Chances Being Human
is this what you really want?

A Jacob and Bella

Bella's POV

"Okay, Jacob, I get that I said that, but this? Really?" I said skeptically.

"Yes, Bella, this." He nodded. "Bella, come on, this is one of the few things, thefewthings that you won't be able to ever get the chance to do once you are one of them. So come on, please? Please, please, pretty please? Please Bella, for me? It is my birthday after all."

"Jacob, I-"

"Bella, please. I promise you, you will not regret it." He said as he dropped down to his knees and put his palms together in a prayer position while looking up at me.

"Edward can notno, he can never even find out." I told him firmly.

"Promised." He said happily while getting back up to his feet and smiling down at me graciously.

"Okay… now what are the rules?" I sighed, "And you better not get me too messed up, I am getting married tomorrow."

"Dully noted," He nodded. "Okay, now, have a seat right here next to me and I'll explain everything you need to know that there is to tell."

I took a seat beside him on the brown, generously stuffed sofa and looked down at the table before us; Jack Daniels, Smirnoff, Old Crow, Puckered, Mikes and an assortment of other alcoholic beverages all shining up at me, all unopened and full.

I crossed my arms tightly over my chest nervously before looking over at him and egging him to explain.

"Alright, so basically it is truth game," He began. "I have never played it myself, but I hear the further you get into it, it can get pretty interesting."

"Truth game?" I asked him.

"Yeah, truth game," He nodded. "You take turns stating things like Ihaveneverbeenkissedor Ihavenevergoneallthewayyou know? Stuff like that. So, always starting with the phrase Ihaveneverand then add something of your own. And the trick is if you havedone whatever it is is said, you have to take a shot. Normally there's just whisky or vodka, but I didn't know what you liked, so I brought options."

"I can see that," I said with wide eyes; looking once again to the table before us. "And, Jacob, this is your nineteenth birthday, so, how on earth did you get all of this?"

He laughed before leaning towards the table and picking up the bottle of Jack Daniels and holding it in his lap. "Your poison?"

"Suggestions?" I asked; having never had a drop of alcohol before.

"Hmm," He mused, "I would say… Puckered. It's strong, but you can't really taste the alcohol."

"Then, puckered it is." I nodded before reaching forward to open the tall, round bottle of cherry flavored vodka.

My insides trembled with anticipation and guilt, knowing Edward would never approve of this, but at the same time I couldn't help but be a little curious… excited, even. I twisted open the bottle and set the lid onto the table before looking over at Jacob, "Ready?"

"Baby," He said with a wide smirk, "I was born ready."

I shaped my mouth into a small Oand let out a sigh, "Do you want to start?"

"Ladies first."

"Okay," I nodded slowly. "I have never… unintentionally bought a piece of the opposite gender's clothing."

"Oh come on Bella! That was one time!" He spat.

"No, no, no, you know the rules Jacob. Drink up honey." He bit his bottom lip and shook his head almost smiling; wincing his took his first swig.

"Just remember," He struggled, "I'm gonna give you the same treatment you give me, Bella." I couldn't help but laugh.

"Laugh now, princess," He told me, "But, I have never sexually fantasized about the same gander."

My mouth dropped open wide and I shrieked, "JacobBlack!"

"Yeah, yeah, now who's laughing? Enjoy."

I looked down at the open bottle in my lap and licked my lips, and then, as quickly as I could, I brought the opening to my lips and angled the bottle upwards and tilted my head back. My eyes slammed shut as the rush of my first alcoholic drink rushed down my throat and into my veins as I set the bottle back on to the table.

"That's nice, really, really nice." I told him softly with the back of my hand held against my lips. "I have never walked in on close friends doingit."

"Doing it?" He asked with high eyebrows, "Doingit?Really Bella, come on, we are adults, I think its okay to say havingsexnow."

"Be that as it may, but Ihaveneverwalkedinonclosefriendshavingsex."

"Cheers," He said before taking his second swig, again cringing. "Damnthatisstrong!"

"What to try some of mine?" I asked; laughing and holding out my bottle towards him.

"No," He shook his head, "No, it looks like you're enjoying it."

"No really it's okay; I've had my eyes on that there bottle of Smirnoff Melon."

"That there?" He laughed, "Feeling alright there Bella?"

"Don't make fun of me, I've never drank before okay? So kill me if I'm a light weight."

"No that's alright, I'll just have to be more careful with what I say from now on wont I?" He didn't wait for my response as he leaned forward and set down his bottle of Jack and picked up the Smirnoff and handed it to me. "Trade ya."

I handed him the Puckered and waited for him to go on.

"Alright, now everybody's happy… I have never caught my High School's principal banging the school nurse."

"You said you'd never bring that up again," I told him.

"Oops, must have forgot that there little piece of info. Sorry."

"Forgiven," I said, beginning to feel a bit loose as I pried open the green and clear bottle of Smirnoff and quickly bringing it up to my lips and taking a generous swig. "Much better, yes, that is much better."

"God you're a light weight Baby."

"You learn something new everyday now don't ch'ya?" I said which was quickly followed by a small burp. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it." He said softly. "It's your turn."

"Okay, hmm, let me think now… oh! I have never caught my Dad watching porn in the late hours of the night."

