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Chapter 14

Raziel sat on one of the high merlons of the battlements as Kain stood next to him. They watched the door into the castle, waiting for the little lunacorn woman to appear. They didn't have long to wait, Sestine was never known to keep them waiting for long. She and the humans had been packing and getting ready for hours, the sun was already starting to set in the sky. Sestine rubbed little eyes as Kain lifted her up and placed her on a merlon next to Raziel's.

"Are they ready?" Sestine yawned and nodded, she had been so frantic today and the day before that she hadn't slept all night. She had been too busy researching and modifying maps to really care about her own well-being.

"Yes. I had them rest for a bit, it's a long road and humans tire easily." The two vampires had to agree with her wisdom, they would all have to walk because even the vampires would grow tired if they had to fly the whole way there. It was too much of a strain on the body to fly oneself with the company of creatures that could not fly. Kain folded his arms as he watched Raziel shift on the stone he was sitting so that he could look at Sestine straight on.

"Sestine, could we not simply leave the humans here? They are weak and a hindrance. Will they not simply slow our progress to get the pendants? As it is, they don't even need pendants do they?" Sestine slowly blinked sleepy eyes at him as she tried to process his words before finally nodding about a minute later.

"They may need pendants, I'm unsure. Of course it would be easier to simply leave them here but there's a problem…" She yawned and her companions tried not to look too expectantly at her, "The problem is… My people were the ones in charge of hiding the items for the pendants. They didn't want just anybody breaking into these places and stealing this stuff… They hid it well and set up a series of traps and puzzles that required a couple different species to work together to get it. The two basics of those species are humans and vampires... Lunacorns always wanted them to get over their differences…" She yawned again and rubbed her eyes.

"So, we need the humans to come with us… How unfortunate…" Kain didn't sound unfortunate just incredibly annoyed.

"Yes, unfortuneh-" Sestine's little slurred words were cutoff as she fell asleep. She started to topple but Kain caught her, resting her head against his side as he looked at Raziel.

"Well Sestine sleeps we shall take charge. Her family catacombs are the most logical place to start our search." Raziel dipped his head in acknowledgement and waited quietly for Kain to continue, "From that point we can go in a relatively straight line to the other pieces needed." Once the vampire lord was finished, Raziel slid off the merlon.

"I'll rouse the humans so that we may leave." His golden eyes flicked to the exhausted Sestine, "What of her? Shall we not need her knowledge on this trip?"

"Of course we shall, her knowledge is vast despite her young age. Her wolf will be used as a pack animal so I shall have to carry her until she is fit to walk." Raziel nodded and slipped inside to get the humans, leaving Kain to his thoughts. The vampire lord sighed as he watched the Nosgothian sky change colors in the wake of the setting sun. He hated to admit it but he was actually starting to feel exhausted, not with the day but with the years. He was old and the exhaustion made him feel even older than he was. In the single year that had gone by since the fall of the Elder God, Kain had felt the most at peace and rested he had in years. Not having to plan horrifically confusing things for millenniums to come and instead just simply rest as you watch the world of your younger self pass you by. It had felt nice to not have to worry about anything except the terrible guilt that ate away at what little was left of his conscience. It was times like these that Kain juggled with his ideas to ruin his younger self's empire before it even started. Sayumi had already pulled Raziel's body away from the world, meaning his human form would never be born and the Elder God was locked away in a time-locked prison; all meaning that there was no need for the plan that Kain had used. If he were to stop young Kain now, then he could stop Nosgoth from becoming as corrupted as she had when he was in charge and therefore start to heal quicker than just degrading in a downward spiral. Because now that he was disconnected from Nosgoth, anything bad that happened to his younger self in this timeline wouldn't affect him. He was free to make up for his mistakes. There was so much hope for the future. There was that word again… Hope. Kain frowned and sighed again, he was so tired of trying to think up elaborate plans to restore balance. His mind continued to drift towards ways to ruin young Kain's plans but the thoughts were starting to wear on him. He was beginning to get frustrated when suddenly his mind went blank of all unwanted thoughts as a lovely sound filled his sensitive ears. He looked down at Sestine as she leaned against him; she was humming in her sleep. He had always found it strange how her people could hum in their sleep. It was a pleasant little Nosgothian nursery rhyme that made him feel oddly calm whenever he heard it. He had once let a human woman go if she promised to sing it for a newly-raised fledgling Raziel. She had sung it beautifully and Kain had actually kept his promise, the poor human had run out of there like a mad woman trying to escape while Kain laughed at her. Sestine hummed this song more often once she noticed that Kain was more docile after she would sing it randomly to Wralyx. Often Kain would come back to the castle and find her asleep in his chair humming the song. It was one of those mornings he had come back and asked(demanded really) why she would sing it every two weeks or so; close enough to enjoy but not close enough to get tired of. She had simply blinked sleepily at him and smiled, saying, "Because it makes you happy, you're never happy and I love to see my friends happy." This had hit him awkwardly, he'd never had nor needed friends and he was sure he was pretty lousy company as a human… Friends were the enemy of ambition, all they do was hold you back! …But what about when all your ambition turns to dust because all you've done for years was plan and let your ambition fall away because you already fulfilled it but all it did was hurt the few things you loved? What happens when you're literally stuck in the past and can see the vicious cycle of your painful ambition starting over with someone else but you yourself have nothing to work towards anymore? Now that you have nothing for friendship to get in the way of and you find yourself with a friend you never knew you had, what do you do? Does something as twisted and corrupt as him even deserve friends? He has really grown to enjoy her company…. He can yell at and insult her and all she does is do it right back; it's oddly refreshing to meet a creature that at least tries to stand against him. They had become close in the past year, close enough that he no longer stayed with her just because he was using her powers and skills.

