We ran out into the street and saw the Zoomers crowding something, I ran over and saw they had been shooting my dad and Killbow "Give it up Merv, it's over there's no where to go" Mel said, Killbow stood up and chuckled nervously "Okay calm down I think there's been a little misunderstanding" he said, he started running and everyone chased him, they must have done good because they all started cheering "You sure you're okay?" Mel asked dad "The best I've ever been, it's the best" Dad said, I smiled and hugged them both.

After changing I went back downstairs where dad was finishing off the convention "First off 2 big important announcements, 1, due to you're amazingly triptastic efforts this morning everyone here will receive a free autographed copy of my next book" Dad announced, we all clapped "2nd there's a little unfinished business we have to take care of, the Zoom enough prize" Dad said, everyone clapped again "Now, knowing about something is great, but putting that knowledge into action requires a level of commitment that borders on insanity"

Dad started, Mel and I chuckled "So on that note please give it up for my new friends Andre, Sheldon and Wheeze!" Dad said, everyone started chanting 'Floss' and I giggled "And we have one more prize, without them none of us would be standing here today, they are my inspiration" Dad said looking at me and Mel, I was confused "They are the reason I do what I do, my daughters, Melissa and Kiara" Dad said, I laughed as everyone clapped and Mel dragged me onto the stage, we both hugged dad.

We got out of the convention and people were following us while chanting 'Floss' "Hey Neil, are you sure you can't stay another day?" One of my dad's fans asked, me and Mel looked at him "Sorry to get rescued and run but uh, my daughters and I have a vacation to salvage" Dad said, I giggled "You ready?" he asked us "We've always been ready dad" I said getting in the car, Wheeze pulled Mel to the side

"So I guess you're leaving now huh?" Andre asked me while standing next to the car "Yeah" I sighed "So this is goodbye now right?" he asked, I smiled "Not really" I said, he gave me a confused look, I pulled out my phone waved it in front of his face, he lit up and I writ my number down on paper "Don't lose it" I said handing it to him "Don't worry I won't" he said, I hugged him and he hugged back "Definitivamente estoy volviendo"I said pulling away "Y voy a estar esperando" he replied, I giggled and kissed his cheek as Mel got into the car,

I waved as we drove off and tuned to Dad "Hey dad?" I called "Yeah honey" he said "How exactly are me and Mel you're inspiration?" I asked, he smiled "When you girls were little you used to always play these games, you're mom and I never really got it, but you're characters, plots, traps, they became my book" Dad said, I was shocked "Really?" I asked, he nodded "Yeah, infact I remember Mel creating the signal of strength when you were playing hide and seek, and you always found the signal Kiara" Dad said,

Mel smiled and me and I smiled back, this vacation might have started out bad, but the turn out was the best thing ever.

Definitivamente estoy volviendo – I am definitely coming back
Y voy a estar esperando – I will be waiting

Authors Note:
Hope you liked my story and also the link to Kiara's clothes are on my profile x BABYLIBBY96