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They eventually had to move on even though it wasn't easy for either of them. Neither of them wanted to bump into one another but since they were both friends with not only Shinra but Kadota as well, they were bound to bump into each other one day. And sure enough, it did happen.

It was within the first week of being separate people, of being broken up. Hell, it was even the next day and it couldn't have been more awkward. Neither of them had been able to sleep but Izaya was probably the one who looked the worst. He could barely keep his eyes open and his eyes were red, like he had been crying all night but he denied it with all his might. He couldn't be crying over something like that. He wouldn't allow it to happen.

He had gone to see Shinra in hope that Shizuo wasn't in school because of what had happened. But unfortunately, he wasn't that lucky.

Shizuo had been sitting there, half asleep with his eyes closed and a rather angry look clouding his features. He couldn't determine if it was angry or hurt, though. It looked to be both. And he could see from where he was standing in the doorway that the guy hadn't been sleeping either. Not with the way he was sitting. He couldn't take his eyes off of him and it was only by the sound of a familiar voice that he came back to reality.

"Ah! Izaya-kun! I was worried when Shizuo-kun didn't walk with you in today!"

Shinra – who obviously didn't know anything about what had happened – smiled brightly and walked over to the raven haired who only gave a saddened smile in return.

"Oh... what's wrong? Do you have a fever maybe?"

Shizuo couldn't bear hearing any of this. He could barely move but without thinking twice, he pulled himself up from the chair he was seated on and walked towards the door and the other two. He shot Izaya a quick look before he left the classroom and started walking down the hallways, not in the mood to be anywhere but alone somewhere.

Shinra blinked a few times, confused by what happened but he still couldn't seem to figure out what was going on. He turned his gaze to the future informant and tilted his head in curiosity.

"Are you two fighting or something?"

"Something like that..." Izaya replied, his gaze turning downward.

He ended up telling him everything and several times, he was close to bursting into tears. But he was Orihara Izaya. He didn't cry just because of that. No way. He wouldn't let something like that happen. He couldn't cry. Not over some stupid blond he wouldn't have anything to do with once they left school.

The rest of high school was horrible. It was endless fights day in and day out. Even though Izaya had told himself he wouldn't seek attention from the blond, he still did. He harassed him like he had nothing better to do. And he didn't. He just wanted to make sure this boy remembered him for the rest of his life.

But it wasn't only Shizuo he paid attention to. No. He found the only way to keep his mind off of things like the break up; harassing everyone around him. He found it hilarious to see how different people reacted even though he knew exactly how they would do so. But not Shizuo. Not him. Never him. He was special.

It felt like forever before high school finally ended and they graduated. Izaya was on the highest of his class and Shizuo just barely managed to get out with not that great grades.

Izaya knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life and started right away. He quickly got himself a name around in the information business and he loved it where he was. He loved knowing he could watch over his humans day in and day out and know every little thing about them, everything they didn't want anyone to know. He found out about it anyway.

Shizuo, on the other hand, had a hard time finding a job he could actually keep. He lost several and it was all because of his temper that he couldn't keep. He lost it every single time something went wrong. And for a year, he was between jobs. At least there was one thing calming him down; no Izaya around or anything.

Some time passed and all hell broke loose when the now known informant entered Ikebukuro once again and immediately came to Shizuo.

How that turned out?

Nothing but pure hell – a lot of things being destroyed every single time it happened.

Things like that happened for years and years ahead and nothing changed between them. They appeared to hate each other and wanted the other dead more than anything. No one could know they had been dating in high school. Hell, they may have forgotten about it themselves.

Eleven years after the break up;

Izaya let out a heavy sigh as he leaned heavily back on the big, black leather chair he had placed himself on hours ago. It had been a pretty slow day and he barely got to do anything other than sit here and search for boring information about boring people he couldn't care less about. Sure, he claimed to love the entire human race but could he serious keep that up? There was no interesting people among the humans and it was getting boring to only have to deal with those kinds of ordinary people with a family growing and so on. It was boring and he was sick of it.

A thought popped into his head and an almost devilish grin moved onto his lips as he leaned over the desk, his fingers immediately pressing the keys on the keyboard to his laptop, a page soon popping up on his screen. He knew exactly where he would be going soon.

On the screen, a video from one of the security cameras in the city Ikebukuro. And who he was looking for, was the blond he once used to date.


A trail of barely visible smoke moved its way from parted lips and up into the sky, the sky that was slowly darkening minute by minute. The bodyguard closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the smoke moving out from his lips, moving out from his mouth. That was one of those feelings he just couldn't get enough of, no matter how much he did it.

