I was in the classroom sat at the back with my twin sister, Melissa, only I call her Mel "Okay and our next book report is from Jeffrey Zoomer" The teacher announced, we all clapped and he stood in front of the class "Hey, well, my report is on Neil Morris's new Trip Zoom book, Freeze dried dream's" he said, I rolled my eyes and everyone clapped like it was a big deal "Please tell me this is a joke"

Mel said to me, I sighed in annoyance and turned back to Jeffrey "Is this some kind of joke Mr Zoomer, Freeze dried dreams isn't due out until tomorrow" the teacher said "I know but my dad is friends with this guy who works at this paper factory where they make the paper that goes in the book so, well, here it is" he said holding up the book, everyone gasped "Well, uh, read on Mr Zoomer, read on"

the teacher said, he pulled out a chair and sat on it, our teacher certainly was a fan, Jeffrey started reading out and I just doodled on my book, he was finally done and I paid attention now, everyone clapped and Melissa gave me a disbelieving look, I nodded and turned back to the class "Bravo, what an exciting analysis of what I can only anticipate will be another, modern literally masterpiece from, Neil Morris, who of course is the father of our very own Melissa and Kiara Morris"

the teacher said, they all clapped for us and I waved a little "Trip Rules!" they all shouted, I face palmed myself and the bell rung "Read one book over break, and enjoy you're vacation" the teacher said, I picked up my bag and walked out with Mel.

I was at home watching T.V and eating popcorn with Mel when something to do with dad's book came up again "That's right Zoomer's, it's here, the very latest in the Trip Zoom series, and let me be clear, it's Triptastic" the T.V guy said, I sighed "Oh brother" Mel said, I went into the kitchen for some soda "who you talkin too?" Mom asked sitting next to Mel on the couch,

I knew Melissa had a little rivalry going on with a fictional character, and the fact she talk's to him when it's really herself, it didn't bother me that much as long as people didn't ask me when the next book was out, or anything else about the book "Nothing just thinking about tomorrow, I just can't stop talkin about it" Mel said, I sat next to mom "I'm happy for you girls, I know you've been looking forward to this camping trip for a long time"

Mom said eating some popcorn "Oh yeah you know dad's just been busy with writing and Trip Zoom parade's, and that new ice cream flavor" Mel said "Triple Zoom crunch" we all said in sync "It wasn't that bad actually" Mom said "You sure it's okay that were going?" I asked "Sweetheart, he and I may be divorced, but he's you're father, and I want you to spend as much time as you can with him" Mom said "Thanks mom" Mel said, mom kissed us both on the cheek and we turned back to the T.V.