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The year is 2002.

The Umbrella Corporation, which was founded on the 31st of July 1988, is now the largest pharmaceutical company in the world with branches in every country and over a million employees.

Their pharmaceutical company image is a mere front however for their real purpose, the experimentation of viral weaponry, more than half the people who work for Umbrella are unaware of this fact however as only a select few are given the liberty to know.

By 3rd of September 2002 the Umbrella Corporation had produced several samples of their greatest creation yet, the T-Virus or Tyrant Virus to give it its full name.

This virus was suppose to reanimate dead bodies by enhancing the electrical currents that remained in the body after death, there was just one problem, it brought the dead back to life, but they were no different from mindless zombies, acting on predatory instinct and seeking human flesh for sustenance. The virus was kept under lockdown in one of the Umbrella labs beneath their main base of operations Raccoon City. The lab was vast and had a main entrance that could only be reached by those who knew of its location and two secret entrances, one that was now destroyed and another that was located in a storeroom in Raccoon High School.

On this date, there was an incident, the secret door was opened, the virus got out, and infected almost everyone, those that weren't infected were soon forced to fight for survival as the school doors were sealed shut and various dogs that had been infected were outside looking to feed on any who left. Our story begins in the midst of this outbreak and one survivor's journey that would change the fate of Umbrella and its viruses forever.

It was midday, and Raccoon City High School was unusually quiet, on all three floors of the school, nobody could be seen moving, except for one student in a third floor classroom. He lay unconscious, but soon awoke and stood up slowly, rubbing his head and groaning. The student's name was Kyle Harvey, a sixteen year old Caucasian male who stood a five foot five inches and weighed fifty-eight kilograms, making him ever so slightly underweight. Kyle had short reddish brown hair and hazel eyes; he was currently dressed in a simple pair of denim jeans, a plain white T-shirt, white socks and black trainers. Kyle looked around, confused at how quiet everything was.

'What's going on, where is everybody' He thought confused before grabbing his head.

'Damn my head, what happened, I must've fainted but then what'.

Realizing he wasn't going to get his answers just standing where he was he walked over to the door and left the classroom.

He looked around the school corridor and noticed that even it was deserted, just then he noticed what looked like a large dark stain on the floor, next to the door leading into the next classroom. He knelt down and examined it.

'What the, is this...blood' He thought panicked at the thought of someone losing this much blood.

Just then a noise within the classroom got his attention, trembling with fear he slowly opened the door, and hell was unleashed. A man was lying on the ground; he looked to be around thirty-eight, six foot five in height and weighed sixty-nine point five kilograms, he was completely bald with black eyes and wearing a black uniform of sorts. It consisted of black tactical pants, a black shirt with some sort of insignia on one of the sleeves, black fingerless gloves and black boots. Next to him was another man, kneeling and...Eating into the first man's stomach. Kyle watched in horror and shock as the kneeling man reached up, without pausing in his eating, and tore the lying man's head off.

'What the hell, that's impossible, how can this...' Kyle's terrified thoughts froze when the kneeling man turned towards him, 'No, it can't be, Mr. Dillon,why is he'.

Mr Dillon was one of Kyle's teacher's, however looking at him now Kyle noticed that his skin looked decayed and there was a glazed look in his eyes. He then noticed that Mr Dillon was lumbering towards him, arms outstretched, in a panic Kyle turned and ran as fast as he could

He yanked the door open; Mr. Dillon was right behind him.

"Get down!" A female voiced yelled, Kyle dropped to the ground.

He heard what sounded like a gun being cocked and then the woman's voice.

"Don't move, or I'll shoot" She called out, authority in her voice, the man did not heed her.

The woman waited another couple of seconds before firing a shot, right at the heart; Mr. Dillon flinched but then continued to advance.

"What the hell?" The woman questioned, shocked, "That's impossible, that was a direct hit".

Glaring she fired two shots, one striking the shoulder and the other the head, finally Mr Dillon fell to the ground, twitched slightly and then lay dead. Kyle slowly got to his feet and finally got a good look at his rescuer. She looked to be about twenty five, stood at five foot nine inches tall, weighed sixty-five point five kilograms and had straight shoulder length black hair and black eyes. She was dressed in a pair of blue tactical pant, a blue shirt with the same insignia on the sleeve as the man he had seen earlier, black fingerless gloves and black boots. Kyle finally recognized the insignia as belong to the S.T.A.R.S. branch of the Raccoon City police department, the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad, they were considered the best within the police force. The woman walked over to the man lying on the ground, Kyle noticed that he too was a member of S.T.A.R.S. the woman examined him and then sighed sadly.

