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Birdy stared at Peeka Dicon, 'Enough of being nervous, I've been traveling with pirates for months now. I know how to fight.' She thought to herself while holding her scythe at her side. She inhaled deeply before screaming and taking off for Peeka with fire burning in her mix-matched eyes. She leaped upward, bringing her scythe back behind her head. Peeka seemed surprised by Birdy' bold actions. The ghostly woman quickly leaned back, the blade of Birdy's scythe missing by inches.

Birdy switched her grip on the wooden stick, pressing down on an area that caused a second blade to escape from the back end. The brown haired pirate quickly started spinning her weapon with practiced ease, switching between hands and bringing the sharp blades of her double-ended scythe down at Peeka before her opponent could leap out of the way. The woman held up her sword, sparks firing off from the steel making contact over and over. 'I have to make a opening.' Birdy thought while she gritted her teeth, switching the scythe into her right hand and stopped spinning her scythe. She spun around and swung the curved blade for Peeka hip. Peeka was quick with her red sword, changing it to her left hand and blocking the attack fairly well.

Another woman from the rival pirate group rushed forward, a nametag on her chest reading 'Dai'. She swung her blade forward for Birdy's head, planning on decapitating her. Birdy sensed the attack coming and dropped down in between the two women in a perfect split. She swung her scythe backwards, the blunt part colliding with Dai's chin, effectively snapping the woman's mouth shut and causing her to take a few unsteady steps backwards.

"And Fire!" Lisa shouted loudly from within a red closed area. The loud boom of a cannon being fired echoed throughout the battlefield. Birdy's eyes widened, quickly turning to the direction of the sound, seeing a large black ball approaching. The sphere missed her and the other two pirates by inches causing the ground to shake violently. Before the three could escape white light escaped from the ball, leading to a huge explosion. The white flash ravaged the ground beneath them and threw them off into different directions by its strength.

"Did we get them?" Trisha asked, shifting back into her human form. She squinted, looking for Birdy and the other pirates through the thick cloud that was formed. "Wait, there's Birdy is running over here right now!" she exclaimed.

Trisha raised her hand to say hi, but before the words could escape her mouth Birdy's open palm slapped her on the back of her neck. "Are you two trying to freaking kill me!?" She practically shouted. "Sure I was trapped in between them, but doing that was dangerous!"

"You're a jerk!" Trisha exclaimed while Lisa sighed at their foolishness. She thought about how it would be if she was the sister with the devil fruit ability.

The three snapped into attention when Dai erupted from the smoke, her blade held at ready above her head. Trisha looked around while quickly changing form into her large green tank, capturing Birdy and Lisa on the inside of the war machine. Dai's blade made contact with the thing, but wasn't nearly strong enough to actually go though it. Sparks appeared from the contact, "Get off our tank!" Lisa shouted from the inside, twisting the wheel and forcing the top open. The steel top collided with Dai, causing her to fall back onto the long gun.

Birdy jumped out of the tank, rushing forward with speed. She leapt up, bringing her knees to her chest while kicking out. Her feet striked hard against Dai's chest, knocking her off and onto the ground. Lisa, still inside of the tank smirked, locking onto her target and firing the cannon at point blank range. The same large explosion was the result, the strength of the attack causing Birdy to cover her eyes and quickly take her place back inside of the tank for safety. "You think that got rid of her?" Birdy asked Lisa who didn't answer, still looking through the gun.

The black clouds of smoke kept blocking her view of her other target. Peeka calmly emerged from the smoke, clenching her sword in her right hand tightly. The red blade screamed deadly and would have had caused the devil fruit user to shiver if she was in her normal form. "You're mine!" Lisa exclaimed after locking onto Peeka she fired her cannon at the woman.

Peeka smiled smugly while closing her eyes, mostly for show, and swaying out of the way of the speeding cannon. She swung her red blade as she passed, cutting through the cannonball. The metal orb exploded a couple of feet behind her, lighting up the area once again. "She dodged it." Birdy said, astonished, "Let me out, I'll handle her!" Birdy just didn't trust that blade, as crazy as that sounded. She wasn't letting it get near the two who wouldn't do any good in a close up fight. An idea suddenly popped up in Birdy's head. "Fire me at her!" She gave Lisa no chance to protest already escaping from the tank and shimmying into the gun hole. "It's a tight fit but I'll be fine." Birdy said.

"I don't think any normal explosives are going to work on me. You should know that by now," Peeka boasted, still advancing for the tank.

