Author's notes

I don't own any of the characters.

In the setting that I will use, batman isn't a founder member of justice league though Bruce Wayne has invested in the watchtower project. The story will have references to the batman begins, the dark knight, the Gotham knight and the world's finest.

This is my first story ever so I hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1

Meeting at Watch tower

All the six founding member of justice league are seated round the table and superman appears to be the leader of the pack. He starts the meeting with an address to the members.

Superman spoke with no expression on his face "we the mightiest of all heroes have gathered here today so as to direct our forces to combat all evils irrespective of the boundaries. Earlier we were bound to the place where we lived but now we can step out and provide help wherever required. We will be called justice league. I know it won't be an easy job and we will need all the help we can get. So, let's bring in more members who are worthy and able for this job. If you have any name, I would like to hear it."

After finishing his short speech, he looked at the faces of other members as if expecting some names immediately. Flash was first one to who came up with something, he said I don't know how about the man they call Batman? This brought smile on superman's face as if he was expecting this name to crop up.

Green lantern being cautious as always replied to the suggestion Batman, seriously? I know he has been quite effective in bringing down crime in Gotham but from what I have heard I would ask you to reconsider. Wonder woman with lost expression on her face said who is this bat person? What kind of super power does he have?

Superman being the Boy Scout leaped to answer let me answer this. He doesn't have any super power. But he makes up for it with his brain and his gadgets. Give him half hour of prep. time he is difficult, give him an hour he is invincible.

Martian Man hunter: That is what I have also come to realize.

Wonder woman: you two talk as if you had certain experience with that mortal.

Superman and Martian Man hunter just nod.

Aqua man: Let's put this to vote.

Motion is put to vote. Sometime later, Superman read out the result.

Superman: Motion is accepted with 5 in favor and two against.

Superman: J'onn show us the clip of that we accidentally got of batman

J'onn nods and the big screen in the hall shows a gang war in progress on one side there is Russian mob and on the other Italians. Caught between the crossfire are two cops who are trying their best to survive but with passing of every minute the task is getting increasingly difficult. Then one of the mob fires bazooka and it looks likes one of the cops is caught in its impact and will be probably dead but something happens and the guy is hurled away from the explosion site to safety and behind him appears a masked figure with that unmistakable cowl. The figure jumps off the building to the place where Mafioso and mob are exchanging fire. He takes them out in matter of minutes. In between Mafioso leader get hold of the other cop. But what he sees stop him in his tracks. This masked figure standing in the ring of fire and watching him, it appears like hells gate have opened and the demon has walked out and all of the sudden he is standing next to cop and her captor. He takes the gun from the gang's leader with a flick of his hand and says something to the cop. He then takes out his grappler and fires the grappler and in the next instant he is gone. With this the screen goes blank.

Superman: Do you still think he is less than any of us? I am not very fond of his ways of doing things but you can't deny he is effective as well as brave.

Flash: From what I have heard he is a loner and do you think we can bring him on board?

Superman: we can try …


Inside Wayne tower, Bruce Wayne and Luscious fox talking

Wayne: so, Mr. Fox I presume you have come up with something new that is related to my other hobby.

Fox: Mr. Wayne I have been working on fabric that aligns itself with the signal sent by your brain and act as second set of nerves and muscles. This means you would be faster and stronger once you don the suit.

Wayne: And what would be the order of the increase?

Fox: I would say 4 to 5 times. And with your ability and suit I would say you can even match some of the Meta humans.

Wayne: That would be great. But last time you improved my armor it put someone's life in danger. I don't want that to happen.