Freedom for Crows

When a cold moon reigns, she won't abide beneath it.

A weighted, silvery sphere is the spotlight of the enemy, stealing useful shadows. She likes her hiding places unlit, distrustful of what a glowing galaxy threatens to reveal. It is safety that blackness dispenses to the faithful. She's always been one to receive such dismal gifts.

But she can forgive the moon, in its occasional way and her exacting time.

When an orange bulb perches low on the horizon, she feels in its dimness a mother's smile. A muffled moon will not conspire or tattle. This one grooms itself to be different, sheds the shade of its smaller cousins. Forsaking the glittering uniform, it dresses for discretion.

Under a faint glow, she'll accept his lead.

That he prefers a sky given to flash she blames on the crow's curse. The frail eye finds attraction in the shimmery slip. So like his outward nature, he is expected to feel kinship with arrogant bright. But he'll guard the true reason; that her face gains innocence in angel's light will not please her. Streaks of silver in her hair intoxicate him, but will secure her dismay.

Only in the dark does her soul lose a portion of its armor. He craves such abandon in her and on the whole, is starved of it.

Freedom, a sound turned hollow in her mind. The day's shine and the night's glow have none of this concept to bestow. Rather she embraces an overcast sky devoid of sparkle, borrows its cloak and confines her truths within the folds. But for the harvest moon of dull amber which lends no light, she would reject the heavens altogether.

But he tries to win her to the bright. And the success she allows is registered by degrees nearly inconsequential. But he'll take them in greed, cite them as conquest over a hardened spirit. There is time, so much time left in this life, or so his willing delusions say. When he tells her this, promises to bend time into eternity, she looks to the rounded orb above and considers.

The nature of her pondering worries him, the outcome more so. But not enough to distract him. Because there's silver light in her hair. Because his hands know the path. Because she offers no resistance. Because he can taste sweet innocence.

Tonight the cold moon reigns. They reside beneath it.