Read this before reading the actually story.

My character may have the Logia type devil fruit ability, but I've decided that would make him too strong and I don't want him to be over powered. So he will be able to get by normal attacks. This is my first One Piece fic by the way.

I need characters, I'll send you a message if I want your character K? I'll write the rest after the story. I'm not that good at writing, so try to deal with it please. The next part will be better I swear, oh and he's going from the new world to the Grand line so I expect some powerful characters

The smell of smoke fill the air as the village became covered in smoke and rubble. "Where is he?" A deep voice stood out over the chaos, everything seem to stop from the sound. "I know he is here!" The Marine wore the usual white jacket with the word Marine written on the right breast pocket it.

"Who are you talking about?" A brave young man yelled, standing up to the Heartless marine. "You are destroying everything in search of one man!"

His response was a dark glare. "PX-13 destroy him." The Pacifista turn, extending it arm. A beam shot out, passing though the man's shoulder followed by a huge explosion. The village went into chaos once again, everybody running for their lives.

In a bar near by the chaos, a muscular boy sat down in a chair. He sip his drink ,obvious to what was going on outside, his gaze on the ice in his glass. "Don't you know what's going on out there? Anybody else would be high tailing it instead of sitting here."

"How many of them are there?" The low voice startled the owner.

"A marine and a Pacifista."

He smirked, slowly raising out of his seat. "Thinks for the drink."

"PX-13 Have you located him yet?" He asked the machine, getting no response.

"I don't understand you Marines at all, is this what you guys call justice?" The cool voice stop the mischief, all eyes landing on the male that stood on top of one of the villager houses. His black hair, shadowing his eyes leaving only his insane grin visible.

"Monkey D Luffy's student." He grinned up at the male. "Found by the Strew hats and train for 2 years, age 17. 'Mist eyes' Rin L Lowser...' He looked as if he was proud to have this information, as if he value it more then gold. "Bounty: 140,000,000 Million."

"I see your too afraid to chase after the Pirate King?" He remarked. "But...I am no push over either." He swung his arm to his side forming a fist. "You destroyed my village many years ago...however...your not even a threat now." A strong silents fill the air before Rin vanish into thin air.

"Where did.." He appeared in front of the Pacifista his fist crushing into it stomach with enough force to cause clouds of dust to raise into the air followed by a strong bust of wind. The machine shot off into a building across from them, unable to battle.

Rin held up 2 fingers, his mist like blue eyes visible now. "Two hits." The Marine was completely shock by this display of power, the 15 year old he knew years ago was powerless. His mist like blue orbs landed on him. "One for him and one for you." Of course this had the reaction he expected, the Marine took off. "Don't return here looking for'll find me on the sea."

He smile slowly walking toward the docks. The bar owner confronting him. "Where are you going exactly?"

"I...A story Luffy-san told me...I always wanted to visit it." He smiles proudly. "Skypiea...My dream is to visit the land in the sky!"

And it begins.

Name: Rin L Lowser

Nicknames: Rin Rin

Alias: 'Mist-Eye.'

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birthday: May 22

Former Affiliations: Strew Hat Pirate, Weapon


Species: Human

Devil Fruit: Air Air

Hair: Black, wavy. (usually sticking to his forehead and covering his eyes.)

Eyes: Mist like has, fogging white and grey

Skin Color: White

Height: 5'8 1/2

Weight: 195 pounds

Markings: Straw hats' jolly roger tattoo on his right bicep. Scars on his wrist from bonds

Other Physical Appearances: None

Clothing: Rin is usually seen wearing a outfit like Luffy's after the time skip. The vest is Blue, and he usually keeps it button up. The shorts are the same though

Weapon: None at the moment.

