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Hostile Takeover


Hidden deep within a forest beyond the mountains laid a large castle, bathed in moonlight and crawling with various ancient vegetation. In one of the notches of the highest castle battlement facing the north, sat a lone female figure. She played a lonely tune on her pan flute as she stared out into the night sky, watching a large group of pure black bats passing in front of the moon and heading towards her castle. As it got closer, the little female on the battlements lit up the alicorn on her forehead like a signal beacon as she continued her song. The large black wolf that lay on the floor next to her sat up and began to howl as the bats got closer, as if to announce their arrival.

"Kain, any news?" The lunacorn female asked as the bats gathered together and began to form a humanoid-looking creature.

"No such word, Sestine…. How is Sayumi? Has her search fared better?" Sestine shook her head and climbed off the battlement to stand next to the vampire lord.

"No, since you two now live outside the gasp of history, Nosgoth no longer sees you within the realm."

She is correct….." The vampire and the lunacorn turned their heads to look where the sudden voice had come from to see a little sickly looking eight-year-old with an alicorn and two pairs on wings on her back, "As the physical embodiment of Nosgoth, I should be able to see every creature roaming my realm but I cannot see you or Raziel unless you are in from of this physical form…" Little Sayumi said solemnly as she slowly walked towards them, seeing orb in hand. Kain let out a mix of a sigh and a hiss between his fangs as he crossed his arms and Sayumi took a seat next to him on the battlement ledge.

"It has been a month since I put together a new body for him and we called forth his soul from the Reaver, but alas, many a terrible thing could happen in such a time." Sayumi whimpered out the words softly as she began to tear up, "I am sorry, Kain, I have failed you after you two have done so much to save me and my creatures…" Kain snorted and dropped down into a kneeling position before her, gently wiping away her fallen tears with a crimson claw; it always amazed Sestine how oddly gentle Kain became around little Sayumi.

"Worry not, Sayumi, there was no way for us to know that the soul transfer spell would go wrong and actually teleport him away. The fault does not fall on you," He cast a glace to where Sestine sat on the rump of her wolf, "or even Sestine for that matter. All that matters is that we find Raziel before something happens to him…" Sayumi sniffled and nodded.

"You are right… The new body I have given him has many problems…"

"What kind of problems?"

"Much like one of Kain's fledglings, he won't remember anything of his previous lives but unlike a fledgling he'll be fully human for a while and shift into a fledgling vampire with all the powers he had as a wraith…" Kain and Sestine were slightly shocked to hear this news, thoughout the entire month that Raziel had been missing they trio had been too busy looking for him for Sayumi to tell them this.

"If Raziel is human and without memory than he could be in grave danger…!" Sestine exclaimed, pulling at the hem of her long flowing sleeves.

"But every creature wishing to kill Raziel has only sent him back to the Underworld, could he not simply come back."

"Not necessarily, Kain, since he is now currently human he could be killed and sent to the underworld permanently. Which we can't have since we need his help to face up against the coming threat against me…" Sayumi whispered in a soft voice before coughing slightly. Kain was about to speak up when he was cut off by the sound of a barn owl's shrill cry ringing through the air. The trio of humanoid creatures cast their gaze on it as it flew down to land on Sayumi's shoulder.

"What is that?"

"A messenger. I sent them out in order to look for Raziel's location." Sayumi gently pet its moon-shaped face with a finger, "Go on, little one, what news do you bring us." The owl quickly replied with a series of clicks and sharp cries, the message making a look of shock and disgust appear on Sayumi's face.

"Oh Sky King above…" She quickly snapped her head up to look Kain directly in his golden eyes, "Kain, I know where he is! You must go to him and quick, the humans are treating him most foul in his weakened state!"

"Where is he and what have the humans done?"

"He is in a remote city not far from here called Xalruga and they are using him in a human trafficking cabal!" The very thought filled Kain with even more disgust for the human race and made his luke-warm blood boil.

"I will go to the city and fetch him; it is obvious he has yet to regain his vampiric powers which means he will need time to ready himself for the coming problems." The girls nodded to the vampire lord as he jumped onto the battlement's ledge.

"Kain, I have enchanted your earing so that we can contact you through Sayumi's seeing orb and if need be you can contact us by the command word: Xalthu." Kain nodded and reverted into the swarm of bats to travel to the city.