I walked out of Dante's with a goofy smile on my face. Wen had asked me to get pizza with him after school around 6. Of course when I got there I wasn't expecting him to have reserved the WHOLErestaurant, but you take what you can get. As if nothing better could happen, he asked me to be his girlfriend! I probably blushed like crazy and stuttered a bit, but we're finally together and that's all I really cared about.

I was walking home with the street lights glowing above me. Not a single car passed by and the night was unnaturally silent. I shivered in my jacket, the cold air chilling me to the bone.

I glanced down at my watch. 8:51. I can't believe Dante let us have the whole restaurant for three hours. But I'm glad he did. My thoughts kept trailing back to the events of the day. Me and Wen are dating!

I suddenly remembered something. Peter. I stopped dead in my tracks. Something was going to happen tonight. The image of his scared brown eyes and urgent tone made me certain. He had tried to warn me. And I completely forgot!

I ran. Bolting down the street with my footsteps echoing on the pavement. I had to get to Stella and Scott! Oh my god! How could I be so stupid?! Horrible thoughts crept into my brain. What if I was too late? What if they were in danger right now?

My lungs screamed for air, my breaths coming in huge gulps and my sides burning. The ongoing forests on either side made me feel uneasy. Then I saw a porch light. Stella's porch light. New found energy pumping through me, I sprinted towards the house fear making me tremble.

I came to a stop at the door, panting, as I knocked fiercely on the door. It swung open within seconds. "Olivia? What's wrong?" Mr. Yamada stood in the doorway a concerned look on his face.

"W-Where's…Stella?" My gasping made my stomach churn. "She just left to go meet up with Scott." He replied pointing towards the woods behind him. "Why, is something wrong?" He asked a seriousness etching into his tone.

I nodded. "Peter…warned me…to tell them…something…" I told him grasping my stomach. He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside while slamming the door and locking it. He quickly grabbed a glass of water and handed it to me. I gulped it down as he grabbed the phone.

"What should we do?" I questioned, my breath returning as my shaking hands clasped the glass. "I'm calling Lyle and Victoria, they're the only other people who know this forest." Mr. Yamada quickly punched in the numbers before holding the phone to his ear, waiting for an answer.

I could hear the living room clock ticking, the seconds passing by. Every tick that went by was taunting me. Right now at this very moment two of my closest friends could be in serious trouble! God! How could I have forgotten?!

"Lyle, it's me! We have a situation!" Mr. Yamada yelled into the phone. "Stella and Scott are in the woods, and something terrible is going to happen. You need to go in there and warn them before its too late!"

His voice was panicked and worried. "Okay be careful!" He hung up the phone before turning towards me. "Olivia you need to stay here, where it's safe. If Ray is really after you, then you can't go into that forest. Understand?"

"But Stella's in danger! And she's still hurt from last night! I need to do something!" I argued standing up in objection. We glared at each other for a moment before his gaze softened. "Olivia, I know what it feels like to want to do something, but what can you do? You'd just be in the way and another thing for Stella t worry about. Please stay here where its safe." His eyes were pleading and I realized for once, he did understand.

This is the father of Stella. He has to watch her get hurt everyday as werewolf and he can't do anything. Maybe he understood as a father, but he could never understand as a best friend. "I can't."

Without waiting for a response, I turned around and bolted out the back door. I ran straight into the woods, without looking back. I could hear Mr. Yamada shouting my name, but I kept going as far as I could. My lungs burning and my legs aching, I kept pushing until I reached the small hillside I was looking for. The lair.

I crouched through the undergrowth and saw the dark tunnel looming in front of me. I dashed inside and kept running until I reached the inner loft. The tv was off and the room was empty. Lyle and Victoria were all ready gone.

What am I supposed to do now? I looked down only to see footprints. Actually they were paw prints. They led forward into the cave wall and disappeared in front of it. What the heck? I approached the wall and held my hand to it. Was there like a button or panel I was supposed to press? Sliding my palm all around, I didn't see anything. That was when I took a step back.

My foot sunk into the ground about an inch, almost causing me to fall. I looked down alarmed and saw a stepping stone. As soon as the pressure left the stone as I moved back, the wall opened into a new tunnel. Ah, more secret passages.

I ran down the tunnel and found myself back in the forest. I had no idea how far I was from the hillside, but it was gone. Where was I?

"Olivia?" a voice whispered from the bushes. I knelt down to see Victoria staring at me with wide eyes. She wasn't in her wolf form. "What are you doing here?!" She exclaimed in a hushed voice. I crawled into the bush beside her, hidden from view.

"I'm here to help Stella." I explained. I looked around. "Where's Lyle?" I asked confused. Victoria looked down. "Ray and his pack ambushed us when we came out of the tunnel, they know about the lair. Lyle pushed me into this bush before they saw me, and he ran off in the opposite direction taking the pack with him…I don't know where he is now."

