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It was the first day of school at Roosevelt Elementary and Ariana stared at the scene wide-eyed. She had never seen so many kids before in her entire short life. The little girl eeped as one looked at her curiously, darting behind her Mother to bury her face in his pant-leg. She didn't want to go.

Mom was smart, she could learn everything she needed to know from him she was sure. She could already read. She had picked up the skill while Uncle Steve read her stories. Personally, the girl didn't see why all the other adults had made such a fuss about it. It wasn't like it was that hard.

Loki just chuckled before standing aside to gently nudge his daughter forward. "Come on Ariana. There is nothing to be afraid of." And in the event there was, he knew the teachers could handle it. His daughter wasn't the only special child who attended this school, and the staff reflected that. He would also, if pressed, admit to casting wards over the entire building.

The blue-skinned girl still looked nervous, big crimson eyes staring at her elegantly clad toes. The entire outfit had been a gift from her grandmother, one Loki had allowed. Just as he allowed Frigga to visit; Ariana needed some female influence in her life besides the Black Widow. But he had never, ever forgotten how the other had simply stood aside as his older children were cast out.

Jor stepped forward then, knelling to tuck a stray curl behind his little sister's ear. "And if anyone is mean to you, just tell me and I'll eat them for you."

Ariana giggled at that while Thor shot the World Serpent a wary look, not entirely certain his nephew was joking. He had tried to get to know Loki's other children over the past few years, but he still relapsed from time to time. It wasn't entirely his fault though as none of them, save the youngest was in any hurry to forgive him. A trait they all shared with his brother.

"Indeed niece," Thor tried to encourage her in his own boisterous way. "I am certain you will make great friends here. Comrades to aid you in your future endeavors." Loki simply rolled his eyes at that as a teacher approached, noticing their predicament.

"Hi there sweetie," she greeted, completely ignoring the new student's unusual skin tone. "I'm Ms. Larsen. "What's your name?"

"Ariana," she whispered.

The teacher's smile widened catching the soft words. "That's a very pretty name. Do you want to come with me?" she offered Ariana her hand. "We are going to draw flowers this morning."

Flowers? She liked flowers. After receiving an encouraging nod, Ariana took the teacher's hand, allowing her to lead her away. Pausing to take one last look back at her family before entering the school, and if Loki's eyes were a little damp. Well, no one saw fit to mention it.