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It was always dark here, in the place where he went in his dreams. Not a speck of light, he couldn't even conjure up an image of it in his mind. He floated there, in the darkest place he'd ever been, in complete silence.

Except for her.

She was always there, too. He could never pin point her location, he didn't even know who she was. But she was there, every time, whispering dark things to him. Words of destruction, and chaos. Prompts to kill, or be killed. He hated it, but had learned to tune it out.

To an extent.

But sometimes the screaming got too loud, too shrill, too strange. Her words, sometimes they were odd...inhuman. Sometimes, she frightened him.

It was quiet now, but every once in a while he would hear a wisp of her strange, foreign voice. It would gradually get louder, until Sephiroth could no longer hear his own thoughts.

He could hear it now..

A grinding crescendo piercing through the black, becoming louder and louder, shaking him to the core.

And then, it stopped. Suddenly, without an echo remaining. Startled, Sephiroth's eyes shot open, forgetting he couldn't see.

Or so it was, but no longer. The darkness melted away before his eyes, his feet landing gently on the greenest grass he'd ever seen. He found himself in a beautiful meadow-y plain, lush green grass and vibrant flowers blowing in the wind. The sky was a bright cerulean, big fluffy clouds dispersed among it.

He'd never seen anything so...beautiful.

A rustling sound caught his ears, and he turned swiftly towards his he found was not what he expected (though honestly at this point, he wasn't sure what to expect).

A young man, sitting upon the only rock in the whole field. His skin was a bronze color, smooth and blemish free. He wore close to nothing, only enough bunched up fabric to cover below the waist. The most startling feature though (so far) was his hair, which was a shocking shade of blonde, a bright and beautiful color that would put the sun to shame. It was spiked upwards strangely, defying gravity.

The boy's back was facing Sephiroth, it seemed he hadn't noticed his prescence yet.

So Sephiroth took a step forward. The young man turned to him, eyes the brightest blue he'd ever seen. They were practically glowing.

Sephiroth was enamored.

The young man smiled, eyes sparkling with excitement.

"So, it worked then?"

Sephiroth blinked, confused. He opened his mouth to speak, but couldn't. The young man seemed concerned, and spoke again, but Sephiroth couldn't hear him. Everything began to fade, darkness returning.

Most often when returning from such an out of body type dream, when one is waking, they slam back into their body with force.

It was never that way for Sephiroth.

He would float back into his body, like a feather drifting down from the sky. It always took him a good long while to settle back into consciousness. This time was no different.

Except for one thing.

The more Sephiroth came back to his body, the more he realized there was a weight...on his chest. Like there was a full body stretched out over his sleeping form. He was sure it was none of his lovers, since as far as he knew they were each out on assignment.

Before he was even fully aware; he was up, having flung the offending weight off of himself and into a wall. His body fell into a familiar fighting stance, an automatic reaction in this type of situation (not that this was a normal thing, mind you). His awareness returned along with proper thought processes and he wondered then why whatever it was hadn't attacked yet. A miserable warble answered the question.

The Chicobo.


Sephiroth flicked the lamp on his bedside table on, allowing soft light to flood the once dark room. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness, but once they had his gaze wandered over to the wall across from him, falling upon a yellow ball of fluff. The little thing was in a heap, a dazed look on its face. He made his way over to it, crouching down and giving it a once over to inspect any possible damage. The Chicobo seemed fine overall, except for it's right wing, which looked a little twisted. He also couldn't account for any possible internal damage, since that type of damage was hard to diagnose externally, and he was no doctor. Sephiroth did have first aid training, but it was not something he used often nor did he know enough about animals (specifically chocobos) to feel safe patching them up.

Gently, so as not to jangle the little creature, he scooped it up and laid it on his bed. It fluffed up and settled into the warm, comfy comforter. Sephiroth watched as the little chicobo tried to move its right wing so it could pull into a tighter ball, but it couldn't. It made a pained warbling sound, and looked up to him with sad eyes.

Sephiroth had never felt so bad in his life as he did now with the little Chicobo looking at him like that. With a 'but why?' saddness. He looked away from the little fluff ball, almost ashamed.

"Stay right there, I will be back. Ok?"

He received a warble in response, and nodded as he went on his way to the bathroom. As per his usual morning ritual, he used the toilet, and brushed his teeth. But instead of heading out into the living room for his morning excercises which was what he usually did, Sephiroth stripped and hopped into the shower.