"FIRE!" Birdy yelled, being shot out from the gun at amazing speed. "Black Cowl…" Birdy breathed in deeply while gripping her scythe tight, a purple shroud covering her while purple smoke escaped from her blade, turning the wooden handle black. "Soul Split!" She swung the blade side ways for Peeka's hip. The bouncers eyes widened greatly before she blocked the scythe with her own blade, feeling the scythe make contact. Sparks were formed right away as purple light started escaping from the scythe, increasing in intensity quickly before a small sized projectile fired at Peeka's sword, ending their struggle fast and effectively, shooting Peeka into the air.

Peeka flipped in mid-air, landing and sliding across the floor. She glared at Birdy, hate in her eyes. She watched as the black scythe with the long, curved blade slowly started shifting, the black staff becoming brown once more and the curved blade becoming smaller. "Aha, seems like I am in the presence of the Grim Reaper." Peeka chuckled. "How delightful." She sneered, "Though death can not match up against a god like my captain. The rules of life and death don't apply to a ghost either."

Birdy mix-match eyes stared while the bouncer rushed for her. The womans footsteps were almost silent, as if she wasn't touching the floor. She brought her arm back, swinging her sword forward with force. Birdy held up her scythe, effectively blocking the attack. A few small rocks raised up from the floor as the red sword glowed.

"Red Flower," She whispered, pushing Birdy back. "Release!" The red light bursted from the sword, blasting Birdy back quite a ways. The red projectile almost sounded like a screaming animal, breaking though the brown haired teens guard and injuring her. Numerous wounds appeared on her body and tore her clothes. Birdy lay on the floor, coughing hard. Her body wasn't made for punishment like this.

"I can't let her land another attack like that." Birdy said to herself, struggling to get up.

"Fire!" Lisa shouted once again, shooting a load of cannons for Peeka, whom they decided was more of a threat than Dai. Peeka smiled, simply jumping straight up into the air, kicking many of the cannonballs and firing them back in the sisters' direction. Lisa mouth dropped open in shock at the spectacle. She quickly started aiming and firing at each of the cannons that was coming in her direction. The bombs connected, lighting the sky up in a huge white explosion. Once the smoke cleared, Lisa realized that Peeka was gone. She aimed the gun in many directions, looking for the woman who disappeared, never succeeding in hitting. "Where did she go?"

Her question was answered when top of the tank opened up. Lisa looked up before a hand grabbed a handful of her hair. She screamed from pain while being lifted up from the tank and tossed onto the ground. Peeka sneered at Lisa. "You've been hiding inside that tank for a while now. Let's see what your capable of." Peeka spoke, her very presence causing Lisa to shiver. Peeka aimed her red sword down for Lisa's head. Lisa rolled to the side, the blade cutting her sleeve. The red blade drew some blood from the contact.

"Lisa!" Birdy shouted, rushing across the battle field to save her friend from albino. Dai leaped into her path, blocking Birdy's view of her struggling friend. The brown haired pirate decided to use her speed to her advantage. She dropped onto her back, sliding in between the woman's legs. After clearing that hurdle she placed her hands on the dusty ground pushing herself up while inhaling deeply while purple smoke started escaping from her scythe, "Black Cowl," Birdy said, her scythe blade increasing in size while the pole lengthened and turned black, "Soul Cutter!" Birdy shouted, throwing her at Peeka. Peeka saw the scythe approaching and quickly leaped back, dropping her guard and leaving herself open for attack.

Lisa noticed this and would have attacked if Birdy didn't tackle her. Lisa was going to order Birdy to get off of her like the tank commander she was, but then she saw the bullet tip the top of Birdy's bun, taking off a few strings of hair. Dai, the shooter of said bullet, expected the bullet to tear though Peeka's chest leading to a fatal injury, if not death. Instead it went straight though her, doing no harm at all. "What?" Dai squeaked in surprise, the shock visible on her face.

Peeka smiled deviously in response, slowly running her tongue across her fangs. The wind started to pick up. "I'm a ghost, and it's about time I displayed all of my abilities." Peeka said, sliding her red blade down into her right hand. Dai accepted the challenge, charging forward with determined to take care of her foe. Dai thrust her blade forward, expecting it to cut though flesh, but instead went straight though the woman again. Peeka quickly countered by stabbing her sword into Dai's chest. Her red blade cut right though Dai's skin and flesh with no trouble. The result was blood shooting from her newly opened wound. The blood drops simply went straight though Peeka and hit the dirt floor.

