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As per usual, at 3 AM sharp, Sephiroth awoke and commenced with his day.

First he crawled out of bed, and made his way to the bathroom for his daily morning ritual. He would first relieve his bladder, since he often had a tendency to drink a lot of water before he went to bed. It was a bad habit developed as a child, but he couldn't help but do so. If he didn't, he would wake up in the middle of the night with awful dry mouth.

Next, he would brush his teeth. Unlike Zackary who was impatient when it came to menial tasks, Sephiroth took his time brushing his teeth. He would first brush the left side of his mouth, then the middle, then the right side. Then he would brush his tongue, the roof of his mouth, and his gums. Sephiroth's time consuming method of keeping his teeth clean often drove his lovers crazy, but he didn't care! His teeth would be sparkling till the day he died, and that's all that mattered.

After Sephiroth's teeth were brushed, he would then head into the living room for his morning exercises. It started off first with a couple different stretches to warm up, followed by a few kata's that were controlled enough to be done in the limited space he had for it. After that he would jump on his exercise bike for about 20 minutes while watching the Midgar morning news. He was the General after all, he needed to keep well informed on the most current events! Although honestly. he was very tired of hearing about the celebrity Tifa Rahara's raunchy sex tape, or about the 15 year old singer Denzel Ken possibly knocking up some random fan girl. Sephiroth, for the life of him, just did not understand the celebrity gossip obsession. Zack and Genesis often got caught up in that hype, and it drove both Angeal and himself absolutely crazy sometimes.

After biking, Sephiroth would then do some cool down stretches. Once he was finished with them, he would head off for a shower. He'd clean himself up, get dressed in whatever attire he needed for the day (today in particular he chose to wear his leathers), and then make his way into the kitchen where he would brew a pot of coffee and have his first cup of the day. Coffee was Sephiroths absolute favorite beverage in the world. It was the golden liquid gift of the gods, and if for any reason he did not have a cup in the morning, he would most definitely be an absolute bitch for the rest of the day. Even scarlet on the rag was no match for the epic bitchy mood Sephiroth would be in without his beloved dark-roast deliciousness.

Once Sephiroths first cup of coffee was had, and some sort of breakfast was consumed, it was time to head to the office. He would pack up the rest of his fresh brewed gift of the gods in a thermos, grab whatever papers and supplies he would need for the day, and then head out the door.

Every day he would greet the receptionist in the lobby, Sandy, before making his way into the elevator and pressing the button for his floor. If there was anyone else in the elevator or that boarded it, he would greet them politely. Sometimes he would even chat with other passengers wether he knew them or not. Once in a while he was lucky enough to meet up with Angeal, or Genesis on his way up to his office. Never Zack though, the dark-haired man seemed incapable of getting up before six AM.

Sephiroth departed the elevator, waving and saying good bye to the soldier second he'd been speaking to, whose name he vaguely remembered possibly being Kunsel. As per usual, he made his way down the long, gray hallways that led eventually to his office. There were several rooms on this level, but only two others were actually set up and being used. One belonged to Genesis Rhapsados, and the other belonged to Angeal Hewley. Their offices were right next to each others, and they were only two long hallways away from the elevator. Sephiroth's on the other hand, was all the way on the opposite end, the absolute furthest room from the elevator on this level. He didn't mind the trek to it though, it was always very relaxing for him because it was generally so quiet on this level. It gave him time to think and sort out his thoughts before he began work for the day.

As the silver-haired man made his way to his office, he wondered what he would find in it today. Sometimes he showed up and Angeal and Genesis' would be waiting for him with breakfast and his favorite coffee drink from That Darn Chicobo, his favorite coffee shop. Other times he'd show up and fall into some prank or trap that Zack decided to unleash upon him, which generally often resulted in a very fussy Sephiroth, a phone call, and a lot of screaming. One time he showed up to his office and found Zack asleep on his desk, naked, with his own underwear on his head. Thankfully that had happened once, and only once. But if Sephiroth was lucky, very very lucky, today would be an abnormal day and there would be absolutely nothing on the other side of his office door. He doubted it would be so easy, though.

He finally reached his office, but instead of going in right away, he stood there for a moment. He took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for whatever he might find on the other side, then slid his key card through the electronic card reader, pushed the door open, and walked in.

And of all the things Sephiroth expected to find when he walked into his office this morning, a yellow ball of fluff sleeping in his office chair was not one of them.

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