My thoughts begin to wander at the majestic cite of the sun and the silence surrounding me mainly over Diana, Wonder Woman, my best friend who even now leads the battle on constant fighting was hard, to see friends die even harder but over countless skirmishes, battles and infighting she has steadfastly remained my strongest ally, my best friend, the only person who flies beside me into battle rather than a follower she was my near perfect equal in body and in 's the great confidence and respect I hold for her,that is one of the many reasons I've trusted her to lead the others to battle as I took a much needed trip to recharge after so many battles as I've grown silence surrounding me was a change of pace from the near endless explosions and energy fire from Lex and his followers.I feel near full power and it almost is a shame to have to leave this peaceful excursion, I wis...her scream cuts through the silence and I am breaking the sound barrier in a dive through the atmosphere in seconds and without hesitation I slam full force into Lex sending him sprawling, the anger I feel is obvious from my barely restrained heat vision making me literally see red.I can barely speak from the anger I have, Lex yells for Black Adam who charges me at full is one of the few who can match me in strength and normally a fight with him would last hours but without a second thought I grab his hand in anger, snapping his wrist as I force him to his knees I lobotomize him with a full blast of my heat vision and turn my attention back to Lex.I'm on him in seconds and almost casually I tear the blasters protruding from his shoulders and grabbing him, I tell him he doesn't deserve to live and mean Diana I toss Lex and rush to her side 'Diana' I whisper but at this range it's unmistakable the beating of her heart is lost, she is lances through me as I caress her face, kryptonite! My energy drains as I fall away from her, I faintly hear Lex's heartbeat increase as he stands over me begins gloating but to me, he had lost, the world was in shambles from he and the Legions attack and I tell him. He screams at me as he plunges something sharp through the light fades from my eyes,the remorse comes, as the pain is palpable to how I feel as I realize all those that I had failed Lois, Ma and Pa, and worst of all Diana.I'm sorry Diana I failed and now... the world will feel the price of my failure.