Titania the Seductress
Naruto x ?

Author's Note
When I say I'm going to complete a story, that's what I do.
Story Start

"Naruto…I…" Erza found that she was unable to say the words. So she decided to show him and pressed her lips against his.

Naruto kissed back, wrapping his arms around her. After a few moments the kiss broke. "Erza."

"Naruto, I want to take our relationship further." She finally said after the awkward silence. Normally things like modesty didn't bother her. She usually didn't have problems with men seeing her naked, as long as they were her guild mates she grew up with from childhood of course. If anything Erza was a tomboy at heart, having showered with the lot of them when they were young. Sex was just something that didn't register on her radar, but now it was different. She was suddenly feel self-conscious, wondering if Naruto would find her desirable considering she didn't put as much effort or thought in maintaining her appearance as her fellow female guild mates.

Naruto didn't say anything, trying to process what he just heard.

"Naruto…" she took his silence as something else.

"I-I'm sorry," he suddenly stammered, becoming rather flustered. Seeing the hurt in her eyes he realized she thought he was rejecting her.

"Erza I'm not good in matters like this. I mean you're so courageous, amazing, and sexy. I…" his face burned red.

"Do you really think I'm sexy?" she asked him, a smile forming on her face.

"Yeah." He honestly answered, a smile forming on his face. "Are you sure? I mean, we can wait."

"No…I'm sure. It's just; I've never done this sort of thing before. Honestly, I can't remember the last time something unnerved me so." She admitted with a chuckle. This was Naruto; loyal, loving, and energetic Naruto.

"Me neither," he said before he suddenly burst out laughing. "Look at us. We can run into an S-rank mission without breaking a sweat, but when it comes to taking our relationship to the next level we're about to having a nervous breakdown."

Erza began laughing as well. "You're right, it is silly. Naruto, thank you for everything you've done."

"I'd was happy too Erza. Nothing has made me happier than being by your side, I love you." He said as he pressed his lips against hers. The butterflies in Erza's stomach fluttered away as they dropped down onto the bed. The heat from their kisses intensified as they slowly removed their clothing. Erza's fingers trimmed at the hem of Naruto's shirt as he began sliding off her strap.

Heated gasps escaped Erza's lips as Naruto's lips traced down her jawline to the top of her breasts. Erza's fingers trailed along Naruto's stomach s one of her hands groped her chest. They took things slow, having only removed their shirts so far. "Beautiful," Naruto remarked as he studied the topless crimson haired woman. His fingers trailed along the shape of her breasts as Erza caressed his cheek.

Slowly they trailed each other's bodies. Next Erza's bra came off, exposing her erect nipples. He became softly rubbing his fingers against them, causing mewls to escape Erza's mouth. Suddenly she pressed her mouth against his as she used her right hand to unbutton his hands. "Feels so good." She murmured as Naruto continued to fondle her breasts.

There was no rush. They continued to kiss for a few minutes before dispensing of their lower garments. Naruto moved between Erza's legs, his mouth latching onto her neck. The two of them began dry-humping, pecking, and groping as they became sweaty. It took a while before the two of them no longer felt nervous at all.

"Man, no wonder you hear about people becoming addicted." Naruto murmured as he felt Erza rub his

soon returned to favor by sliding the finger past the fabric of her panties, rubbing her slit. Erza moaned as she felt him slowly explore her folds. She gently placed her other hand on his hand and directed it to a different spot. "Faster, move your fingers like that." she instructed.

Naruto continued following Erza's instructions as her face steadily became red, her breathing shallower, and body tense.

Seconds later Era let out a scream, coming under Naruto's ministrations. "Naruto...over here...now!" she ordered. Her desire was like a fire that threatens to rage out of control.

Naruto complied, sitting up he slid his boxers off and over his legs, letting it fly to the side. He studied over form, long, scarlet hair, slender form, and large breasts. Even her blue Fairy Tail stamp located in the middle of her left upper arm added to her appeal.

Erza was doing some studying of her well. Naruto wasn't muscular like Elfman, but he was well built. Toned, his skin slightly tanned and fit body glistening with sweat. Erza unconsciously licked her lips. "Naruto, do you have any condoms?" she suddenly remembered, chastising herself for forgetting about bringing some protection.

"Yeah, courtesy form Mr. Be a man," he admitted with a chuckle. He went over to his drawer and opened it, pulling out a condom. Erza watched as Naruto tore open the wrapper with his teeth. It took him a minute or so, but he was able to roll it on. The black texture of the condom looked rather odd on his cock. 'That's supposed to fit inside of me?' she thought. She began recalling some gossip she heard about women comparing the size of their boyfriends and exes. Anything larger than ten inches was a big deal, yet could be painful and they seemed to make fun of anything smaller than five inches. He seemed to be between the two sizes so, but towards the larger end of the spectrum, so maybe the right size? She hoped so.

Naruto kissed her, wrapping an arm around her waist and lowering her down as he poked at her entrance. Erza wrapped an arm over him, holding his head down as their tongues rubbed against each other. Naruto then slowly pushed inside of her, causing Erza to let out a grunt and hold him close.

"Give...give me a minute." she said, gripping his arms. To comfort her Naruto captured her lips in a kiss.
"I'm not hurting you am I?" he asked, breaking the kiss.

"No, just, go slow." she told him as he pulled back and slid back in. They both moaned as pleasure coursed through them. Placing his hands on her hips, he balanced himself as he started moving his hips back and forth.

Erza hips started moving along with his. After a few minutes he began speeding up. They found themselves unable to contain themselves, letting out a series of loud, embarrassing moans and groans as they continued to make love. They let themselves go as the passion consumed them. Naruto pulled Erza into a hugging position as they continued to fervently move their hips as they came closer to sexual bliss.

A loud groan escaped Naruto's mouth. He pushed in as deep as he could, feeling the sensation of Erza's walls milking him for everything he had. Erza let out an intense scream of her own, her nails digging into the blond's shoulders as her bucking hips quickly bucked against him with wild timed spasms.

By the time their high was finished they were cuddled up together, quite satisfied but far from spent. "Hhm Naruto-kun, I have a few things I like to try." she began with a coy smile. And from that moment Titania the Seductress had been born.

A beast of sorts had been awakened in the woman. "Lick my heel maggot!" Erza, clad in her Flame Empress Armor ordered a Naruto who was wearing hand cuffs. Role play had become a big part of their routine, seeing as it was something Erza always wanted to indulge in.

"Of course mistress." he had remembered that innocent, pleading look Erza had given him. That uncertain look about something she wanted to try and how he simply told her that if it was something she wanted to do, he wouldn't say no. He loved her and he knew Erza was too level-headed to suggest something that outrageous. Clearly he underestimated the deviousness of that woman.

"Naruto-sama, I'm afraid I haven't finish cooking dinner." dressed in a short, purple sleeveless tunic decorated with many flowers. The cleavage bearing outfit was none other than her Robe of Yuen and the role Erza was playing was that of a timid maid. It continued like this, with her using her Sea Empress Armor while pretending to be a mermaid or Purgatory armory and being a demon. Though his personal favorite was when she used the Seduction armor. Suffice to say that Uzumaki Naruto's indomitable will had finally met his match in the form of Titania the Seductress.