"You, Isabella Swan, are a cruel, cruel woman." He shook his head before leaning back and taking a swig of my old bottle of Puckered. "Ooh, that is good."

"I know. Go."

"Alright, let's see… I have never thought about kissing my life-long best friend." He said very softly.

Without saying anything, without looking at him, I tilted my new bottle backwards once more and took yet another swig. And, as I looked up, saw he too was drinking.

"I have never played a video game for more than twenty-four hours straight without a single break."

He laughed before taking another drink.

"I have never cheated on a math test." Scowling, I took another swig.

"You know, I feel this is about to get very interesting." I told him after swallowing. "I'm starting to feel silly."

"Light weight." He whispered, and I quickly looked over at him with my mouth agape.

"Werewolf." I shot back.

"Oooh, good one Bella."

"I thought so, now…" I said as I pointed my finger at him, "I have never been afraid of my own unexpected sudden reflection upon turning slightly to the left."

"Touché." Again, he drank, "I have never wondered what the person I am sitting besides, right now, has looked like without clothes on."

I closed my eyes and shamefully took a swig, this time it seemed, longer than the others, "Jacob," I said after I had swallowed.


"You're impossible."

"So are you, Isabella… so are you."

"Why do you keep calling me that?"

"I donno," He shrugged, "I guess it's starting to hit me."

"Fair enough." I said as I brought my fingertips up to my lips and ran them gently along them; I saw Jacob watching me from the side of my eyes but made no effort to show him I noticed this.

"What are you doing?" He wondered blatantly.

"Feeling my lips," I told him honestly, "They're so soft; I've never before noticed." Looking over at him I added, "Do you want to feel them?"

He swallowed as I reached out for his hand and brought his fingers and ran them smoothing along my lips; up and down, right and left, in circles and straight lines. He closed his eyes and leaned closer in towards me.

"Now," I said as I dropped his hand away. "I have never… I have never watched My Pretty Pony in my adult years."

He smiled widely and took a long swig, "I told you that in the strictest of confidence."

"And I see no one here." I added; watching him lick his lips.

"And I see only you," He said as he placed the bottle into his lap, "And what I see is beautiful, so, so amazingly beautiful."

"I'm taken," I told him, "So watch it Mr. Black. I am the sole property of Mr. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen."

"I don't see a ring on that finger," He stated.

"Not yet you don't… but in a matter of hours that will change."

"I know…"

"I have never wondered what it would feel like to have an orgasm in the body of the opposite gender." I said twenty-five minutes later; barley able to feel my legs.

"It's always on the mind." Jacob smiled as he took another swig; emptying the first 3/4 's of the bottle in his hands.

"I know," I said as I followed suit. "But," I added after setting the bottle back into my lap, "I heard that the female orgasm is ten times better than that of the males. Of course I wouldn't know as I've never had one, it's only what I have heard."

"Never?" Jacob asked, "Not once?"

"No, not once." I told him with a single nod. "Believe you me, I have tried -GodhaveItried- to get Edward to go to bed with me, but he is so strong on his beliefs that he'll kill me that we have never had sex. Not even fooled around." Oh. My. God. Did I really just say that!

"I mean, I've never had sex either, Bella. But you've never even touched yourself?"

"Nope," I told him. "Never even thought about it."

"Oh, let's be honest now," He said with a slight slur. "You've considered it… you must have at least once considered it."

"Okay," I admitted, feeling drunk now, "Maybe once. But hey! I wouldn't even know how to go about starting it!"

"Well," He said, "I can help you… if you want…"

I looked at him, sitting there looking at me with intent eyes. "God you've gotten hot Jacob."

"I'll take that as a yes," He said as he slid closer towards me and wrapped his arm around me. "But before I do this Bella, I need to hear it. I need to hear you say it."

I was so drunk I couldn't even keep my own damn mouth shut, and admitted, at last, admitted, "I love you, Jacob."

He brought his lips gently down to mine and kissed me softly. I wrapped my hands into his hair and he dropped his body on top of mine and began kissing me faster and faster, and I, drunk and feeling as free as ever, moaned into his mouth and opened my legs as he fell between them.

I screamed out in shocked pleasure as his fingers slid into me, rubbing slowly and rhythmically as I pressed my hips in and out against him, "Jacob!" I cried, "Jacob, oh, Jacob!"

"Don't ask me to stop, Bella," He moaned as he began moaning himself, "Oh, please don't ask me to stop!"

"Never, Jacob, oh, Never!" I cried; giving into my desires at last, "Never, please, never, oh! Fuck!I want you inside of me, please, Jacob now, I want you now! Please, Jacob, I want you inside of me!"

"Yes, Bella, yes!" He moaned as the sound of his zipper filled my ears; I screamed as he filled himself into me.

"Faster Jacob faster!" I cried as he ripped my shirt open and began sucking my nipples, "Please, show me how much you want me; how much you love me!"

"OH, FUCK, BELLA!" He yelled out as he cam inside of me.

"JAKE!" I screamed as I felt myself clench and pulse around him. "JACOB, FUCK!" My words were drowned out as I screamed out unintelligible words and held onto him. "Jacob," I finished, "Jacob, Jacob, My Jacob… I love you forever…

"Jacob, forever. Always; I love you!"

He kissed me.