Ten minutes later he was done and dressed, coat and hat on (hair tucked in and hidden as well as possible), and keys in hand. He scooped the little bird up carefully with his left hand, and held it gently against his chest as he made his way out of the apartment.

Sephiroth hated driving.

He could drive very well, and absolutely ADORED his car which of course meant it had a name. Sebastion, the sleek black off-road hummer he'd fallen in love with at a car show Genesis had dragged Sephiroth to one weekend. He'd even had it customized just a bit, adding a few secret compartments and other such bits.

So really, Sephiroth actually very much enjoyed driving. What he didn't enjoy doing was driving on the roads with other cars. With other people. Why? Because people were stupid, and being behind the wheel of a car only seemed to make that stupid stronger.

Early morning traffic was the worst because a lot of them were just waking up, and even some hadn't had their morning coffee yet, like a certain silver-haired general. Sephiroth had just been so worried (and feeling guilty) about the little Chicobo, that he just rushed out to take the little bird to the doctor without eating, exercising or having his morning coffee. It was very out of character for him to break his habits, and it always made him a bit nervous and twitchy.

Sephiroth glanced over to the little bird who was curled up in the passenger seat, looking miserable.

He felt so guilty.

Sephiroth trained his eyes back on the road, glancing back at the little bird every once in a while.

About an hour and a half later they'd made it to the animal hospital, Sephiroth completely and thoroughly in grumpy cat mode. He made his way to the check-in desk, where a dark-haired, dark- eyed young woman sat with a phone to her ear. She had a planner book open and seemed to be jotting down appointments, and other little notes.

"Yes sir, the 24th. Is there anything else I can help you with? No problem, you're welcome. Have a nice day."

The young woman hung the phone up, and jotted down a few more notes before placing her pen down and looking up to Sephiroth. She seemed startled for a moment, as most people do when seeing the silver-haired mans eyes for the first time. She composed herself quickly though, noticing the small bird in his arms.

"Can I help you sir?"

"Yes." He held the bird out gently towards the girl. "I think he may have a broken wing."

The girl looked the bird over, noticing the odd wing and frowning.

"You may be right. Take these and fill them out, and take a seat. We'll call you when we have a doctor available." The dark-haired woman handed him a clip board with 3 forms to fill out, and a blue bic pen.

Sephiroth peered over into the waiting area, and frowned. About twelve people where already there, each holding their afflicted animal. He turned back to the young woman, frown still in place.

"How long will this take? Can't he go in right away?"

The young woman shook her head, eyes focused on the computer screen in front of her as she typed out some information.

"It's been very busy today, and there are about twelve people in front of you that we have to see first. So no sir, we cannot."

Sephiroth's first instinct was to chew the young woman out, general style. Realizing though that he was not quite himself (lack of coffee, food, and normal routine) and that he was very worried about the little chicobo (which was odd since he'd just gotten the thing a day ago) he bit his tongue, and went to take a seat, clip board and chicobo in tow.

Slowly but surely people were taken back to see the doctor, ailing pets in tow. Sephiroth took his time filling out the forms, which consisted of information about the chicobo, and contact and billing information. While filling out the info about the Chicobo, he realized (when queried) he had no idea what the little birds gender was. He peeked over at the chicobo, who was curled up in the seat next to him, asleep. Sephiroth found the thought of checking the little birds no-no's incredibly embarrassing. He wasn't sure why, but he did. He would keep that one blank and leave the doctors to do it.

After about an hour of waiting, he was finally called in. The nurse was very discreet about it so not to attract any attention to Sephiroth, which he immensely appreciated. He was already in a pretty bad mood, he did not need moony fans begging for autographs on top of it all.

The nurse (a pretty brunette with light brown eyes) led him to examination room two, where she directed Sephiroth to place the little chicobo on the steel table in the center of the room. He did so gently, and was immediately peeped at by the little bird who waddled its way to the edge of the table, almost reaching out for Sephiroth.

He wasn't really sure what to do. What did it want? He brought the little bird here to get its wing fixed, so what was the problem? Across from him, the young woman smiled at the sight.

"He's scared. Is this the first time you're bringing him to the doctor? Usually the first times the hardest, but they get used to it after a while."

Sephiroth nodded at the woman, eyes travelling back to the chicobo. Scared? He couldn't blame the little bird, after everything Sephiroth had and still went through with Hojo, he himself was not much for doctors and hospitals either. He stepped close up to the table and gave the bird a reassuring pet to the head.

"It will be okay, no one's going to hurt you. They just need to patch up your wing, then we can go. Ok?"