It was just one of those days where he didn't feel like going home after a long day's work. He just wanted to stand there in peace and finish smoking until he went home. If he could just get one day without having to deal with stuff he didn't want to deal with, he would be thankful.

But of course, he wasn't going to get what he wanted.

Shizuo froze when he thought he smelled something. Not heard, no. Smelled. There was this stench and he knew exactly who it was. He just didn't know where. He let the cigarette drop to the ground and moved his one foot over it to turn it out, preparing himself for the fight he expected to come and the sudden attack of surprise from the man he claimed to hate more than anything. He knew it would come at some point.

Before he could get to do anything at all, his eyes were covered by small pale skinned hands and he heard a familiar and annoying chuckle come from behind him.

"Guess who~!"

Shizuo sighed at the familiar voice and inwardly rolled his eyes. He really wasn't in the mood for these stupid games of this man. He just wanted to be done and get home to rest already.

"The asshole ruining my life?" was the first thing he said, the tone in his voice showing obviously how annoyed he was.

Izaya faked a pout and removed his hands from the bodyguard's eyes, letting the shades fall back down to the bridge of his nose. He skipped around to face the blond with a wide grin playing over his features and his hands hidden behind his back, like he was hiding something even though he wasn't.

"That's not very nice, Shizu-chan. And to think I came all the way over here just for you and all you do is insult me?" He let the fake pout move onto his features again as he spoke. He almost looked adorable – if you didn't hate the man, that was.

The former bartender stared at that pout for a while and if he found the guy adorable, he sure didn't show it – at all. After several moments of doing nothing other than stare at Izaya, he turned around with a heavy sigh and started to walk the opposite direction.

The informant tilted his head a little and blinked as he stared after him. A frown made it to his features and without showing any signs of hesitation, he leaped off the ground and onto the blond's back, clinging tightly to him with his arms around his neck and his legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Shizuo groaned at the sudden weight on his back and he nearly tripped but he somehow managed to stay standing up anyway.

"Wha– Flea, what the hell are you doing!" he yelled loudly, swinging his one arm behind himself as he grabbed at the hood of the man's jacket.

Izaya only chuckled, clinging tighter to Shizuo's back. He simply refused to let go or get pulled off. "What do you think I'm doing, Shizu-chan? I'm riding your back~!" He almost sang the last part cheerfully, like this was the best thing in the entire world – which it may just be at this very moment where humanity was boring as well. When it was like that, he had to seek entertainment with the monster.

Shizuo sighed heavily and just let the guy sit there for as long as he wished. If he didn't do anything, he knew he would get bored and leave him alone. That was it. He just had to ignore him and he would leave. So glancing to the side, he tried his hardest just to ignore him.

It took the informant a second to notice ignoring, leading to a pout coming onto his features instead of the wide grin. He huffed and jumped off the other's back, only to skip around and face him even though the blond's gaze immediately moved elsewhere. Reaching up, he poked his nose lightly, murmuring the man's name softly in an almost annoying voice.

He huffed, staring at the taller man before him. Slowly, a grin moved onto his lips and pulled himself up to his tip toes, just high enough for their faces to be almost together. His hands got placed on those broad shoulders, leaning closer to that handsome face as he gave those lips a quick glance.

But just as he was about to lean in to steal a kiss, he felt strong hands move to his upper chest and with a powerful strength, he was pushed away which caused him to fall down onto the ground with a 'uff' following the bump. He groaned and pulled himself a bit up from the ground, his one hand moving to rub at his backside.

"Ngh... and I thought you liked my kisses, Shizu-chan." Izaya pouted at him and turned his gaze elsewhere. Sure, he was trying to be cute by all those pouts even though he knew he wasn't cute. No, he was handsome. He knew that. It was only to mess with this guy.

Shizuo rolled his eyes, bringing his one hand up to rub the backside of it to his lips even though his own hadn't even touched Izaya's. He just didn't like to think they had at some point of their life. No matter how many years ago it was.

"That was a stupid high school mistake and I regret ever kissing you, you bastard! So just forget about it and move the fuck on! I hate you and you can go have a nice life in hell, asshole!"

Without saying another word, the tall blond turned around and began to walk away, grumbling and cursing low for himself as he did.

Izaya didn't move. And even though those kinds of words probably should have hurt him in some way, he could only let a wide grin get onto his lips once again.

One day, Shizu-chan... One day, you'll be mine again.

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