Special thanks to Headslammer and Ragner for making the first fan fiction of their characters. You guys helped in making some of this. Don't worry, I won't use any of your jokes.

4/3/12- Revised it.

Bright orange light flooded the large room, filled with boisterous laughter of both man and woman, enjoying a good drink after a hard day's work. A few patrons from the establishment waved at him, entering with grins that spoke of familiarity. He nodded back in an almost automatic gesture, one hand tapping below the counter and making sure his protection, a simple Japanese tanto, was ready to be drawn as quick as the wind, in case of any of his more violent patrons start another brawl in his establishment. Yuka trusted him after all, wouldn't do to let her bar get trashed because the bartender didn't want to get his hands dirty.

Assorted bottles gleamed, reflecting the sunset's light with an eery glow that basked the room, along with a few lit lights. As always, his hands were moving in a practiced recipe, pouring drink after drink and mixing them, adding little details from familiar customers he knew.

"Wha?" A slurred voice from a large bear of a man shouted over the usual hustle and bustle, silencing the other patrons as the scene unfolded, suddenly watched by everyone's eyes.

"Ya...go' a problem...?" Another screamed back, this one nearly as big as the other man.

He sighed, more idiots. He swore he sometimes didn't get paid enough for this job.

"If you wanna fight," Wolf Arashi interrupted with a drawl, as if bored by the upcoming of a fist fight. "then take it outside."

"Shaddup, pretty boy!" His eye ticked in response, Wolf jumping over the counter and walking up to them.

"I said," Wolf growled. "take it outside."

"And what'cha gonna do if we don't?" Slurred, smelling of heavy alcohol as well. He was probably thrown out of a few more bars before he came here.

A good portion of people looked nervous, though some patrons were just watching with an exasperated look, as if they'd seen this happen before. A few others stood up, ready to tackle the two and throw them out, but Wolf eased them. He didn't need the help, he didn't even need his sword. Not for these drunks.

"If you wanna fuck each other up, be my guess." Wolf muttered calmly. "But leave my bar outta this."

"Screw," the drunk hiccuped. "you!"

And the first punch was thrown to Wolf's bored face.

Which he casually leaned his head over and avoided.

Drunk, clumsy and off balance, it didn't take much but a simply nudge to send the first drunk sprawling into the wooden floor. A second fist came from the second thug aimed for his chest, the blonde batting it away and elbowing the man's neck, nearly crushing his windpipe. Wolf watched the man clutch his neck, backing away whilst choking, and running into another few patrons' table, the drunk heaving when his muscles relaxed and he could breathe again.

"You...you son of a..." And the first drunk was finally up, charging with a loud roar.

A simple leg outstreched from Wolf's side and the thug ran full force into a trap that he felt with a sickening crunch.

"Graaaaaaaaaah!" Wolf looked annoyed at his pain.

"Keep it down, you're disturbing the people outside and scaring away my customers." He commented.

"My leg! My fucking leg!"


"Shut up." A kick to the head solved that problem. "You're lucky I didn't aim for your penis, asshole."

He felt a rush of wind and he stepped to the side, outside the range of a kick aimed for his head. So, the second idiot got up, already. He must be getting soft...usually, the thug would still be choking on his own throat. But no matter...

He threw his head back, his hair staining itself red as another sickening crack was heard, the thug's nose leaking blood as Wolf crushed it under his skull. He would have screamed, but the kick sent to his sternum had already lifted him off his feet and out the large double doors of his bar, and into the dirty unforgiving streets. Wolf sighed again, bending down and grabbing the other thug's scruff and dragging him to the door, where he deposited him on top of his partner in a rather compromising position.

"And stay out!" He shouted to their unconscious bodies and walked back in his work place.

He was regular.


Well, maybe a bit cold but he couldn't trust people on a whim, even if he wished to, right? If the world ends, people are bound to be a bit screwed up, some more physically than mentally.

Rushing a glove clothed hand through his messy spiky blonde hair, his blue eyes tinted with annoyance, partly for being kept in the dark on what this so-called 'aptitude test' would require, partly for his dislike and impatience on things such as these.

Fenrir was a glorified company, in charge of keeping humans safe from aragami, beasts that litterally ripped mankind a new one. A threat so large that any war, famine or disaster couldn't compare or even come close to their shadow. Aragami were invincible, human weapons were making them stronger rather than denting their numbers. It was as if a child was throwing paper to a rabid beast, futile and only making it's fury grow before it would eventually rip skin and flesh apart. Nuclear weapons were nothing but snacks to them, bombs were a simple way of warming their titanium skin. Guns weren't even as effective as a mosquito bite.

