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Chapter 14

1 year later

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear Regina!

Happy birthday to you!

Everyone was gathered at Jane's apartment for Regina's first birthday. Everyone there had joined in to sing the excited 1 year old 'Happy birthday'. It was only a small gatherin, made up of the Rizzoli clan, minus Jane's father who was now living out of town with the "bimbo" as Jane liked to call her. Also there was Korsak, Frost, Constance Isles, and of course, Maura.

It was Gabriel who Jane had kept smiling at during the song. He stood with a camcorder in his hand, a beaming and proud fatherly smile on his face. Of course he was there, he lived there now. After the incident with Hoyt, Jane had realized how much she needed him but also how much she truly loved him and wanted him in her life. It had been while in hospital, getting patched up, that she had confessed that she loved him and that she needed him, but that she was scared he would leave her, something he had instantly reassured her would never happen.

Jane and Maura both helped 1year old Regina blow out all the candles. Everyone cheered and even little Regina began clapping creating a new chorus of "Ah's and Oh's" she was certainly a cutie with her thick head of black curls that were as unruly as her mothers. Her big brown eyes seemed to sparkle and her personality was enough to make anyone fall instantly in love with her.

It was Korsak who had the honor of cutting the cake. He looked quite the part in a green and blue glittery party hat. Frost blew into noise makers that sounded like strangled boat horns and in the background children's nursery rhymes played. It was the perfect picture of a child's birthday party, minus all the other screaming kids.

"Happy birthday, beautiful." Jane whispered to her daughter, kissing her soft hair.

"I cannot believe she is one already." Maura said as her goddaughter reached her arms out to her.

Jane passed her to Maura and grabbed her beer off the counter behind her. "Tell me about it. Soon she's gonna be talking, then she's going to be going to pre-school..."

"Before you know it she'll be dating." Maura added.

"Oh no." Jane said confidently, "She will never, ever be dating. Not under my roof." Jane said. Suddenly she heard the words playback in her head. "Oh Lord, now I sound like my mother"

Maura could only laugh which just made Jane laugh. "I want her to stay this little forever." Jane confessed as she reached out and stroked her daughter's rosy cheek.

"That is not going to happen." Gabriel said as he came up from behind Jane and wrapped his arms around her front, holding her close against his body.

Jane smiled and wriggled round in his arms to face him. Maura turned to speak to Angela and Constance who paid pretty much full attention to a giggling Regina, but she didn't mind.

"You know we could always have another one, then another one and another one and another…so for a while we will always have one that little." Gabriel suggested.

"Sure, if you can find a way for us to have another baby that involves you getting pregnant instead of me then be my guest." she replied.

Gabriel just laughed. "I'm quite happy how we are now." he said before he kissed her.

"Me too." Jane said and kissed him back.

"Hey Regina, here are Mommy and Daddy getting it on at your first birthday party." Frankie spoke into the camcorder which he held in one hand, aimed right at Jane and Gabriel. "If nine months from now you are no longer an only child you can blame it on the beer in your Mom's hand!" he said.

"Funny Frankie, but this bottle is about to be somewhere other than my hand, like up your ass!" Jane said as she snatched the camera from him and playfully pushed him away with her foot. She passed it back to Gabriel and said, "Will you make sure he doesn't get a hold of this again."

"Sure thing." he said. He gave her a kiss and went off to get more party footage.

Jane smiled and looked around her daughter's party. She turned to face Maura as she walked over to her. She noticed the lack of Regina in her arms and immediately had to smile. "Who snatched her from you this time?" she asked.

"My mother." Maura replied.

"Make's a change from my mother." Jane said before taking a swig of beer.

"Yeah well, I get her all to myself tomorrow night when she stays over. I'm planning on watching this new DVD I got with her. It's all about a scientific documentary on the study into the relationship between different species of frogs."

Jane just looked at Maura, a blank look on her face.

"Regina loves frogs!" Maura argued in protest.

"She loved them a lot less until you showed her a DVD of a dissection of a frog. You're gonna turn my kid into a science geek."

"You let her watch cop shows." Maura shot back at her.

"It's educational! And besides, that way she knows what Mommy and Daddy do for a living." Jane said taking a swig of beer.

"And the DVD's I watch with her are also highly educational and she gets to know what Auntie Maura does for a living." Maura said with a smile.

"You dissect bodies, not frogs." Jane pointed out.

Maura knew Jane was right, so she said, "She really does love frogs."

Jane just had to laugh and playfully nudge her best friend who laughed along with her. Both had scars from the night Hoyt had tried to kill them, but both of them had got through it together. They turned to watch as their family and friends all sang along to nursery rhymes as Frankie held Regina, dancing about with her in his arms. Gabriel captured it all on camera.

"She looks so happy." Jane pointed out with a smile.

"She really does." Maura agreed.

"Come on," Jane said as she pulled Maura over to the others.

They both joined in with the singing, Jane taking Regina into her own arms and dancing on the spot with her. The song finished and they all cheered, even little Regina cheered. The next song began to play, 'the wheels on the bus', they all began to sing along again, much to Regina's delight. Jane couldn't imagine the day having gone better. One thing was sure, she would never think of Charles Hoyt again. None of them would.

The End

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