I Could Always Make You

Without really considering the consequences, I uttered what my heart and mind were screaming to me.

"Change me, please Jasper," I whispered. "I want to be with you forever."

Chapter Nine


Jasper's fingers, which had been gently stroking over my skin, came to a halt. I could feel the rest of his body tense, too, as his nose and lips paused against my skin. You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed.

Slowly, Jasper lifted his face up, looked into my eyes and searched my face desperately. A few more seconds passed before he spoke. "Edward, you don't know what you're asking," he almost hissed.

"It's what I want."

Jasper closed his eyes. I could tell he was trying not to lose his temper. As he opened them again, I stared into the ochre pools determined not to back down.

"You would never see your family again." Sadness filled his eyes.

I shrugged. "If you keep me here, I won't see them again anyway."

"Edward, I told you I'm going to think of a way to get you away from here," he sighed, a look of frustration gracing his beautiful features.

"And then I'll never see you again," I muttered, recalling our conversation from earlier. "I don't want that, Jasper. Please, let me stay with you. I'm happy to be your soul mate."

"You are, but I'm not going to end your life, Edward. Give me five years with you at least. You are still so young," he offered.

"Five years as a human with you, and then what?"

"We'll see if you still feel the same way then."

I wasn't sure if he expected me to start bargaining with him, but I decided to keep quiet. I just huffed in frustration back at him. I didn't want to argue after we had made love so beautifully, deciding to lighten the mood instead.

Playfully, I responded with a smile. "I could always make you." I grinned, flipping him onto his back and lapping over his newly marked skin. Eliciting a giggle from him, my tongue swept up towards his ear, his arms wrapped around my back and I knew everything was going to be right for us. We kissed for a long time, our lips and tongues still delighting in the taste and feel of the other. With firm erections once more, we groaned with pleasure at the feel of our naked skin sliding together as Jasper rolled on top of me.

Without warning, Jasper pulled away from my mouth and said, "I truly love you, Edward. I want you to remember that whatever happens."

For a few seconds, he looked deeply into my eyes, and then with his teeth bared, he plunged his mouth towards my neck. As he pierced my flesh, sharp pain and heat flashed through my body and I desperately tried to struggle away from the agony. Jasper refused to release me, gripping my wrists, and forcing my hands above my head. My body writhed in pain as what felt like acid made its way through my blood vessels. Jasper attacked my skin repeatedly with bites and laps of his tongue. My hands were held in a vice-like grip as his teeth repeatedly pierced my torso, arms and neck, each time sending searing pain and burning flooding through my body.

I tried to open my eyes to look at Jasper, but my vision blurred, and my sense of reality slipped away. I drifted in and out of consciousness as the awareness of my body and surroundings slowly disappeared. Calmness followed and everything was serene and bright. The pain ebbed in waves of warmth. Stars seemed to shoot across my darkened sight until I could feel nothing. I lost all sense of feeling and hoped Alec had nothing to do with this sensory deprivation.

For some reason, Jasper had decided to change me after all without any warning. I wondered why he had not prepared me in advance for the sudden changes I could now feel taking place within my body. Would I have reconsidered if I had known the pain I would experience or did Jasper not want to give me that choice after all?

I knew Jasper was nearby because as soon as the pain began to sear through my body I felt comfort and strength ooze into every cell of my being. The cycle of pain and ease repeated for what seemed like forever and I wondered how long my transformation would take. Jasper was going to get such a serious chastising from me when I finally emerged from this hell—not for changing me but for misleading me. He could have forewarned me and not made me think he was going to make me wait for five long years. I thought of a way to repay him, which consisted of him writhing under me. My cock sprang into life. I could feel throbbing deep in my loins as it pulsed with desire for him. The sensation spread over my lower half until I was writhing in need for Jasper.

"Edward, are you all right?" I heard Jasper's sweet voice say and it only increased my arousal and longing for him. His cool hands gripped my upper arms. I went to hurl him onto his back so I could take him there and then. Not having the strength to move him, I tried again, but his marble body held me firmly in place as I attempted to shift his body off mine.

"Jasper, I want you now," I growled my desire for him.

As I opened my eyes, Jasper was smirking down at me. "Mmm ... you're so horny and insatiable, too. I like it, but I think we need to let you rest a while longer. I don't want to make you sore."

"Let me make love to you, Jasper," I gasped, moving my hands over his body. "I'm hungry for you, not blood."

"What are you talking about?" Jasper said, instantly flipping himself so he was now straddling my waist. His hands gripped my wrists and pushed my arms above my head. I tried to resist and overcome him, but I didn't have anywhere near enough strength to do this.

"I thought I'd be stronger than you for some reason," I protested.

"Well, you will be when I change you," Jasper said looking highly amused.

"What?" I replied still trying to struggle out of his hold.

"I'm not sure what you were dreaming about, Edward, but it has made you horny as hell."

My whole body sagged with the realization of what had just happened and I immediately felt such a fool. "I dreamt that you changed me," I choked with disappointment. "I really thought I had woken up as a vampire."

Jasper chuckled at me, but when I didn't share the humor of the situation, I felt his fingers gently tilt my chin up so he could look at me.

"I promise you, Edward, I will change you," he said earnestly. "But we need to get you away from here first. I don't want to have to wait for you to go through the newborn stage before we escape. That might take far too long."

"So you plan to come with me after all?"

"I can't see any other way to ensure you get home safely. While you were sleeping, I thought of an idea that might help us avoid Demetri's superb tracking skills, but I need to consider it for a while longer just to make sure."

I waited for him to enlighten me. "I can't tell you yet just in case Aro touches you and finds out what we are planning. You must try to avoid any physical contact with him. Please don't try to leave this room without me again, Edward. We can't risk you being confronted by any vampire in Volterra."

I felt frustrated that I would have to wait to undergo my change, yet at the same time, I felt elated that Jasper was preparing to escape with me. I was ready for a new episode in my life and overjoyed at the possibility of seeing my family once more.

Author's Note: Sorry, I couldn't resist the dream sequence as so many of you had requested this in your reviews and messages.