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Story Start


Erza Scarlet was beat, not only had she just finished a rough mission, but she had also done some training with her guild mates which further exhausted her and to top things off she hadn't a clue as to why she was frustrated. She figured a cool beverage and a nice warm bath would relieved the tension. While it did quench her parch throat and released the tension in her body that sense of frustration did not go away. The only person she could bring this up to who wasn't completely insane was in fact Mirajane.

''Well Erza-chan isn't it obvious...you're frustrated about something, but not just any type of frustration. You're sexually frustrated…"

Erza's face did the impossible and went redder then her very hair. That surely wasn't what the S-class mage expected her friend to tell her. Despite becoming flustered and protesting Mirajane listened and formed some logical responses.

''Erza-chan you and Naruto-kun have been dating for how long, three years now? It's obviously you both care for each other and honestly, the tension between you two is so thick everyone can see it. Even Natsu,'' the white haired girl jokingly thrown in as Erza let out an uncharacteristic little huff. Erza remembered when she first met Naruto. He was a bit headstrong and quite hot blooded, a Natsu with blond hair and a ramen obsession but as she got to know him she came to learn the boy had hidden depths and quite the sad past. But the fact he was able to overcome everything and still remain a strong person earned her admiration. And he had been there when he needed her. He had been her shoulder to cry on after the incident with Jellal and after she collapsed from her battle with Azuma and was near death he was there, nursing her back to health and tending to her despite his own injuries. Choosing to be by her side every time she needed her. What other guy would had stayed by her side when he was unsure that he held her love over her old childhood friend, corrupted and turned nightmare and even then forgiven despite the fact of nearly being a sacrifice.

Erza was still human and like any person craved comfort as well. That comfort only he given. Giving her her first kiss and treated her as just Erza. That rather informal nature of Naruto whom while it annoyed Erza he wasn't the most respectful person as he didn't often use people's proper titles he was a person of warmth. Erza, aware of her 'scary' reputation and the fact her own past made her react contrary to her own thoughts to protect her feelings the blond had treated her as Erza Scarlet. And it was comforting, having someone who from the get go wasn't star struck or terrified of Titania.

The red-head soon found herself tossing and turning in her bed as she thought about Mirajane's suggestion. her long scarlet hair splayed around the bed and her brown eyes scanning the large empty space on the bed, her rather amazing chest straining against her t-shirt. Thoughts of the blond joining her in the bed, having a warm body to wake up to soon began to pervade her dreams. At one time she would have chastise herself for allowing herself to become so emotional and weak, but Fairy Tail's very foundation was built around the fact of bonds and Nakamaship. Every lonely night that want was growing into need, imagining his blond hair, his triple whiskered cheeks and curious cerulean eyes. She found herself, to her shame losing self control on more then one occasion to relieve herself but she knew that it wasn't just frustration that was spurring her on to see him. She knew that if she were to take this very last step there would be no turning back so she had to see him. She had to be sure and once and for all decide if everything her heart was telling her was right.

The next morning she had arrived at Naruto's dorm room, he invited her in and she took a seat on the couch. ''What brings you here so early Erza-chan. Do we have a new mission?'' he asked as she shook her head. He continued trying to start a conversation, but noticed she was staring at him. ''E-Erza-chan. Is something up?''

Erza feeling embarrassed turned her head away from Naruto and spoke up in a rather shy voice which was unlike her.

"N-No Naruto-kun, I was just thinking about something that's all…" she trailed off as Naruto took a seat right next to her on the couch.

''Are you sure?'' he asked, concern filling his voice.

''Think of this like a battle. Think of this like a battle. Think of this like a battle.'' Erza mentally chatted as she calmed her heart rate.

Instead of answering Naruto just Erza without warning turned and suddenly kissed him on the lips. For a few moments Naruto was dumbfounded but soon returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her closer as their bodies brushed against each other. They kissed at each other roughly as the both of them fought for dominance. Naruto managed to brush it all along the side of Erza's tongue and cheek as he tasted mint toothpaste.

Soon enough there was need for air and the both of them broke the kiss noticing a trail of saliva that connected their mouths together. The both of them blushed red as they got up from the couch and wiped the trail of saliva from their mouths. Naruto was the first to speak up as his eyes seemed mixed with lust and shock at the same time. "Erza-chan, what brought this on?''

Erza's face heated up as she reached out and grabbed his hand. ''I-It's short of embarrassing. C-Can we go to your bedroom and talk?''

While Naruto was still concerned about Erza's behavior he decided to go with her request and lead her to his room to find out what was on the red-head's mind.

Chapter End

This is a two-shot. That's it.