queen beryl: i will need one, and only one general to be in charge of disposing of the silly sailor (scouts) via the use of a weak hench

zoicite: i'm your man...er woman

queen beryl: WRONG! next

nephrite: i'm in love

queen beryl: wtf does that have to do with anything???

nephrite: i can't do this anymore,,,,

jaedite: wtf why only one??? that is idiotic

queen beryl: question me do you?!

jaedite: No, I don't.

queen beryl: wtf final fantasy 2 on super nintendo

queen beryl: we are supposed to make it harder for us to defeat the sailor scouts in order to make the series longer than it really needs to be!!!

jaedite: LOL.

queen beryl: anyways you die!!! *locks jaedite away into void*

jaedite: oh no this is terrifying i guess wtf retarded

nephrite: oh my lovely naru-chan

kunzite: argh i grow sick and impatient, i should be doing something! not just standing around like i always am

queen beryl: shut up you fool

queen beryl: don't you know that likewise to the formula of games, the more powerful bosses are near the end?!

kunzite: whao i am powerful, cool

queen beryl: i should send anal retentive nephrite

nephrite: it doesn't really matter anyways because we always send out retarded villains to do our job

zoicite: argh you idiot can i kill him????

queen beryl: sure!!!!

zoicite: yay *kills*

nephrite: x_x

queen beryl: argh i was just kidding you fool *kills zoicite*

zoicite: nooooo i was killed in a way that noone saw too

kunzite: wtf ok

rockin the suburbs