Author: Jacob M. Bosch

PART: 1/4

PAIRING: Vegeta/Bulma

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Dragonball-Z, not really sure who does either. It'd be a shame if people I don't know sued me. J v

SUMMARY: Vegeta succeeds in killing Cell and now he wants to keep his promise to Goku.

My Final Enemy is You

Vegeta was waiting for them when they came out of the chamber. He realized he could have destroyed the building, but the fight he was looking for lie behind its door—Kakarott. It had always been Kakarott.

Killing the Namek and the human had calmed Vegeta, releasing the tension that had been plaguing him since he dispatched Cell, yet another abomination wrought by that lunatic, Gero. Cell's destruction was an execution, and little else. Kakarott made the android seem more of a threat, yet half of Vegeta's considerable strength had been enough to deal with the android. More than enough… Disappointed by such a pathetic battle, Vegeta returned to the Lookout and announced he would be dealing with Kakarott once and for all. Foolishly, Piccolo and the three-eyed human tried to stop him and paid for their hubris. The woman and the brat lived, Vegeta hadn't quite been able to kill them, and that bothered him to no end.

When the door opened and revealed the Saiya-jin within, Vegeta was immediately struck by their power. Kakarott had utilized his time in the room admirably, but as expected came nowhere near Vegeta's own strength. Kakarott emerged from the room first—his facsimile Saiya-jin armor ripped and singed in various places. Then the boy emerged next, his armor looked as sorry as his father's did. Both stepped out with smiles plastered on their simplistic faces until they saw him. Their hair was spiked and light blonde. The majority of Kakarott's hair came up to a point above his head, except for several strands hanging stiffly over his forehead. His brat's unruly mop was pointed in a variety of places on his head, mostly out to the side.

They're both still in Super Saiya-jin form. As if it were their natural state, Vegeta commented internally. This… is unexpected.

"Vegeta! What are you doing here?" Kakarott asked. His face displaying that expression of utter empty-headedness that Vegeta had come to despise. Too wide eyes shaded a bright liquid sea-greenish color in the telltale sign of the level beyond a normal Saiya-jin, shining dumbly at Vegeta waiting for the Prince's answer. A moment later, the Low-Class Saiya-jin befuddled expression changed suddenly and he delivered a beaming grin. "You must have defeated Cell, isn't that right?" Vegeta returned a tight, thin-lipped smile and nodded.

"And those tin cans as well," Vegeta added.

Kakarott's expression then took on a disapproving air, eyelids narrowing over radiant green eyes. "Why, Vegeta? They were no threat—" the taller Saiya-jin paused and noticed the damage to Kami-sama's Lookout for the first time. "What happened here, Vegeta?" Kakarott's expression and voice was hard as adamantium when he looked away from the destruction to the Saiya-jin Prince.

"Where is Piccolo-sama?" the brat asked stepping up from behind his father.

Vegeta's smile grew. "I had to remove a few obstacles before you two emerged from that miraculous room."

"Vegeta. No," Kakarott said with whispered horror. Vegeta was somewhat astonished that the dimwit comprehended so quickly after a few insinuating remarks on Vegeta's part. Or perhaps Kakarott noticed the stench of burning flesh that still filled the air around them?

However it was taking the brat a bit longer to reach same conclusion as his father. Gohan wandered the cracked, burn stained tiles in a vain search for his Sensei. Vegeta could have saved the brat some time and told him Piccolo had been incinerated so naturally there would be nothing left of the Namek to find, but Vegeta had to remain focused on the father.

"Gohan. Leave. Go to Kame House."

The boy looked at his father, and whined, "But Piccolo-sama and Tenshinhan-san--"

"Are dead, brat!"

"What?" Gohan asked, now turning to Vegeta. His childish countenance made it clear that his mind yet strayed from comprehension. Kakarott let out a low growl and went for the boy. Kakarott grabbed the boy and Vegeta watched father and son disappear. The Prince waited, knowing Kakarott would return as soon as he tucked the brat away with the mother.

And so he did.

"What about Kuririn… and your son, Vegeta?" Kakarott asked the moment he reappeared.

Thumbing his nose, Vegeta shrugged nonchalantly.

"I usually don't bother with such weaklings, but baldy didn't take the female android's disconnection very well. He took my ki blast even worse. I'm afraid he didn't make it." Kakarott winced at the casual tone and blasé words.


Vegeta features took on an expression of desperate boredom, and he asked, "Where do you want to have this out, Kakarott?"

"I will kill you this time, Vegeta."

Vegeta frowned. "You will try, I'm certain. I would not have expected anything else from you. Where do you want to do this?"

"Not here. This place has been desecrated enough," the Chikyuu-sei raised Saiya-jin said, his booted feet lifting off the Lookout's tiled floor.

"Whatever," Vegeta replied following Kakarott into the high altitude above the temple.

Three minutes later the Saiya-jin faced each other on a familiar battlefield.