Dai grabbed her chest while taking a few unsteady steps back. Her grip on her blade became weaker for a second before she tightened it. She inhaled deeply while she raised her blade above her shoulder; her blade started glowing bright blue. She swung her sword down with power, a large projectile escaping from it at point blank range. The strength of the attack causing a huge cloud of dust to rise while the flash blinded the pirates who watched. Silences followed after the deadly attack while Dai fell onto her knees breathing heavily. A hand erupted from the smoke, grabbing onto Dai's face, effectively covering her mouth. The rest of Peeka body emerged from the smoke while she lifted Dai off of her feet.

The woman struggled against the ghostly woman's hold, grabbing onto her forearm just for her arm to sink though, making her struggles useless. "You mean you still haven't realized it yet?" Peeka asked twisting her blade around having the sharp end point at Dai. "You can't touch me." She thrust her blade forward, the red thing escaping though Dai's back. The woman eyes widen greatly while she silently screamed. Thick red liquid escaped from the blade, "And from your reckless behavior you will end up like me!" Peeka shouted, removing her blade forcefully and releasing her allowing her to drop onto the dirt covered floor in a pool of her own blood, her body lifeless.

"She…she killed her." Birdy shuddered. She had seen death before but never in cold blood. Birdy shivered again from the chilling energy that escaped from the ghost. Birdy could feel her body shaking violently before realizing that Lisa was equally frightened. "I can't be scared. I have to help my family." Birdy thought, drawing a deep breath, "Lisa, get back inside Trisha!" Birdy shouted, her voice wavering while Lisa nodded, running toward her sister for safety from the deadly pirate.

"I don't think that is going to be much use." Peeka smirked while watching Birdy pick up her brown scythe from the ground, "That weapon is useless now! I will no longer play this game with you!"

"I'm not playing either!" Birdy shouted rushing across the field for the woman, she brought her scythe back far before swinging the weapon forward with strength behind it. Peeka smirked and just blocked it, realizing that fear was messing with Birdy's head. The brown haired pirate swung her scythe repeatedly and wildly while only making contact with Peeka blood red blade. Each time the steel contacted sparks shot off of the blades while Peeka weapon flowed as if it was enjoying its punishment.

Peeka smirked as she opened her arms allowing Birdy attack to go though her ghostly form, having no results and doing no harm. "How many times am I going to have to tell you that you've lost?" She asked, almost sounding disappointed while she raised her blade above her head. Birdy froze, feeling some kind of pressure pushing down on her, preventing her from moving one inch. "Red Flower," Peeka spoke while her sword started glowing brightly, the red waves of energy shooting off of it and sounding like screams, "Release!" She exclaimed swinging her blade down across Birdy's shoulder. A red projectile carried the girl across the battle field tearing though her skin and clothing.

Birdy's back collided with a boulder which she used to keep herself up right. "Now that's more like it," Peeka said with a smirk on her features," Now why don't you just stay there and bleed out for me?" Peeka reached into her pocket pulling out a small paint brush. "Now, where should I leave my mark?" Peeka asked before drawing a small circle from where she stood. A wound opened up on Birdy, steadily releasing blood, "I hope the real Grim Reaper is kind to you while you pass on to the other world." Peeka said, watching Birdy drop onto the floor in a crumpled heap, unable to move while she bled out onto the floor.

Peeka started advancing for the tank slowly, prepared for when Lisa fired a cannon at her. Much to her surprise the large heavy tank changed size into a smaller one with two guns. "Like that'll be more effective." Peeka smirked, rushing forward before loads of cannonballs were fired at her. The ghostly woman only smiled, leaping into the air and dodging the deadly attack. From inside of Trisha, Lisa turned the guns pointing at Peeka once again and fired. Peeka quickly swung her sword like a baseball player. Her red blade contacted with the explosives lighting the sky up in a white flash.

Once the flash cleared Peeka was there unharmed. Her sword glowed a much brighter red than usual, "Red Flower…" She whispered before spinning in mid-air, "Flower Storm!" She exclaimed releasing a bright red wave of energy heading in Trisha and Lisa direction. The wave of energy contacted with the tank that was too slow to escape the blast. The tank was torn through with ease, the attack cutting though the tanks steel walls and even effecting Lisa. The power of the attack knocked Trisha out of her tank form and back to her short self. "Aha! No more tank."

Trisha frowned in response, trying to switch back into her tank form. Instead she was rewarded with a powerful shock that ran though her system like fire. Trisha fell onto her knees while staring at her hands in surprise. She'd never had her power suppressed by something that wasn't sea stone. Peeka chuckled in amusement at this display," My sword is made out of Cherrystone, the only thing that have the same effect as sea-stone with a little pain. It's extremely rare, though, so its likely even the Marines haven't heard of it." She explained, her body slowly fading away as she talked. Lisa and Trisha stared in shock at seeing that the ghost was no longer visible.

