Days had passed since Hashirama had been caught by the Uchiha clan. He was worried sick about his brother, but he knew that there was nothing he could do. He wished he could be there for Tobirama when the younger needed him, but there was just no way he could get out of this cell by himself. He was worried sick that something may have happened to the grey-haired Senju, but what could he do? Nothing except sit in this cold, dank cell and hope that he may be released.

"Oi, Senju."

The brown-haired boy looked up, hearing the now-familiar voice of the Uchiha whom had captured him, knowing his name to be Madara. He sighed, having learnt that the smaller male was very nasty to everyone around him – especially to Hashirama.

Madara walked over to the cell and pulled a key out of his pocket. He slipped it into the lock and opened the door, stepping in. Blood red eyes rolled in their sockets condescendingly as he spoke. "You have a brother, don't you?"

"Yes..." Hashirama wasn't sure what the boy was getting at with these words; was he planning on going after Tobirama...? "Why do you ask, Madara-san?"

"That's Uchiha-sama!" Madara spat, his eyes glinting dangerously before he stepped closer. He raised his hand threateningly but he soon lost interest when his victim didn't so much as flinch. "My brother find an injured boy and has brought him in. We believe he is of Senju descendent."

The brown-haired teenager's stomach dropped in dread; what if the Uchiha clan had done something to his precious brother in his weak state...? He certainly wouldn't put it past the one he was speaking to right now. "...What does he look like?"

"White hair." Madara crossed his arms against his chest, his voice taking on a bored tone. "Izuna will be bringing him here shortly. Claim him if he's yours."

With that said, Madara turned and left, locking the cell behind him. Hashirama sat down, his back against the cold metal bars. He dropped his face in his hands, sighing heavily. If something happened to Tobirama, he would be devastated. He could only hope that the boy Izuna would bring in would be his sibling; at least then he would have a chance of keeping Tobirama alive...

"Tobi..." Hashirama sighed again before he closed his eyes, hoping to sleep just a little before he would find out the truth about the injured boy.

~~Time skip~~

By the time Hashirama awoke after what felt like a years' worth of sleep, he quickly became aware of the warm bundle pressed against him. Opening his eyes, he glanced down, finding a messy head of grey hair resting against his shoulder.

Smiling softly, the brown-haired Senju raised a hand, running it through what he instinctively knew was his brother's hair. He leant down and pressed a soft kiss against a pale, slightly sweaty forehead.

"Hello, Tobi..." Hashirama whispered, relieved to have his brother back by his side; now he could take care of him the way he was supposed to. "...It's good to see you again... I just wish it could have been in better circumstances..."

Tobirama didn't reply, fast asleep, but the older boy was relieved to see that he looked much better than the last time he had seen him; the illness must have been leaving.

Hashirama didn't speak again, content with holding his brother close to him. Now that they were together again, their future didn't look so bleak anymore.

~~Time Skip~~

Weeks had passed since Tobirama had been captured by the Uchiha Clan, and he was much healthier than he had been; his illness was gone and, though he didn't like the raven-haired people around him, he was glad to have somewhere to stay – even if it were in a cold, damp cell for all but a few hours of the day.

"Hey, Hashi-nii?"

The brown-haired boy glanced up from the small plant climbing its way out of the earth, looking over at his brother. Tobirama had a guilty look on his face, his mouth curled downwards in a frown as he looked away, his hands locked behind his back.

"What is it?" Hashirama could never bring himself to be stern with his brother; the younger was all he had left, and he would do anything he could to make sure his brother never frowned.

"...Umm... T-that Uchiha... Izuna..." Tobirama's voice dripped with guiltiness as he spoke in a soft voice. "...I, uh... W-we played together..."

Hashirama couldn't help but laugh loudly, knowing what his brother was worried about; the grey-haired boy probably thought he would be in trouble for socialising with someone else. He couldn't be angry; Izuna was Madara's younger brother, and for someone who was treated so badly all the time, he was very sweet – a good friend for his little brother.

"Why are you here with me if he is your friend?" The older Senju questioned, smiling lopsidedly. He wanted his brother to have as much fun as possible for the remaining fifteen minutes they had left of being outside. He himself was admiring nature, his newly-discovered Mokuton bringing a smile to his face. "Go play with him, Tobi."

Tobirama didn't hesitate to smile brightly before he turned around, running presumably back to where he had been previously with the smaller Uchiha.

"I'm glad he's okay..." Hashirama whispered to himself, relieved to know the slighter male was doing better than he was; as much as he had tried, he had been unable to befriend any of the Uchiha – and Madara was adamant on keeping distance between them.

The brunet sighed, wishing that he could be friends with Madara; he could sense the younger male was lonely, his angry and hateful disposition a mask for his true feelings. He wanted to take the edge off the boy, give him a friend – but why was it harder than it seemed to do so?

With a sigh, Hashirama returned his attention back to the dirt, his smile returning as he let go of his negativity, soothed by the natural process before him. In the distance, he heard his brother laugh, accompanied by a quieter, shy laugh he knew belonged to Izuna.

If Tobirama could make a friend, Hashirama could, too. Right?