposed, sweaty back. Sasuke spread Naruto's legs slightly, and made the boy raise them slightly, so Sasuke could lay in between him, rubbing against Naruto's own hardness.

"Ahah!" Naruto moaned at the feeling of it all. He never thought Sasuke would be the type to take things slow. Naruto was expecting Sasuke to just strip and screw him. Although, Naruto had to admit that he was enjoying it. Sasuke brought his lips to Naruto's neck once again, biting repetitively in one spot, drawing a little bit of blood; which he lapped up right away.

Sasuke leaned forward and captured Naruto's lips, pulling away before Naruto could even respond. He began trailing down Naruto's body, purposely moving past his erection, and licking the inside of his thighs. He bit Naruto's left thigh, hoping to leave another mark. He could only hope that the Kyuubi wouldn't heal it.


"Th…that was amazing Sasuke. We have to do that again!" Naruto said, closing his eyes.

"Hn, I plan on it." Sasuke said, letting himself calm down a bit, before pulling out. He grabbed some tissues and cleaned himself and Naruto up, tossing them into the garbage along with the condom once they were clean.

"Naruto, I have another surprise for you, but you're going to get it tomorrow morning." Sasuke said, blowing out all the candles, shrouding the room in darkness. He didn't have to worry about the incense, because they would soon burn out. He grabbed the blanket that was at the very end of the bed and pulled it up. He pulled Naruto into his arms, tucking his boyfriends head under his chin, and pulled the blankets over them. The rose petals didn't really bother him, although, due to all the sweat they were sticking to both of them.

"Another gift? Ah, it's okay teme, this was enough." Naruto said, cuddling into Sasuke's warmth, closing his eyes. He was suddenly feeling extremely tired.

"Dobe, it's better then this was." Sasuke said, running his fingers through Naruto's blonde hair, which was currently extremely messy.

"Better?" Naruto whispered, his voice holding slur due to his exhausted voice and body.

"What can be better then this?" Naruto asked.

"You'll see dobe, you'll see."

It was about 5 o'clock AM and Sasuke was caressing Naruto's shoulder gently. Naruto was in a peaceful slumber, snoring gently and smiling in his sleep. Sasuke hadn't really slept. He was too nervous and excited to sleep. Yes, even Uchiha Sasuke gets nervous sometimes. He was indeed, only human.

"Naruto, wake up." He whispered, shaking the boy in attempts to wake him up.

"Nn?" Naruto responded, not opening his eyes.

"Wake up, it's time for me to give you your final gift." Sasuke said, sitting up and pulling the covers off Naruto. Naruto responded by curling up into a tight ball, seeking warmth.

"Dobe, get up." Sasuke said.

"Sasuke," Naruto whined. "It's only five in the morning! I want to go back to sleep, I'm tired and sore." Naruto said, opening his eyes. He gasped when He saw Sasuke's bare back. It was covered in little scratch marks. They weren't anything horrible, and they would heal fine, but he still felt guilty.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked when he realized Naruto was staring.

"Your back! I'm sorry Sasuke…I didn't realize I scratched you so much." Naruto said, sitting up and moving next to Sasuke. The raven responded by wrapping his arm around Naruto's shoulders, pulling him close.

"Don't worry about it dobe. I'll think of them as battle scars. Anyway, you should look at yourself." Sasuke said as he stood up, and slipped on a robe. Naruto blinked and looked himself over. Sasuke was right! He had hickies all over his neck, shoulder, chest, and thighs.

Sasuke walked over to his dresser and opened it up, pulling out a cream-colored and orange robe and handing it to Naruto.

"Sasuke, where are we going?" Naruto asked as Sasuke led him by the hand. Naruto was limping slightly, causing Sasuke to smirk proudly.

"You'll see." Sasuke said.

"Sasuke! Can't we go back to sleep? Please? My legs hurt…and my hips, and my ass! I want to sleep it off. Plus, it's too early to be up! The sun hasn't even risen yet."

"That's the point dobe." Sasuke said as he stopped when they reached a large lake that was hidden deep in the forest. They were in a wide-open area, with barely any trees.

"Sasuke, did you drag me all the way here to give me my second gift?" Naruto asked as Sasuke pulled away slightly. Sasuke nod his head.

"What are you doing?" Naruto asked as Sasuke bent down on one knee. Across the lake, the sun was beginning to peak out, ready to rise.

"Naruto, the sun rises and brings light into this land, just as you bring light into my life. For almost my whole life, all I knew was revenge, and then I met you. You brought light into my life, and helped pull me out of the darkness. I went to Orochimaru, and I realized something. If I got my revenge, what would I have afterward? I'd have nothing if I stayed with Orochimaru. So I returned to you. Because, if I get my revenge, you'll be there for me. And if I don't get it, than so be it. As long as I have you, nothing else matters."

"Sasuke-" Naruto began, trying to talk to Sasuke, but Sasuke continued.

"I can't imagine my life without you anymore Naruto. I love you more than anything or anyone else. You're the most important thing in my life, and even though I never noticed it before you confessed, you always were," Sasuke said as he pulled out a golden ring. He took Naruto's hand and slipped it on his finger.

"Naruto, will you marry me?"

At this Naruto's eyes widened. He couldn't believe Sasuke was actually asking him this! It was amazing.

"Sa…Sasuke…" He never felt so loved before in his life.


"What about the revival of your clan?" Naruto asked.

"It means nothing if you're not by my side." Sasuke responded seriously.

"But, everyone in Konoha, what will they think?"

'They all know by now, I doubt any of them really mind.' Sasuke thought.

"I don't care Naruto. I love you, and that's all that matters."

"Sasuke I…"

"What do you say Naruto?" Naruto smiled, wiping the tears that kept falling out of his eyes.

"Sasuke, I love you. Of course I'll marry you."

And the sun rose, bringing more light into their lives.