The two sisters quickly started running in the other direction to escape from the deadly woman. Lisa was suddenly lifted off her feet, grasping for air while Peeka became visible. Trisha tried to grab Peeka hand to make her release her sister, but her hand just went straight though her. She even threw a punch for the woman's face, but got the same result as before. "And now the tank," Peeka said pulling out her red blade, "Lose it commander!" After hearing these words Trisha couldn't stop herself from screaming, "BIRDY!"

"Somebody's screaming my name..." Birdy thought from her place on the floor, "Why does it sound so familiar?"

"BIRDY!" The voice shouted, crying and begging her to open her eyes.

Birdy tried to response to the voice, but could not. She felt as if something was keeping her mouth shut while she was consumed by darkness.

She woke to a strong but gentle grip on her small hand, her eyes burning from the bright light that shine from the ceiling. She would had blocked it with her good arm, but it was being held tightly, "So you're awake?" The voice surprised her just a little bit.

"Why did you save me?" Birdy asked the black haired teenager with a small blush on her features, seeing him shirtless.

Rin smiled at her, "Well, you did save my butt two times why wouldn't I save you?" He asked, not getting an answer. He laid back on the bed, covered in bandages unlike Birdy, who only had her shoulder wrapped up. "Plus, you have a strong will." He said surprising Birdy.

"No I don't!" She protested, "I never did anything that showed it!" Rin shook his head with a smile before getting up and placing his forehead against hers, causing her face to changed color.

"Of course you've never showed it, because you never had to before." He smiled lightly, "but when you feel like you cannot go on..." He placed his hand over her racing heart, "Use your heart and you can overcome anything."

Birdy gasped before her face set in a look of determination. She ripped off a piece of her shirt, exposing her bra. She tied it tightly above her bleeding wound that Peeka created. She pulled on it, tightening it to slow down the bleeding. Birdy quickly rushed over, surprising Peeka with her sudden appearance. Birdy kicked fiercely and much to Peeka's surprise, Bird'sy attack actually made contact. Peeka released Lisa, sliding across the floor from the impact. "How did you…?" Trisha asked in pure shock while rubbing her sister's back, of who was coughing violently.

"Take Lisa and get out of here! " Birdy ordered, leaving no room for complaints or protest. Trisha followed the order anyhow, knowing that now was not the time to ask questions. She helped Lisa onto her feet and took off, leaving Birdy alone with Peeka.

"You touched me. That's pretty impressive." She admitted taking out her paint brush and drawing a second circle over the way she drew before making the bleeding stop. "You're full of surprises, aren't you? I wonder if you have haki."

"I don't," Birdy answered tightened her grab on her scythe," The Grim Reaper is able to touch anything that breathes or is dead. Those rules don't apply to me."

Peeka smiled at this, taking out her bright red sword ,"If that's the case than show me your power, oh great Grim Reaper." Birdy eyes widened as pressure started pushing down on her small body, causing the hairs on her skin to stand up while that familiar chilling feeling ran though her body in a not so good manner.

Waves of red energy escaped from her weapon shooting off in every direction and lighting up the surrounding area. The waves of energy sounded like the screams of tortured men. Birdy frowned deeply. "I am strong, I can over come this," Birdy whispered to herself before her own pressure started weighing Peeka down. Her scythe increased in size while her eyes burned with compassion that could rival Ryoko's. The scythe's curve blade became larger as the staff became black and increased in length. Purple smoke started escaping from Birdy's body and weapon. Her two buns snapped out of place and allowed her hair to fall down her back. Waves of purple energy started escaping from Birdy's weapon followed by a powerful gust of wind.

Peeka smile only increased in size from seeing this. "It ends now!" Birdy yelled as she flew across the floor for Peeka who came forward as well. Birdy brought her scythe back as far as she could, swinging it forward at the last moment and colliding with Peeka's red blade. A white flash lit up the area quickly before their power burst out, shooting in every direction, rocks turning into gravel in the middle of their struggle.

Birdy pushed hard, seeing cracks appearing on Peeka red sword before it shattered, breaking into two pieces and leaving a very surprised Peeka wide open. Birdy performed another spin, slashing her blade from Peeka's right shoulder to her left hip. A huge projectile escaped from her scythe dragging Peeka across the floor before shooting into the sky and creating a clear cut though the smoke cover area.

Once all the smoke cleared Birdy realized that Peeka was gone, no trace of her left behind. Either she escaped or died, however a ghost died. Birdy panted before floping onto her back to rest for a bit. "Guess I finally know what fighting with will power is like. Rin...I hope you're alright."