Hey this first bit just explains the characters!

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Renesmee-Half-human, half-vampire, can read minds and put thoughts in your head

Sian-Vampire, Renesmees and Bella's BFF, Renesmee spends a lot of time with her

Selena-Wolf, imprinted on Nick who imprinted on her too

Demi-Wolf, imprinted on Joe who imprinted on her too

Jacob-Wolf, imprinted on Renesmee, Bella's best friend

Nick-Wolf, imprinted on Selena who imprinted on him too

Joe-Wolf, imprinted on Demi who imprinted on him too

The Cullens-Vampires, Edward (can read minds), Alice (can see future), Jasper (can feel and change emotions, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme

Victoria-Vampire, wants revenge on Edward for killing James, her mate,

This is 1 year after Edward and the Cullens left Forks, Bella had Renesmee and is BFFs with Demi and Selena, who are wolfs, and their boyfriends, who are also wolfs, is also best friends with Jacob, who imprinted on Renesmee, Bella's half-human, half-vamp kid, and Sian, Jacobs sister who got turn into a vampire while searching for Jacob in the woods!

"RENESMEE!" I shouted up the stairs waiting for her to come down. She came to the top of the stair and I held my arms open as she jumped down the stairs, squealed and fell into my waiting arms. My balance has improved slightly, but not much, even though I'm still a klutzy human!

"Yes, mommy?" She asked sweetly, batting her eyelids. I rolled my eyes.

"Would you like to go shopping with me, Demi, Selena and Sian?" She smiled widely, nodded and wrapped her arms around my neck,

"I love you, mommy." I smiled into her hair, she always tells me she loves me and I always find it nice when she says it.

"I love you too, Nessie baby" I felt her smile onto my chest as I carried her to Selena's car which was waiting outside the house. "Hey Selena, hey Demi, hey Sian!" I said as I got in the car and strapped Renesmee in.

"Hey Bells! Hey Renesmee!" Said Sian excitedly. I rolled my eyes; Sian was always such a happy person, if someone was down, she could always cheer them up. She cheered me up when he left.

"SIAN!" Squealed Renesmee jumping onto her lap. Sian and Renesmee were really close and I'm glad because I wouldn't want it to be anyone else than happy, cheerful, Sian. We drove to the mall and shopped for 3 hours! Believe it or not, I actually like shopping now. Not only that but I'm more fashionable too, thanks to Demi.

"Is everyone ready to go?" I asked. We all had-except Renesmee-at least 5 bags each and there are 4 of us.

"Yeah, I'm done!" said Selena and Demi at the same time. We all looked at them weirdly and laughed, they joined in to.

"Ok let's go!" I said. As I turned round I bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry." I said looking up. I met the persons gaze and froze.

"OH MY GOD! BELLA!" Shouted Alice.