The chicobo trilled a soft consent, and turned towards the young brunette who was smiling ear to ear.

"He is quite attached to you, it's really kind of adorable!"

Sephiroth snorted (in a very un-sephirothy way), and shook his head. She had NO idea. The little bird had been attached to him like a tumor from the very moment he discovered the little thing in his office yesterday morning. It had driven him absolutely crazy the whole time, and yet..Sephiroth found that maybe he himself had become a little...attached. It was odd, but undeniable at his previous panic this morning.

The young woman looked over the paperwork, noticing the blank sections. Her eyes wandered back to Sephiroth, curiously.

"May I call you Sephiroth, sir?"

Sephiroth thought a moment, then nodded. She wasn't military so she didn't have to address him formally, and really he didn't have a last name so all that was left was Sephiroth.

"Alright then Sephiroth, there are two unanswered questions here. Gender, and name. I'm figuring there is a good reason these aren't filled in?"

Sephiroth nodded, cheeks tinged pink just a bit. He felt bashful, stupid. He HATED feeling either way, but it seemed to just be one of those days.

"I..am unsure of it's gender, which is part of the reason I have not named it. I only attained the Chicobo yesterday."

The young brunettes lip twitched, in annoyance or humor he wasn't sure. She hummed an acknowledgement and jotted something down on one of the forms, and placed the clipboard (that said forms were attached to) on one of the counters, and made her way over to the steel table. She reached out and gently picked the chicobo up to examine the little birds bitty bits.

"It's a boy! Now all we need is a name. Any ideas?" She gently placed the bird down on the table, and went about searching for something on the far counter.

"I...I don't know. I had not thought about it till now."

She hummed thoughtfully, ah-hah-ing when she found what she was looking for. She wandered back over to the table with a thermometer in her left hand.

"Well we've got time to think about it. For now, I need to take his temperature which he is not going to like. Can you hold him still?"

Sephiroth nodded, unsure as to why the chicobo would not like it, but figuring the nurse knew better than him. he grasped the little bird gently, holding him in place. The little guy looked as confused as Sephiroth until he saw the nurse pointing the thermometer at his feathery little behind.

The next few moments were as traumatizing for Sephiroth as it had been for the the poor little chicobo.

The young brunette nurse had to bite her lip in order to keep from laughing hysterically at the looks on both of their faces. She finished up her examinations of the little bird (managing to keep from laughing, astonishingly) and made her way out, letting Sephiroth know that the doctor would be in soon to see them.

About twenty minutes later a young Wutain woman strolled into the room wearing a white doctors coat, and carrying a clipboard with several paper attached to it. She was flipping through them as she entered, her face hidden behind chin-length chocolate-brown hair. She hummed thoughtfully to herself as she read the forms, making her way over to the table.

"Hi there! I'm Doctor Kisaragi and i'll be helping you guys out today. Now let's have a look at you're little birdy and see what we can do!" Her eyes trailed up towards Sephiroth, momentarily startled by his green cat eyes, then to the chicobo who she raised an eyebrow at.

"Well that's..interesting.."

Sephiroth blinked, slightly there something wrong?

"What is interesting?"

The young doctor managed to school her face from curious surprise to a more jovial, slightly Cheshire like look.

"Well honestly i'm not sure who I'm here to see. The bird, or you mister kitty cat!"

Sephiroth was stunned. He had no idea how to respond to that. Most people were extremely sensitive when asking about his eyes. Well, honestly most people were never really ballsy enough to ask. Even his lovers were very careful about it. Except Genesis. The first time he and Sephiroth had met, the red-head had greeted him by singing 'What's New Pussycat' (exchanging the new for up, so it became whats up pussycat)in front of a very large crowd.

He wasn't mad though, it was almost...refreshing. Sometimes he got tired of people being so afraid of him, tip-toeing around him like he would rip their faces of at the slightest misdoing. This doctor Kisaragi was not afraid of him one bit though, he wondered if it was because she didn't know who he was, or she just didn't care. Either away, at the moment he was amused.

"The bird, doctor. I think he may have broken a wing."

She hummed thoughtfully, stepping up the metal table.

"Aw, foo. Would have loved to give you a physical mister kitty cat!" She winked playfully at Sephiroth, who found himself even more amused by her antics. He could tell she was being playful and not serious, which is why he wasn't particularly bothered by it.

The chicobo however, was not amused. It keened at the doctor fussily, hopping about on the table. The doctor laughed at that, placing her clipboard down on a nearby counter.

