Innocence Lost
A romantic SelphiexZellxIrvien fic
by [email protected]

Selphie was walking down the hall when suddelny she heard a loud thud. THe noise scared her because she thought it was a monster but pretendd not to know becuase she was an innocant person at hart. "Whose there?!" she yelped scaredly. Irvine jumped in, singing "YMCA" and swinging a lasso.

"What's up" said Irvine, dancing around and forming letters. Selphie gave a surprise look because she realized that it was Irvine who made the thud, and told him now to do that because it scared her. Irvine nodded.

Another loud bang sound was heard. "what was that?" Selphie questioned, looking in the directio nthe sound came from. She got the look of fear in her eyes again, while Irvine was singing "in the navy" and pretending to hump a chair.

Suddenly Zell bursts through a wall looking all angry and pissed off. "Fucking hell" but then he turned into deep blushing red because he just saw Selphie who is now naked.

"Agh put some clothes on also h-hi there s-sup yo" said Zell to greet the guys as he turned his face away from Selphie who was nude. Irvine jumped around like a gay cowboy but Zell uppercutted him for being a fag.

Irvine said "ouch!" and kept dancing anyway. Zell was a handsome man despite his mean face and awkward disposition around girls and that probably actually made him more attractive than he would have been if he was one of those guys who wasn't that way. He stabbs Irvine to get him to stop, but it doesn't work.

Selphie walked up to him "Hi there :-)" making Zell's nose bleed profusely. Zell said brb and left to get tissues to clog his nose.

Not soon after, Quistis barges in with the corpses of Rinoa being dragged behind her, choked on QUistis's whip, and Quistis was wearing a revealing black dominitrax outfit which showed half of each of her nipples and some of her pubic hair.

But then Rinoa clones came and each of them were dressed differently like one was dressed like Garnet and another like Yuna and one like Tifa except with smaller breasts, and they all followed Quistis to get revenge. "HAve at you bitch!!" they all shouted shaking their fists vehementyl at Quistis, Quistis not being afraid though.

And thus a new adventure began