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Not as depressing as it looks. Really. :3 This is just the progolue. No angsty torture in the first chapter, I promise XD


Prologue - Tortured

It has been six months. Six months in this place. Six months - no, half a year, half a precious year with nothing. I'm kept here, in this room - cell - with the acid-corroded floor and stone walls littered with bullet holes. I barely even notice anymore when the Madman arrives. It used to scare me half to death - literally, sometimes - when I heard loud, uneven footsteps crescendo until they reached what was left of the metal barricade at the entrance. I would whimper like a puppy when his crazed, manic cackles echoed down the rotting hallway and screamed in my ears I'mcomingI'mcomingI'mcoming.

Now, though, I just relax my muscles and feign sleep. I learnt the hard way that he's easier on me if he thinks I'm asleep - he told me one day (or was it night?) that he likes watching people writhe in agony; the pleas for death in their eyes raise him to a new high every time. He said that people are less fun when they're sleeping.

That doesn't mean he doesn't torture them anyway.

I attempt to move - if I shift a little to my left, my automail leg can take a bit more of my body weight and the dagger pinning my left arm to the wall above my head will stop its slow, agonising slice down my forearm. I guess, for once, I'm glad he starved me almost to death - the lighter I am, the less weight my arm takes while keeping me upright, and the less likely it is that the dagger will manage to slice my entire arm in two. I must weigh... what, four stone now? Something like that. I think I get a glass of water every two days - "-nofunifyoudied-" - and a slice of bread every three. Not enough, but too much for my weak stomach to handle. I usually puke it up the next day.

I reach my automail hand up - it's a slow and painful process now, after he tore half the port off my shoulder - and reach for the left side of my face. I almost forgot he left a dagger in my left eye. I nearly laugh at the absurdity of it all - who in their right minds would forget someone had just stabbed them in the eye and left the dagger there? Well, not me obviously - after all, I've doubted my sanity ever since the first couple of months when I swear I saw a giant flood of electric eels flying through the ceiling.

"I'm coming, my darling!" There he is again. The Madman. I close my eyes and let my arm take my weight again - fuck it hurts - and slump down into a convincing slumber.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Here we go again.

:D This is actually more hurt/comfort than angst. I just needed to set the scene, y'know? XD

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