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"You know if you just get yourself someone we wouldn't have to guard you from your fanatics everywhere you go!" My long-time friend bellowed – as we strolled through the foreign city of Fuuka.

Cars sped by the street as other members of the public strolled and walked up and down the street on this bright and sunny day.

"Well I never hired you to guard me, Haruka-san, I just invited you to a trip. You should relax a little." I spoke with calm and ease, letting my eyes scan leisurely around for a restaurant to dine in.

"Perhaps we should find a place to eat and continue this conversation, Haruka-chan" Our mousey friend mentioned before Haruka could bellow a reply. "That place looks nice… Um… Shizuru-san?"

I barely heard her call when my eyes found that mysterious figure in the diner.

I was caught – captivated – everything felt like it was leading up to this, that I've waited all these years – all my life – to see that very person.

"Oi, Bubuzuke!" Haruka called, but even her demanding tone did little to take my attention from the blue-haired beauty before me.

Everything around me started dissolving into nothingness when her eyes locked onto mine; everything disappeared in my world except for the sight of her.

Every fibre of my being longed for her but not a muscle in my body wanted to move – I stood there, waiting as the familiar stranger rushed to her feet and hurried to the diner doors.

She ran to me, her hands cupped my face and before I knew it her lips were on mine – it felt like second nature to me to react. It felt right.

Everything around me was a distant blur and I found myself mumbling words that weren't my own:

"Natsuki, Natsuki." I whimpered out a name that I did not recognise yet felt oh-so familiar as I buried my face into this stranger's chest.

"I found you, I finally found you." She whispered as our grip on one another tightens and the weight of her unexplained words lifted an unknown burden from my heart.

Tears, I've never shed in public, fell unrestrained. The emotional turmoil that released itself seemed to have been buried in my heart for a time that is beyond my understanding and once again words fell from my lips that I, myself, could not comprehend:

"Why did you take so long? Do you know how long I waited?" I cried in a choked voice.

'Have I been waiting… all this time… for her?' I wondered to myself.

Many people have commented that I was a patience person – like I was always waiting for something – someone, and I never said a thing to refute it because… I felt the same – like I was destined for something or someone, and all I was tasked to do was to wait.

"I'm sorry, Shizuru, I'm sorry. I'm here now, I'm here."

I didn't know how she knew my name but her words drove into me and brought out emotions that weren't mine.

As her hands gently stroke my hair, we held each other like our lives depended on it.

I believed… because I knew: she would keep her promise.

A/N: If you're having trouble seeing what happened, short story is in their past life (medieval times) they made a promise; present day life they fulfilled that promise!

Read 'I Lied' as the companion fic if you haven't already ^v^

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