Humans were destroyed, not defeated. It couldn't have been a defeat if it wasn't a fight to begin with. Nothing but a slaughter of lambs who were trapped by predators in a small cage bursting with sheep. And for a while, they'd lost hope. Aragami were superior to anything the humans had. So they ran and ran before they hid like rats in a sewer and placed a glass wall to protect them. So they lived in fear, in darkness and just when all had seemed to forsake them, a miracle happened. A beacon of light in a world filled with nothing more than darkness.

Mankind found power, once more.

A god arc was created, and with them, the Gods Eaters.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long." The voice startled him from his thoughts, a look of bewilderment arising, questioning where had the voice come from when a room, high above this floor, lit up, showing three shadowy figures through the tinted glass.

"Welcome to Humankind's last fortress, Fenrir. We will now test your compatibility as one of the anti-aragami punitive force, the Gods Eaters." Wolf raised an eyebrow. Staring simply at the man inside with coldness, it would have made anyone human uncomfortable,"Please try to relax. You'll get better results that way." A faint look of annoyance lit up his ice-cold stare and he took a deep breath, more of a sigh than a way to calm himself.

"If you're ready stand in front of that machine over there, in the center of room." The voice, Wolf noticed, had a small amount of nervousness. Would this be that dangerous?

Or was this whole proccess just that important?

A hand through his spiky, unruly hair and a few seconds later, the blond walked forward, impassive and silent. He could feel the stares of the supervisors through the window, gazing not at him but at the machine. Finding the right slot, Wolf placed his arm down, hoping for the best. A mechanic hiss, and Wolf felt his arm be crushed under the weight of this machine, a small shriek of metal inside and whirring mechanics. His skin was ripped off, and replaced by something else. Cold, metallic and currently tapping into his nerves with no regard for his well-being.

Needless to say, it hurt like a bitch.

Wolf winced, finding the pain as one more to add to his experiences and chuckling despite it all. Another whir of machines and his nerves being attached to an alien substance and his hand was free.

A bright red armlet gleaming in artificial light.

Bringing his hand up, he was mildly amazed at the weight of the sword in his hand. It wasn't heavy, yet neither was it very light. He suspected it's weight to be around a regular sword, perhaps a bit heavier by a kilo or two.

"Congratulations, you are now the first of the Far East branch's New-Type Gods Eaters." Another unnerving stare of apathy, "This concludes the aptitude test."

"Now that we know you're a match, you'll be going for a medical check-up next. Now then, I'd like you to wait in the room beyond that door. Don't hesitate to let anyone know if you start to feel…unwell."

Wolf gulped, one of the few signs of nervousness his persona had not lost. He was human, after all...

Part-aragami now, but still human...right?


Giving the vague outline of a man an annoyed look, he put the blade back and walked out of the training center, not knowing of the plans fate had placed on his shoulders.

Would a god become a human?, or will a human turn into a god?

Wolf left the room, doors hissing shut behind him and his eyes ripping away from the place, choosing to wander with almost childish curiosity around the reception. A girl, young and around his age of sixteen, was putting up a smile whilst talking with another person in a red jacket, this one probably older than him, yet while the smile seemed genuine, Wolf could see a faint twitch of annoyance every now and then. A few other Gods Eaters were wandering, accessing what was probably those 'terminals' he had heard about, some were chatting in a booth of sorts, others were near a strange gate. He saw the contraption open once, showing a room full of god arcs much stronger than what his seemed to be equipped with.

"Hey, want some gum?"

"Oh, I'm all out. It seems I took the last piece. Sorry 'bout that."

"I am Kota Fujiki, so you were a match too?"

A nod in reply, not even a grunt, Kota was starting to think he was a mute.

"Right…so you're a rookie as well."

"Didn't we get past that?" His deep tone nearly whispered, staring simply at him.

Kota grinned, as if he felt accomplishment in making Wolf finally speak before speaking once more, "That makes two of us." His smile grew a bit wider, Wolf looking strangely at the joyous redhead, wondering how such a bright outlook still existed in this world. Perhaps his parents? Mayhaps a close friend influenced him.

"You must be my age or maybe a bit older. Oh well, I'm still you're senior by a nanosecond."