"I'm sorry Mark" She said sadly, Kyle slowly walked over to her.

"I, saved me, thanks" He said gratefully.

She smiled up at him "To Protect and Serve. So who are you?"

"Kyle Harvey, I'm a student here" Kyle explained as the woman nodded before introducing herself "Melissa Henderson, I'm a member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team".

There was a slight pause and then Kyle couldn't take it any longer.

"What is going on here, why was Mr. Dillon acting like that, where is everybody?" Kyle burst out in desperation.

Melissa sighed before explaining, "It's unknown, something happened here about an hour ago, people have been acting crazy, eating those they come across, other weird creatures have shown up and dog's have been acting crazy too".

Melissa paused and then continued. "We were inserted to figure out what happened, with those dogs blocking the entrance we were inserted onto the roof via helicopter. I was supposed to meet with Mark Graham, him over there, but now this has happened".

Kyle nodded sadly.

Finally Melissa looked up at him.

"Look, there's no way to get you outta here" She said sadly "You're gonna have to come with me, for your safety"

She then reached down, removed Mark's gunbelt and handed it to Kyle, gun, clips and all.

"I'm guessing you don't know how to use one of these" She said matter of factly.

Kyle shook his head nervously and Melissa nodded.

"Look, you may be a civilian, but you're gonna need to use this to defend yourself," She explained. "Look it's simple, you just point and shoot, make sure you squeeze the trigger, not pull it, take careful aim, and have the safety on if you're not using it".

Kyle nodded and took the gunbelt and strapped it around his waist. He carefully checked the gun.

"Don't go blasting me by mistake" Melissa joked smiling, Kyle managed a tight smile.

Melissa then gave him a crash course in gun maintenance and soon he understood the basic workings of the gun, he then holstered the gun, checked he had all the ammo clips and then nodded. Melissa also nodded and then picked up her radio.

"Just a sec, I'll try and call the other S.T.A.R.S. members" She said before speaking into the radio, "James, Edward, can you hear me, please respond, over".

No reply, the radio responded with nothing but static. She sighed and strapped the radio back on its strap.

"Great" She said, "No luck".

Kyle looked around nervously.

"So, now what do we do" He asked, his voice shaking.

Melissa looked around.

"Let's try and get down to the second floor, maybe we'll have luck there" She said, "We'll have to get to the other end of the corridor, but those fire doors are closed, we'll have to find a different route".

Kyle nodded and they both decided to begin immediately.

There was another classroom to their left; it was connected to the classroom next to it which would lead to other end of the fire escape doors. They tried the door, it was unlocked, they entered and found a massacre, there were numerous dead bodies with various stages of decay, blood covered the walls.

"What the hell!" Kyle could barely articulate the words as he stared in shock at the room.

Melissa then realized that one of the men was out of place; he looked like a scientist of sorts, he was holding some sort of folder, Melissa picked it up and read the documents inside, while Kyle watched carefully for any of those crazies appearing. Melissa finished reading it and then turned to Kyle.

"Okay, it turns out that these crazies are the result of viral weapons" She explained, Kyle's eyes widened as she did so, "They've become some sort of zombies and one bite from them means you're infected too".

Kyle groaned but Melissa's next statement just made matters worse.

"They're nearly invincible, they do have a weak point but, that part of the note was drenched in blood" She said with a defeated sigh, "So we're outta luck there".

Kyle groaned, they felt they had nothing more to do here; they dropped the file and headed into the adjoining classroom.

They found themselves facing three of those 'zombies' mentioned in the file. They quickly drew their weapons and fired, the zombies fell to the ground but then got straight back up, they continued to fire until they fell again, this time they crawled along the ground towards the two. They fired at them again until finally the zombies stopped, twitched and lay, finally dead. However each zombie had taken ten bullets each to kill, they had both fired a whole clip and had to reload.

"This is ridiculous" Kyle moaned, shaking his head.

"I know, but we've gotta keep going" Melissa encouraged and they exited the classroom.

They were now back in corridor, on the other side of the fire doors. They walked over to the doors of the stairwell but found it was locked.

"Great, now what?" Melissa asked frustrated.

"We've gotta head for the Library on the other end of the corridor" Kyle stated, realizing something, "Any teacher has the key to the stairwell, but the librarian should be easy to find".

Melissa nodded in agreement and they prepared to head back through the classrooms, heading for the library, unaware that the nightmare was just beginning.

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