"Oh relax puff ball! I'm not gonna steal your kitty cat, so calm down before you make that wing of yours worse!"

The little bird made another whining keen, but settled down carefully onto the table as close to Sephiroth as possible. The doctor let out another chuckle at that, and moved forward to check the little birds wing. She was very gentle, feeling all around the wing to find the problem. The chicobo warbled a bit in pain, but made no other resistance.

Sephiroth had found the exchange between the doctor and the chicobo very odd. Particularly, the part where it almost seemed like the Chicobo could understand what she was saying. He found that, too, when he spoke to the little bird. He figured it must mean that whoever had the Chicobo before him, had trained the little guy very well.

After a few minutes Doctor Kisaragi stopped examining the little bird and stepped back. She grabbed her clipboard to write out a few things, then set it back down on the counter and began rummaging around in a few cabinets.

"It looks like only a sprain, luckily. He'll need to wear a splint on it for about a week, then he should be just fine." She found the materials she was looking for, and went to work on splinting the little birds wing.

"Thank you, doctor." Sephiroth smiled tiredly, relieved that the little bird would be just fine. Doctor Kisaragi eyed him curiously for a moment, then that cheshire smile appeared on her face again.

"Not a problem mister kitty cat! If you want you could go take care of the payment arrangements for this visit, while I finish bandaging this little guy up. I could bring him out to you when i'm done."

Sephiroth nodded, a faint smile still gracing his tired looking face.

"Yes that would be wonderful, thank you."

He turned to leave, but the doctor called him back for a moment. He turned towards her curiously.


"The nurse told me that you didn't have a name for this guy yet."

Sephiroth blinked at that, and nodded.

"That is correct. I just found him yesterday, and hadn't really come up with a name yet."

She hummed thoughtfully as she patched the little birds wing.

"Well, he does have these pretty sky blue eyes! In Wutain, the word for sky is Sora. Maybe that would be a good name for him?"

Sephiroth thought about it, and decided he like the name. His gaze fell upon the Chicobo, and found himself speaking before he could stop himself.

"Do you like that name?"

The birds bright blue orbs peered over at him almost surprised. The Chicobo let out a soft, condoning warble. The young doctor giggled at this.

"I guess that's a yes, huh?"

Sephiroth nodded thoughtfully.

"I suppose so. I will go take care of that business doctor, thank you for all of your assistance." at that he turned, and left the room.

Doctor kisaragi watched him exit the room, and turned her gaze back to the Chicobo. It took her only a few minutes to finish the splint. She took a step back once done, and grinned like a Cheshire at the little bird now known as Sora.

"Well now Sora, interesting seeing you here like this. I was told you had escaped, but I guess you found something...interesting, on your way out. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into, kid."

Sephiroth hated people. He really, really did.

After finishing up at the animal hospital, Sephiroth (with Sora in tow) hopped into his car, and drove into downtown Midgard. He needed coffee and food bad, and he knew exactly where he wanted to go.

To his favorite coffee shop, ironically named That Darn Chicobo.

It had been hell to find parking in the area, especially since it was coming up on noon and all the people going on their lunch breaks were out and about, being general nuisances to Sephiroth's goals.

He finally found parking though, almost ramming into another car to get his space. The person in the other car honked at him obnoxiously, and gave him the finger. Sephiroth wondered if they would have done the same, if they had known who he was. Probably not. He was almost tempted to stick his head out the window and make the other aware of who they'd just flipped off, but decided against it. More trouble for Sephiroth, since he was really NOT in the mood to deal with people mooning over him trying to get his autograph and other such nonsense.

After a bit of walking he'd made it into the cafe, chicobo in tow gently cradled in his left arm. He could hear people chattering left and right about all sorts of things, including a set of giggly female voices cooing over Sora.

It was all so loud, and it hurt. Like hell. It was part of the reason why Sephiroth hated going out and doing things like this. That, and he hated people. Stupid, loud people. It was one disadvantage of being as enhanced as he was. All of his senses were so crisp, but oh so sensitive. A lot of light hurt, and a lot of noise. Temperature didn't seem to ever bother him though, and physical contact was usually always quite...nice.

His thoughts turned to his lovers, and he wondered how they were doing. He missed them terribly, it had been a few weeks since he'd seen any of them. He hoped they were all alright.

Sephiroth was almost to the front counter when his phone started vibrating in his pocket, startling him just a bit. He pulled it out and checked the caller ID, realizing with dread something he had forgotten.