"Nice to meet you." Wolf said, simply outretching his hand in a form of greeting.

Kota nodded, shaking his fellow rookie's outstreched hand.

"Stand up." A woman, around her mid-thirties sounded, her clipboard occupying her but her attention was somewhat focused on them, if the commanding tone would suffice as evidence.


"I said stand up!" A rising ire behind that impasssive glare had Wolf's familiarity, seeing as his own anger rose in almost the same way.

Whether it was fear or indifference, the new-type stood at attention, noticing the woman's arm was covered by a red band, similar to his with a small difference. Yellow tape wrapped around it's shape, twisted around and under, further solidifying his hypothesis on oracle cells.

Once you get high, you'll never get low.

"I'm Tsubaki Amamiya. I will be your supervisor until you have both shown the skills of a true Gods Eater. Now, you have your medical check-ups in a few moments, so I'll make this quick. Both of you will be assigned to the 1st squad. You haven't a single say in this matter, as the high survivability rates are perfect for you rookies. Fenrir cannot lose such a valuable asset." Wolf got a feeling he was the valuable asset she were talking about and raised an eyebrow. What was so different about a 'new-type' anyway?

"Alright. You, Wolf Arashi, is it? Report to Dr. Sakaki's lab in twenty minutes. Fujiki will be informed when his own check-up is ready."

"Yes ma'am!" Kota saluted.


And with that, she turned around and walked away, her clipboard occupying most of her attention. Scary…though good looking…as she was, Wolf admitted. Wolf sighed, walking off in a random direction if only to explore and sate his curiosity.

"Wait for me!"

Whirling his head around, Wolf walked slower in an attempt to walk and stare at the same time and, so,of course Murphy's law took effect. Wolf knowing this when, with unbecoming foolishness, he got flipped over by a stationary desk, knocking himself down and onto the floor, was bombarded by falling office materials, one paperweight falling and busting his forehead.

"Woah, dude! You alright?"

A loud laugh and a passing Gods Eater shouted, "Watch where you're going, rookie!"

"Curse you, Murphy..." Wolf mumbled, rubbing his sore head in an attempt to alleviate some pain, making note of the light trickle of blood running down his forehead.

"Woah! Man, you're bleeding." Kota kneeled down, some form of worry clouding his eyes.

"It's just a scratch." He touched where he felt his wound opened, emotionless face ever so...well, emotionless, I suppose.

"Be more careful next time." Whatever Wolf had to say, he stopped when the red haired receptionist hit the intercom.

"Kanon Daiba, please report to the medical wing. I repeat, Kanon Da..."

"C'mon man. I think I know where that is." Giving the blond a hand, Kota grinned when a small 'thanks' was mumbled under his breath, before walking off in his usual stride to a lift.

Medical Bay, 12: 52 PM, Den

"I'm here! Who's hurt?" One pink-haired girl burst through the door, just missing a piece of tech that would've probably cost her if she was a ditz and knocked it over.

"S-saya..." A small voice that neared delusional made her way to her ears, ringing as if shocked.

"Who?" She asked, her attention turned to the teen that sat on a bench, blood painting the left side of his face crimson red and doing little to convince her he didn't suffer a sound beating to his cranium.

He stuttered, before his eyes turned cold and he shook his head, before speaking, "I'm sorry...you just remind me of someone."

Kanon smiled cheerily, "Well, it's fine. Now, let me see that head wound."

A pile of bandages lay next to her, and she started laying what looked (and felt) like disinfectant, a familiar sting of pain doing little to bother Wolf from his emotionless look.


"So...are you new?"

A nod. "I just passed my aptitude test."

"Oh? Is that how you got the concussion?"

Wolf sent her an annoyed glare, "I highly doubt-" He winced once, "-it's akin to something as severe as a concussion."

Kanon shrugged, wrapping bandages around the rookie's forehead.

"Come back tommorow and I'll remove the bandages..."

Wolf grunted, craning his neck and hearing a few audible pops, before walking out...coming back in a moment later.

"Do you know where-?"

"Dr. Sakaki's lab is down the hall, last door in front." She answered, fixing the medicinal appliances with her back turned.

"Um...thanks." A smile from her and he actually smiled back.

'How long has it been since I smiled?' His absent thoughts ran rampant, almost finding himself in another of his deeper trances and so, took out his Ipod, blaring music in his ears and keeping him somewhat grounded.