"Are you feeling nostalgic, Kakarott?"

"Let's begin, Vegeta. I don't want to talk to you. The sight of you makes me sick!"

"Very well."

Vegeta lowered into crouching stance, his arms bent so that his fists were clasped in front of him. He could feel the hot rush of power flow from the core of his being and into his torso and his extremities. His body swelled as the ki added mass to his compact, heavily muscled form. Fierce golden flames enveloped Vegeta and the Saiya-jin prince let out an even fiercer cry as his jet-black hair exchanged its darker hue to match the pure, golden energy surrounding him. His eyes also bled away their ebon pigment and blazed into a bright verdant.

To look at him, to have the perfect view of his face, it would have been impossible to tell how full of rage Son Goku was as he watched Vegeta, waiting for the smaller man to reach full power. Goku was foolish to believe Vegeta capable of change due to some vague sense of honor he believed to be lurking beneath Vegeta's arrogant, ruthless exterior. Goku embraced that delusion on Namekku once he learned Vegeta helped Kuririn and Gohan, and Goku was absolutely convinced he'd made the right choice after Mirai Trunks arrived. But Goku was wrong to have shown mercy to the prince, he knew that now. And his friends paid for his error with their lives.

Vegeta gave one last bellow as his transformation came to fruition, and he achieved the very pinnacle of his power. "Come on, Kakarott," Vegeta said. "Let the battle be joined!"

Goku didn't nod nor did he speak. Goku brought his arms up and crossed his wrists in front of his face, leaving his eyes unobstructed so they never left Vegeta. Goku's ki erupted in translucent yellow flame, and a low rumble began in the depths of his chest. Soon the ground began to shake when the roar building in his throat rose in pitch. Until finally Goku lifted his arms up over his head and unleashed a scream that appeared to rattle the whole planet—but in truth it was the Saiya-jin's sheer power that made the world tremble.

Vegeta wanted to deny his own senses. Certainly this could not be! I worked so hard to attain my new power status, I ascended beyond Super Saiya-jin in mere months and yet this dog…

"I warned you, Vegeta. Prepare… you will die today," Kakarott said solemnly. "I respect you enough to make this painless and quick."

I worked so hard… "Do not be gentle on my account, Kakarott. I want everything you have to give!"

And he still surpasses me!

"And you will, Vegeta."

Kakarott bent at the knees and pulled his hands behind his right hip. Vegeta bared his teeth and growled. Kakarott truly had no intention of drawing this out. Right from the start, Kakarott would exercise his finishing technique. Flushing away any hope Vegeta may have had.

"Ka—Me—Ha—Me… Huh?"

Kakarott stopped preparing his attack and looked away from Vegeta.

"Oh, no… No!" Kakarott turned back to Vegeta again his face a mask of pure terror. "Vegeta! You must hide your ki! Lower it as much as you can, and run from here! Now!"

Before Vegeta could respond, Kakarott placed his right middle and forefinger to the center of his forehead and vanished.

Goku arrived on Kamesennin's island in front of his son. He was nearly knocked off his feet and into the ocean before he braced himself against an ever rising power standing upon the beach. Gohan's no longer hidden power.


Goku looked about the island and dread rolled through him much like the huge, violent tsunami his son was creating with his staggering power. Kami House was gone—not even its foundation remained. Goku could sense Oolong, Master Roshi, and Chi-Chi's life forces nearby thank Kami.

"Gohan! Gohan, please listen! Don't do this, there's still hope!" Goku tried to yell over the roar of Gohan's transformation. But the young boy didn't hear his father's words.

Gohan seemed to notice nothing; he stared through his father, his green eyes burning hot with rage. He stood on the quickly eroding shore of the island like a statue set aflame. Bolts of electricity danced over his slightly taller, more muscular form.

Goku never dreamed this would happen. How could he have known? Gohan was too far above him and anyone else on Chikyuu-sei, and now nothing could stop what was to come.

"Gohan! Listen to me, Piccolo and the--"

Goku got no further than Piccolo when Gohan let out a frightening howl and rocketed into the sky, forcing Goku to cover his face and hover above violently rippling water, because Gohan destroyed what was left of Kamesennin's island when he took to the air.

Goku knew it was useless to try and follow after his son, so he focused on Vegeta's ki. Angry that the Saiya-jin prince hadn't suppressed his power level. When he arrived, Goku was shocked to realize that Gohan was already more than half the way to Vegeta's position.

Vegeta had noticed Gohan's ki as well and was trembling at its approach.


"Kakarott, what is this new power?"

"It doesn't matter. Take my hand."

The Prince looked down at Goku's hand as if it were covered in slime.

"Hurry, before it's too late… for everyone!"

"Not until you tell me who that ki belongs to!"

Goku said nothing more. Arguing with Vegeta was wasting precious seconds they did not have. Goku grabbed the other Saiya-jin by his arm and then they vanished from their first battle ground.