(Sam's Point Of View)

The man who kidnapped me drove me to his house. Things weren't so scary in the car, probably because I was buckled in the passanger seat and he was driving. Oh no. Things are going to get worse! I can already feel it.

"Get out!" he yelled.

That frightened the heady jibes out of me. When I got out of the car, he got out and lifted me. I felt uncomfortable. How does he lift me?

As I got in the household, I really started to get scared. I was shivering on the inside, not because I was cold! This looks like a haunted house. I will not dare to insult that creepy man though. I'm too scared to even talk.

He took me to a bedroom he has for girls he kidnaps. It doesn't look like a girls' room. It's creepy. It has a bed, a sheet and white pillows.

"You stay here! Don't you dare try to escape!" he said in a cruel voice. At least that gave me time to calm down and think. Maybe I will have the confidence to talk to him. To ask him his name? And to tell him that I am extremely hungry!

2 hours later...

It's almost 11:00pm and he hasn't come back. So for 2 hours, I've been in this disgusting room and my stomach's been grumbling. I've also tried to think of plans to escape, but the window is locked and I can't smash it. Great! This window is made of maxi glass just like the ones at the Dirshlit's house.

I'm very tired though. So I guess I'll just go to bed. As I got in, I realised it's very uncomfortable. Just like the olden days! I wonder what the kidnapper's bedrooms like. I bet he has a comfy bed. I'm staying up here though. Of course! I don't want to sleep with him! I don't even want to see him EVER again. Too late though.

I got to sleep quickly. What is it going to be like tomorrow? I'm so nervous.

7 hours later...

(Kidnapper's Point Of View)

I woke up at 6:00am. I always get up very early so I can spend most of the day awake. I hope that girl had a horrible night! If she didn't, she's going to get a big surprise! I'm going to treat her horribly. She's just a little girl. I can under power her very easy. She looks like she's too scared to even try to win! Ha! This is going to be fun!

I got out of bed and made myself some toast with jam for breakfast. The girl doesn't get anything. I hope she starves to death!

When I got to her bedroom, I saw nothing.

'How did she escape? It's impossible!' I thought

Then I looked at the bed. I saw a little bump. She must have heard me coming! She's trying to hide from me & that is not on!

"Never play games on me again! Do you understand?" I yelled as I pulled

"Yes. I do." she said very quietly with fear.

(Sam's Point Of View)

He grabbed me and took me to the kitchen. His grasp was very strong so that I wouldn't escape. He held me so tight I couldn't breathe. Tears were streaming down my face. If the kidnapper saw this, he would kill me. I couldn't help it though. I'm so scared! I have to find out a little bit about him now that things are calmer.

"Uh, sorry for interrupting but, would you mind telling me your name?" I asked

"I will NOT tell you my name! What's your name?" he asked

"Why should I tell you mine if you won't tell me yours?"

With that, he grabbed me and flipped me to the floor and grabbed my neck firmly.

"TELL ME!" he yelled

I coughed. How could I talk if he's grabbing my neck!

Suddenly his grasp became a little less firm and I could talk.

"Now!" he yelled

"Sam." I said

"Sam as in Samuel or Samantha?" he asked

I rolled my eyes


He punched me in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"I don't like that look you gave me! Never roll your eyes at me again!"

"Okay." I said

"So what is your name?" I asked

"I'm not telling!" he said

"Oh, okay. Tell me when you're ready."

"Never! Go to your bedroom now!"


I walked to my bedroom. Well it's not really MINE, but it is for the time being. It's kind of hard to walk with all that pain, but I made it!

I'm starving! Maybe I'll tell him today, but now's my time to think and sleep. I only slept for 7 hours, so I'm tired. I think I'll sleep some more.