Hello, I realized that I talk to much in these things (sometimes they're longer than the stories themselves), so I'm going to be concise. I love Spike, I love Luna, here they are. Enjoy

This is set around Season 3 of Buffy, recently after Spike and Dru break up. Post Harry Potter series.

He watched the young woman from afar. She was walking slowly, lit up by the moonlight. She was blond, almost as blond as her was, and her hair was out loose, hanging in tendrils down her back.

Spike crept closer, this was going to be too easy; the girl barely appeared to be aware of her surroundings at all. She was gazing at the empty air with a curious fascination; eyes unnaturally wide open.

Those eyes, there was something in them that startled him. A vacantness, the sweet glaze of dreamy absence. This girl's eyes were fixed on something somewhere else, far, far away.

He stopped his approach and stared at her, not fully conscious of what her was doing.

The girl spoke. Spike looked around, but he was the only other person there, hidden in the shadows; evidently the girl wasn't as oblivious as she had appeared. He listened to her voice, it was soft and melodic, "Be careful of the Wrackspurts, they can creep into your brain and make you go all fuzzy. Oh dear, I'm afraid it's too late, it looks like the Wrackspurts have gotten to you already."

"No," he sighed, "no, it's just that you remind me of someone.


He turned and left then, went home with a belly full of booze, not blood. He wasn't going to feed on that girl, not her.

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