"Can't you like, share thoughts or something?" I questioned. "Yeah only in wolf form, but I don't want to expose my scent or else they'll find us." She whispered back. Great, what are we going to do now?

Suddenly Victoria's hand shot out in front of me. "Shh! Someone's coming!" She warned. We sat there anxiously waiting as I heard twigs snapping and leaves rustling. "I know you're out there, Victoria!" It was Ray. "I'm not here to kill you! Or I'd be in my wolf form right now!" He looked around waiting.

"Maybe if you surrender Olivia, I'll call my pack off your nerd friend!" He suggested. Shit. Victoria glanced at me and held a finger to her mouth, motioning me to stay silent. She stood up and walked out into the open as I sat there in shock. She stood directly across from him. What was she doing?!

"As you can see, Olivia isn't here. It's just me and you, Ray." She challenged taking a step forward. Ray smirked. "You're lying." He stated. Everything happened so fast.

Ray lunged forward, shifting into a wolf and tackling Victoria as she too changed into a wolf. They landed in a heap of fur as Victoria through him off and stood waiting for him to try again. The moon light shimmering off her pale-ish gold fur looked stunning. And Ray, with his pelt as white as the moon itself waited as well. Both their eyes piercing blue, just stared at each other.

The silence was killing me. They stood there like statues, just watching. And then suddenly Victoria charged him. She slammed into Ray throwing them both backwards as she swiped at him, claws outstretched. She had him pinned to the floor and his jaws snapped at the back of her neck.

A yelp of pain sounded from her as he grasped her by the scruff and threw her sideways. Victoria hit a tree behind her with a thump, and leaves fell from the branches at the impact. She got up quickly, snarling at him in anger as she once again went on the offensive.

Jumping forward, she sliced his muzzle with shocking speed before forcing him to the ground by jumping onto his back. But Ray rolled over quickly, switching the positions as she lay under his weight. Blood dripped from the scratch across is face, staining his white fur. Victoria squirmed beneath him straining to escape, but he held a paw to her throat, pinning her there at his mercy.

She glared up at him realizing she lost.

I waited in the bush my heart racing. Keep fighting Victoria! But she didn't. Ray snarled and growled at her, wanting her to do something. She did nothing. Not a single noise erupted from her. I saw the muscles in his shoulders tense up as he pushed down harder on her throat. She winced as the new pressure made it hard to breathe.

Do something! Ray barked down at her in anger. I could see the frustration in his face and he finally snapped. I watched in horror as his jaws locked into her shoulder, biting hard. Victoria yelled out in pain, squirming and flailing everywhere. But he only bit harder. Before I could stop myself, I yelled out.


Ray froze as he turned to look at me, releasing Victoria. Blood gushed out of the wound in her shoulder as she laid there whimpering. I stood up and walked out into his view. I felt tears staining my eyes. "Please…don't hurt her." I pleaded. His paws still pinning Victoria down, he glanced between me and her. I knew what he was thinking. Which is my first target?

I gulped thickly as the fear finally set in. Ray slowly let go of Victoria, who rolled over in pain as she tried to get up. But her shoulder failed as she collapsed on the ground, panting and whimpering.

Ray advanced towards me, his blue eyes menacing and cold. Only a few yards away now, he did something of a snicker. But he stopped dead as his ears pricked up. He glanced around alarmed and looked over to the left. Lyle suddenly exploded out of the trees slamming Ray to the ground.

My heart jumped. Thank God! That is until the rest of Ray's pack came into view, right behind Lyle.

Lyle, his pelt light gray and curled at the end, similar to his hair stood in the center of the clearing. The pack circled him, waiting to strike. It was a 1 on 8 fight.

Ray, his white fur tinted with red, stood opposite of Lyle. I recognized the brown pelt and glowing green eyes of Kyle who was standing behind Lyle, blocking his path. Nick, his pale blue eyes and shimmering sliver pelt stood on one side of Kyle.

On the other side of Kyle was the darkest pitch black wolf I've ever seen. But it's gentle brown eyes looked familiar…Peter. He looked to be the smallest wolf in the pack. Then there was a dark brown wolf who must be Derek. Next to him was a red-brown wolf with glimmering brown eyes. I knew it was Patty. Beside her was a big muscular red-brown wolf with swirls of gold mixed in it's pelt. Dean. And that left the last wolf, with a golden-creamish pelt and bright blue eyes, in-between Ray and Nick to be Jules. That completed the circle.

I didn't know what to do. Do I run? Can I even hide? I was frozen anyway from the scene before me. How could Lyle hold his own against this many? I glanced over at Victoria who was to the left of the circle, still laying there in pain. Her back was to me. Was she okay?

