This is my first attempt at a Rizzoli and Isles story. Here in England we're only on season one and I have only seen a few clips from certain season 2 episodes. This story takes place during season 2 sometime, before the finale which I have seen.

I have read all of Tess Gerritsen's books based on Rizzoli and Isles, love them.

Summary: After a one night stand with Gabriel Dean, Jane discovers she is pregnant. Unsure what to do she tried to think about the type of mother she could possibly be. Should she keep the baby or not? Just as she's made her decision she is abducted by the one person who wants to kill her most, someone who wants to feel her blood on his hands…Hoyt. Will Maura and the others find Jane before Hoyt kills her or will the sick plan he has in store for her be her end.

This story will be kinda dark with some scenes of violence being described in detail.

Disclaimer: Not mine.


His kisses left sizzling trials of electricity along her skin as he moved them down her chest and across the top swell of her breasts. She couldn't help but moan in pleasure as his kisses moved between her breast and down onto her bare stomach. Her stomach had always been so sensitive, whether it be pain or pleasure.

Right now his lips were working magic with her body. She become lost in his stunning eyes when he stood up and gazed at her face. She smiled at him and he smiled back before his lips met hers and continued working their magic...

Jane Rizzoli woke up sweating. God the dream had been soo good. Her dream had recalled everything that had taken place in her apartment just over a month ago between her and Agent Gabriel Dean. It had felt almost as good as it had that night, the night she had began to think that something could possibly happen between her and Gabriel. However, the next morning he had left and she hadn't heard from him since.

She shook her head as she thought about that, thought about how she had let a man use her. It made her feel angry, her anger suddenly turned into something more, something that had become very familiar to her recently.

She threw and kicked the blankets off her like a wild animal trying to escape a trap. She practically dove across her bedroom and pushed into the bathroom. She landed on her knees in front of the toilet just as the contents of her stomach spilled out.

She remained on her knees and groaned at the aching feeling that now lingered in her stomach. She flushed the toilet and pushed herself up off the floor. She slumped over the sink for a moment, hoping the feeling of nausea would not return. When she finally looked up and saw herself she had to sigh.

"This is why you're still single Jane." she said to herself.

Her black hair lay tangled around her face and down her back, slightly frizzy due to bed head. She looked like something out of a before shot from an anti-frizz shampoo advert. There were obvious dark bags underneath her eyes and her skin seemed pale. She looked somewhat thinner than usual. Had she lost weight? Or did she just look like she had she wondered. She looked as exhausted as she felt, not that she would ever admit that to anyone.

Other than the dreams she kept having about Gabriel, there was another reason she wasn't sleeping well. She opened the medicine cabinet above the sink and saw the culprit of her dreams staring back at her. She'd gone to bed every night knowing this was what awaited her and had so far chose to forget about it, but she knew she couldn't forget about it any longer.

With a growl of frustration she pulled out the do-it-yourself pregnancy test and angrily ripped it open, muttering to herself. "Stupid Agent Dean… Stupid at home pregnancy test."

She stopped muttering long enough to pee on the stick. Then she held her breath and began doing something she didn't even believe in, praying for a miracle.


1 minute and 55 seconds later.

Jane was leant over the sink thankful that the nauseous feeling had gone completely from her stomach. She had washed her face since doing the test and looked a little more like herself again.

She heard the kitchen cooker alarm ring. Two minutes was up. "Okay," she said to herself, reaching out for it but not grabbing the test. 'Lets go. You can do this Jane, just pick up the test. Do it. Go!' she thought to herself. "Damn-it Jane pick up the damn stick!" she yelled at herself as she grabbed it and looked at it.

The little blue cross was clear as day. Positive. She dropped the stick from her hands and into the sink, she spun on her heels and fell back to her knees by the toilet and threw up again.


Jane had showered and changed into grey sweats and a white sleeveless t-shirt. She had ditched her usual morning run, feeling less than up for the job. She had prayed the test had been wrong but she knew it wasn't.

She paced around her apartment desperately trying to make a decision. She kept coming to the same conclusion, she wasn't the mother type. She had no idea how to care for a baby. She doubted she would even be able to change a diaper. Plus her job, she didn't want to give up her job to stay at home with a crying baby all day, especially one who would cry more because its mother was useless and had probably forgot to do whatever it was that babies needed doing for them.

She needed to speak to someone and like some pathetic child her first thought was Mom, but her Mom was actually the last person she wanted to have this discussion with. Next she thought about Maura, she was the only real friend she had. But she suddenly growled in anger as she thought about who it was she really wanted to talk to about this mess, the person who was also involved in it. Gabriel.

Realizing just how stupid a thought that was she settled on Maura. She picked up the phone and began dialling Maura's number. She placed the phone by her ear and waited for an answer, after a few rings all she got was the machine. She heard Maura's tra-la-la voice politely state that she was 'Sorry I can't take your call. Please leave a message and I will call back.'

"Hey, Maura it's Jane…" There was a knock on her door so she made her way over to answer it. "I really need to talk to you. Can you come over as soon as you can please…? Err…thanks."

She opened the door as she hung up the phone, too distracted to look at who was standing there. She suddenly wished she had as, with a hard jab against her chest a painful jolt of electricity was zapped into her body. With a yelp she collapsed to the floor.

The man who had zapped her stepped over her body and into her apartment, making sure she was out cold with she was. Another figure then darkened the doorway, staring down at Jane with a sadistic smirk. "And so we meet again. Janie." said Charles Hoyt.


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