Chapter 1- Reality

Galatca had a problem.

Apparently, her father, had something he wanted her to do. She would say no, but then Galatcus would just eat the planet, making her rebuttal rather pointless.

She flew, dressed in purple, to the meeting spot, a huge ass mansion, with a dark skinned human sitting in a chair in front of the door.

"Sup," he said, admiring her frame. Galatca glared at him.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Galaxy, a Herald of your father." He shook his white hair out of his face.

"Then why aren't you covered in silver?"

"I didn't want to be."

"Doesn't matter. All of daddy's Herald members are silver."

"Does it matter?"


"...Shut up...I'll tell you about what we are supposed to be doing here when we step inside."

The assembly room was packed. Forty-eight warriors, a lawyer and a photographer, sat, awaiting a message.

"Hello, fools. I am Galaxy. Galatcus has forced you to be here." Shuma-Gorath and Dormammu laughed heartily.

"Except those two. They willingly chose to be here. You are assigned here, for entertainment."

"See, daddy said if you keep him entertained, he won't eat you all," Galatca said, frowning.

"So?" Dr. Strange shouted," If we combine our efforts, or if those two assholes actually try to help us,"

"Minimal chance of that, Strange," Dormammu retorted.

"We could beat Galatcus!"

"I'm afraid not. See, you minimize his chances of losing, he set a bomb inside the mansion, that would kill all of us, then eat the planet."

"Really?" Dante said, slouching in his chair.

"I don't know. He might have been lying, but still, be yourselves, and try to be entertaining. The room sighed.

"It's up to you, to save the planet!" Galaxy said. The room groaned.

Author Note: Oneshots. All the rage. Expect a lot of these. A lot. Sometimes, even multiples a day.