I glanced at the pack and back at Victoria. They weren't paying attention. I crouched down and made my way over to her, slowly and quietly. Kneeling beside her I looked at the wound. The teeth marks dug deep into her flesh, blood still soaking her beautiful fur.

Her eyes fluttered open as I pressed my palm to the top of her head letting her know I was here. A whimper escaped from her throat, and my heart ached. I couldn't do much to help her at all. But I was willing to try anyway.

I took off my jacket, pressing the cloth to her wound. Her eyes winced shut as another whimper aroused. "Shh, it's okay. I'm going to make it feel better in a sec, just bare with me." I whispered gently.

Lifting her body up softly, I wrapped the arms of the jacket under her soft stomach and tied them together. That was the best I could do. But Victoria relaxed a little as the cold air stopped touching her open flesh.

She looked up at me with thankful eyes and I pressed my hand to her head once more before standing up and walking towards the pack. I could hear Victoria whimpering in protest behind me, but I needed to save them. The pack wanted me, not them.

"Hey!" I yelled out. Instantly 9 pairs of eye turned on me. Lyle let out a growl of protest, wanting me to stay out of it. But I couldn't. "It's not them you want! It's me! So let them go, and I'll join your pack!" I announced. My heart was beating rapidly, waiting.

That was when everything went wrong.

Lyle threw himself at a distracted Ray and locked his jaws on the side of his neck. The most heart-lurching yelp of pain erupted from Ray and I shivered in horror. The other 7 pack members jumped to there leaders aid, going for the kill.

"NO!" I ran into the chaos, putting myself between Lyle pinning Ray down and the 7 rushing pack wolves. As they came at me, I let out the loudest scream I could manage, praying help would come.


I ran as fast as I could, Scott right beside me. Please, let Olivia be okay! PLEASE! If Ray laid a finger on my best friend, he would pay! I felt myself running faster and soon I was able to hear the sound of growls and barks.

They're right up ahead! Scott told me. I pushed on, my ribs were throbbing horribly but I didn't care. The two of us ran through the trees and I realized that we were near the secret tunnel exit. What was happening? I ran into the open.

That was when I came to a halt as my heart stopped dead.

Victoria was on the ground and I instantly felt her pain in my shoulder. The healing process had started but she wasn't strong enough to get up. Lyle was pinned on the ground beneath Jules, her golden pelt had a large scratch down he side and I knew Lyle had tried to fight back. And then I saw Olivia.

She stood in-between me and the remaining pack members. Her eyes widened with relief when she saw me and Scott. But something was wrong…where was Ray?

I felt Scott's confusion as well. Only a Natural Born could give a bite to someone. I ran forward and stood beside Olivia. Ray's pack couldn't do anything to her without him here to bite her. They were defenseless. I opened my mind to them.

Where's Beech? To much of a coward to fight? I asked. Scott came and stood on the other side of Olivia. None of your business Yamada. Jules answered, growling. Suddenly Lyle started wiggling around.

Don't listen to them! Ray went- He couldn't finish. Ray was suddenly thrown from out of nowhere into the open, he was in his human form and a gash on his neck made him yell out in pain.

"Useless! You couldn't bring me even bring me one of them!?" A voice boomed from the darkness. The voice sounded familiar…

Ray coughed and spit out the blood from his mouth, still on the floor. He let out a desperate laugh. "I got you 3 of them right now." He choked out. "It's not like I could turn them, that's your job!" He protested. What is he talking about?

"You're right Ray, that is my job. But your job was to bring me the girl! Not the two pissed off best friends who are already werewolves!" The voice yelled back. The forest went silent. "Ah, Stella and Scott…it's so wonderful to see such determined protectors. But how long can you keep this up? Look around. Your two other pack members are defeated and helpless, your friend at the mercy of 8 wolves. You have lost."

The voice was right. We couldn't win this fight.

"I've tried using the easy way out…when I banned you and your friends from performing at school. But you just can't give up can you? Always have to be the little revolutionist don't you Stella?"

A growl erupted from my throat.

"Immediately, since your first day here, you had enemies. Mudslide Crush, the cheerleaders, and then me of course…your little band made a fool out of me! You took over the entire student body! Turned everyone against me! Well I swore my revenge. I swore that I would take every one of your friends and turn them against you as well, just like you did to me."

My eyes widened. Who is this? What did I do?

"So I waited. I planned and waited for the right time to strike. I took the people you hated most and I turned them into werewolves. They wanted you gone just as much as I did. But I needed more to beat you. So I turned 3 more. 3 helpless nobody's that you've never even noticed until now."

I saw Peter, Nick, and Kyle look down. I felt so hurt.

"This whole time, you've been so scared of Ray. I'll admit, at first it was fun to mess with you and make you paranoid but I'm done with the games. These wolves are mine. Not Ray's. Ray is mine. He isn't a Natural Born. I am. He's a bitten. My puppet."