He had completely and totally forgotten about work.


As much as he didn't want to answer his phone, he knew if he didn't Shinra would probably send the Turks to find him, and he really didn't want to deal with those guys right now. He hit the receive button, and brought the phone up to his ear.

"Sephiroth here."

"Sephiroth, Where are you?" Angeal's voice rang out through the phone, calm and solemn as usual. Sephiroth knew him well enough though to notice the slight tinge or worry in his voice. He thought a moment before he responded.

"I had to take care of something this morning, and have now just finished. I am currently getting sustenance."

Sephiroth could practically feel Angeal's frown through the phone.

"Why didn't you call then, Seph? We were worried you'd had another fit or something.."

Sephiroth smiled softly at the concern. Most of the time Sephiroth made it seem like Angeal's mothering tendencies annoyed him to no end, but really..he loved it. Loved Angeal. It made him happy to know someone cared enough about him to worry like the other man did.

Sephiroth made to respond to his lover but before he could, a voice off to the left of him distracted him.

"Sephiroth sir!"

Before he could stop himself, his head whipped around to the source of the sound.

A flash of bright light blinded him for a few moments. His vision cleared and before him were two young girls (about 18, maybe) holding out one of those large, rectangular camera phones in a silver skin, towards him. It took him a moment to realize that yes, they had just taken a picture of him standing on line in a coffee shop (again, ironically named) holding a bandaged up Chicobo in his left arm. Before he could protest, the girls were off and out.

Goddamn it.

He could hear people around him whispering, realizing who he was. He could also hear Angeal trying to get his attention through the phone, which was no longer up against his ear. The young man at the counter was also trying to get his attention, because apparently, he was next in line.

It was only twelve thirty, and he was already ready to go home and go to bed.

What a fucking day.

"So it seems the Silver Elite managed to get a hold of an exclusive photo of our dear, darling General."

Zack chuckled at that, and eyed Genesis curiously as they walked down a hall towards said generals apartment.

"Oh? How'd they manage that?"

Genesis shrugged nonchalantly.

"Who knows. I'm uploading it to my phone now."

Zack shook his head, a mirthful smile gracing his features.

"I still can't believe you're in the Silver Elite. Why are you, anyway? I mean, you're screwing him. You're in the best Sephiroth fan club that will ever be, so why be part of a group of people who don't know a damn thing about the real Sephiroth?" Zack stopped at an apartment with a black door and the numbers 26 boldly represented in silver. He pulled a ring of keys from his pocket and sifted through them, looking for a specific set.

"For my own entertainment of course, Zachary. I also occasionally enjoy sharing candid photos of our dear general with these fools so that I can occasionally remind them that no they do NOT know him as well as they think, and they never will. Apparently it's been quite effective, several members have needed therapy after such times."

Zack stopped, and slowly turned his head towards Genesis with an incredulous look on his face. Genesis smirked in response. The dark-haired man turned back towards the door, having found the right keys and setting them into the lock.

"Man Gen, I love you, but you are a bitch!"

The red head grinned slyly at Zack.

"And what's that say about you, pup?"

Zack managed to get the door unlocked. He twisted the nob, and pushed it forward carefully.

"Bite me, Gen."

Genesis purred, following his lover into the apartment.

"Save it for the bedroom, darling."

Zack was about to make a vulgar comment in response, until a rather distracting sight caught his attention.

Sephiroth, who just happened to be draped over the living room couch, asleep.

He was lying on his back, arms hanging off the side of the couch. He was bare chested and wearing a pair of soft grey yoga pants (and nothing else under that, from the looks of it). His hair was spilling out all over the place like shimmering, liquid mercury. The most distracting thing (and considering how luscious and tempting Sephiroth was at this current moment, it had to be very distracting) , however, was the small ball of yellow fluff curled up on the man's chest.

The TV was on, which led Zack to believe that his lover had fallen asleep while watching the news. He usually exercised while he did that, though. This was very un-Sephiroth like. He also wondered if maybe the yellow ball of fluff sleeping on Sephiroth's chest was the chicobo he was accused of planting in the mans office.


A soft noise from behind Zack broke his concentration, and he turned to see what had brought the sound about.

Genesis was staring at his phone in confusion. He looked up to Zack who had a curious expression gracing his features. He held up his Shin-Ro #2 (a sleek smartphone in a cartoon dumbapples skin), showing Zack the most recent Silver Elite fan photo of the Silver General himself.

"When the hell did Seph get a Chicobo?"