Personality: Rin is very kind and trustful, he will give away his food to a child and his clothes to keep them warm. He doesn't get mad easily and is very playful and likes to tease. He is clueless when it comes to woman most of the time. Rin will be the first to talk to somebody that the crew does not know, being the responsible captain. Rin will rush to anything that reminds him of his past to save them. Rin is completely different when he is mad, he yells a lot and is quick to use his devil fruit. He becomes disrespectful and wild, does not hold back and doesn't care what he damage when he's in the fight. He usually try to cool down after doing so.

Likes: Teasing Sanji, Fighting with Ryoko, stealing Eiko's swords, reading with Robin, singing with Brook, sleeping on deck, birds (Robin's) food, strong people, the color blue, people who fight for their dreams. People who helps him, the strew hat crew, his crew, talking about woman with Milo, peaceful place, night stars, training and mermaids. Anything that is given to him by his crew, reading

Dislikes: Marines, bad pirates, disrespectful people, monsters, lairs, anybody who bad talks his friends, hateful people. People who doesn't care about others, people who hurt others. Not being trust, being called weak. People who harms Nami and tense silent rooms.

Fears: Falling into the sea, his crew dying, Nami getting hurt, the strew hats being killed.

Hobbies: Reading, training

Possessions: None at the moment

Odd Habits: freaking out when he realize that he forgot to train, only thinking about food when he reach a island and running off.

History: Rin was born on an island where strong eyesight was common and blue eyes were as well, however, his eyes came out different. He was rejected by the village for this and disown by his family. Rin was beat by kids and everybody stayed away from him. A woman found him and took care of him even though his eyes were different and he was suppose to curse. At age 13 the Marines kidnapped him and changed his body in hopes of creating a weapon. After Rin return and start to make friends with the towns people, not knowing the love was fake. When he became 15 the marines came to take him, but the towns people had start to love the teen for his actions around. They didn't hand him over and hid him from the marines. They were no happy with this and destroyed the island, killing everybody, but Rin. The boy was found under a house by Luffy and he start to live with the crew. Eating his devil fruit some time after. Hearing many of the Strew hats stories and fighting battles with them till Luffy became the Pirate King.

Devil Fruit Information

Name: Kūki Kūki

Meaning: Air Air

Type: Logia (Can still be touched oddly.)

User: Rin

Ability: Allows the user to send invisible projectiles at whoever they face. Could be use in punches, kicks, making them range attacks. It causes more damage when close up than range. The more air the user breathes in, the stronger the attack and force.

End of Section

Strengths: Super-human strength and high pain tolerances, strong leader. Super-eye sight (To the point where he could see things slower than they really are.) And from a experiment Rin's body became hard and made him the weapon he was suppose to be.

Weaknesses: Falling in the sea, mental stress

Attacks: Rin had learn a lot from the strew hats, which give him a number of different attacks and styles. Read story to see them.

Color: (Representative Color?) Blue

Animal: (Representative Animal?) Bird and wolf

Smell: (what does he/she smell like?) A sweet smell, sea-water, and fruit.

Favorite Type of Season and Island: Likes them all

Favorite Foods: Meat

Least favorite Food: likes them all

Themes: Face Me - EarlyRise Become Mad- Earlyrise

Quote: "I fight for my dream and my crews dream, nothing more." - Rin "I wasn't born this way, strong, and tough. I worked for it, you have to do the same." - Rin "Family and love is useless, Right! It's just what they tell you to help you sleep at night! Than get ready for your nightmare!"

Heroes: Luffy and Zoro, and Ace.

Dream: To visit Skypiea and helps his crew dreams come true.

Characters Needed:


First Mate:




Weapon Specialist/Blacksmith:

Shipwright & Ship:







Shichibukai; 8 positions open.

Yonkou; 2 positions open

Admirals; 2 positions open.

Vice Admirals; 5 positions open

Fleet Admirals; 4 positions open.

Anything below fleet admiral is unlimited in the marines.

Revolutionaries; unlimited.

Bounty Hunters; unlimited.

Civilians; unlimited.

CP9(10?): 8 or six