What the hell? I waited confused and shocked at the new information. Ray was never a Natural Born? He wasn't the one biting people? Then who was? Who is this person who hates me enough to do this?

Principle Brenigan walked out of the darkness. WHAT?! BRENIGAN?! I stood in utter astonishment as he waltzed confidently into the open a smirk on his face. "That's right. I'm the leader of this pack. And it's time for my revenge!"

Without warning he leaped towards us, turning into the biggest wolf I've ever seen. A bright white pelt just like Ray. But everything was in slow motion and realization set in.

He was aiming at Olivia.

I couldn't push her out of the way, Scott was there. And I couldn't take the hit or else he would get us both…I could only do one thing. The thing I swore to myself I would never do, especially to my friends. I turned towards Olivia and I bit her arm…hard.

A gut wrenching scream filled the night and my stomach churned in sadness. I'm so sorry Olivia. I felt the poison in my teeth run into her body, changing every cell it passed. And then I felt something hit us.

STELLA! Scott yelled. At first I thought he hit us out of the way. But I realized he was warning me. Brenigan was biting Olivia's other arm. Scott! Get him off her! I commanded. With my jaws still clenched in her arm, and the poison transferring, I couldn't do anything.

I can't with the pack attacking! Scott replied. Shit! I got it! Lyle yelled. From the corner of my eye I saw Brenigan's white pelt disappear and Olivia flinched. I felt her body shaking beneath me, her face contorting in pain.

"Stella…please…STOP!" She gasped before screaming again. My heart ached. I couldn't stop. Once the poison starts I can't let go until it's done. "Stella…" Her voice trailed off, as she started slipping out of consciousness. Her eyes fluttered shut. Olivia…I'm so sorry. My eyes started watering and I let out a whimper. Finally the poison was done and I let go quickly. Examining what had happened to her.

Both her arms were wounded horribly, bite marks in both. Blood dripped from the gashes and I whimpered once more. The sight cracked my heart in two. This was all my fault. A tear dropped from my eye. And I looked up.

I saw Brenigan fighting with Lyle. Scott was taking on Patty and Peter. And Victoria had gotten up and joined the fight. She was against Dean and Derek. The other pack members were scattered across the area, wounded and too hurt.

My eyes locked on Brenigan. I looked back down at Olivia. This was all HIS fault. My mind went back to the night before, when Olivia had fallen asleep in my arms. My best friend who was always there for me. And now all that could be at stake.

Uncontrollable anger flooded into my brain. I ran towards him at full speed. FOR OLIVIA! I jumped onto his back and locked my jaws on the back of his neck. Brenigan yelped in surprise, and Lyle took that to his advantage. He stood on his two back legs and clamped his jaws on Brnigan's throat.

Rip Lyle! Kill him! I screamed. Lyle did so and tore the skin away. Brenigan let out a whimper before falling to the floor, his body limp. Blood oozing out of his neck, I jumped off. He wasn't breathing. The other wolves stopped fighting and froze. Their leader was dead. They were free.

I was surrounded by the pack and bombarded with I'm sorry's and thank you's. It was over. Move! I yelled, breaking through the mob of wolves as I ran to Olivia's side.

Stella, I'm so sorry. We'll help you get her home. Derek offered. I looked down ashamed. This should've never happened. I claimed. It isn't your fault. Peter added. Yeah if you want to blame anyone, blame us. Patty assured me. I shook my head.

HUNTERS! Victoria screamed running past us. I saw headlights shinning through the darkness, they were on four wheelers. RUN! Dean yelled dashing past us. The wolves scattered, running anywhere to get away.

I started bolting and then I stopped dead. OLIVIA! I ran back, the humming engines extremely close. I nosed myself underneath her, trying to get her on my back. C'mon! I glanced back, the headlights right over the hill.

Suddenly, Olivia's weight was gone and she was on my back. I saw Scott pushing Olivia onto me. Okay, she's good! Run! He exclaimed. I dashed after him, the hunters right behind us. Olivia's weight slowed me down, but I kept pushing forward. I suddenly made a sharp turn, leading the Hunters away from the others.

Stella! What are you doing?! Scott yelled. Whatever happens, don't look back! I demanded. The Hunters were following me very closely and were catching up. I dared a glance back. Suddenly I tripped over a log, my wrist cracking. I yelped in pain, as I fell forward loosing balance. Olivia slipped off my back. NO!

I got up, ignoring my throbbing paw to see the four wheelers stop at Olivia's body. I was about to attack when another body of fur pushed me the other direction. Go! We can't do anything for her or they'll get us too! Scott persuaded, nudging me forward. I can't leave her! I objected. We have to! Run! He shouted, pushing me again.

I followed Scott into the forest, back towards the city, the engines disappearing from sight and ear. I'm so sorry Olivia…I'm so sorry…