Kain sighed and shook his head, these thoughts were getting too sappy for his taste; he had to go kill something. Where in the name of Nosgoth was Raziel and those humans?!


There was an angry growl of frustration as dirt and rocks went flying with a kick.

"You will tell me which way it is to Coorhagen!" Runekin yelled as he clenched his fists in anger. The only reply he got from Sayumi was a snort as she crossed her arms and rolled her eyes at him. She was secretly laughing at him on the inside for being so unprepared.

"Why should I tell you? It's not like you can do anything to me unless you want to ruin your plans or have all of Nosgoth fall apart around you…" She let out a tiny yawn and pulled an apple out of the pocket in her dress. Her careless attitude only making Runekin's anger rise to the point where he was grimacing and had a severe eye twitch.

"Tell me or!" He stops to grab one of his men that are nearby and puts the sharp point of a hunter's knife to his throat, "I'll slice open his throat!" Despite the look of pure fear in the hostage's eyes, Sayumi simply yawned again like she was uninterested.

"Why should I care if you kill him? He's not from my realm…." Truth was, she was terrified for the man's life but several millenniums of watching her two favorite guardians fake not caring about someone had helped her perfect her 'I really don't care' face. She started to play with a little toad that had hoped into her lap, completely at ease with her as if it knew who she was. She smirked at the toad as she heard a 'GRAH!' from Runekin as he threw his hostage to the ground physically unharmed.

"You know, grown men shouldn't have tantrums….." She says, placing a dead grasshopper she found in the toad's mouth, "And cursing is so unbecoming…" She mocked him calmly as he threw his hands in the air and started swearing. It was going to be a long trip….

"Fine! I'll just have to go find somebody that is from this stupid world!"


It had felt like forever but they finally on their way… Apparently the humans had had some trouble packing up and Raziel had just been waiting for them. It was a long trek for the humans down Sestine's tall castle. Their voices were driving Kain insane as he was forced to listen to them commentary on every little detail of the castle. The only one that was quiet was the one that Raziel seemed to be giving special treatment to; if almost completely ignoring her instead of fully ignoring her like he did for the others was special treatment. Kain's nerves were getting on edge and he was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to keep from slaughtering them all if it wasn't for Sestine. The sleeping lunacorn was humming against his chest as he held her with one arm. He was happy beyond words when they finally made it out of the castle and into the woods. Night was falling over the land, a deathly chill passed over the land as the darkness fell. A look passed between Kain and Raziel, they both knew it was subconsciously Sayumi speaking her feelings through Nosgoth. Kain took the lead with Wralyx walking between him and the humans then Raziel was protecting the rear. The vampires were moving much slower than they wanted through the forest but they both knew that humans were slow walkers and tire easily if you force them to run for long periods of time. Kain tried to make himself focus on the forest around him, the catacombs should be just a few miles from that horrific city that held Raziel captive. Suddenly, there was a soft cough beside him. Causing him to glare downward to find the human Josh staring up at him.

"Ugh.. Ugh.. Sorry to disturb you." Josh stumbled for the right words, all his military training flew out the window when standing next to this, this… This thing! A vampire, it was impossible!

"What do you want?" The growl made Josh jump slightly but he pressed on.

"Well, uhm… These catacombs, exactly what are we going up against here so that I can prepare my team." Kain had to admit that he could admire a leader who actually prepared its troops.

"Lunacorns were historians and often picked guards that matched the history of the place they were guarding. Since these are catacombs, you can expect there to be various types of undead there…" Kain said it so plainly, like is was the most normal thing in the world. The words hit Josh like a sock to the face….