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Chapter 10:

Pancakes and Revelations

Harry's POV:

If it hadn't been for the seemingly reoccurring nightmare involving abandoned neighborhoods and ghost-like children, Harry would have actually had a decent slumber. Mentally, he was still quite exhausted, but at least he didn't feel as physically worn out as he did yesterday. Yesterday…shit Harry, what have you gotten yourself into now, he thought to himself as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. In fact, he wasn't really sure that he had come to terms with the notion that he was actually IN an alternate dimension. I mean, sure he was a wizard, and yes, magic could do wondrous things, but an alternate dimension? The whole idea of it seemed unreal to him, wizard or not.

He had experienced so many different emotions yesterday at the sight of people he had believed to be dead. No. Correction. People that ARE dead, but apparently still alive in this world. Seeing Dumbledore was quite a shock, but nothing compared to the bombshell that was his parents. How many times had he dreamed of what it would be like to meet them? How many times had he seen their photographs and longed to be able to have just ONE conversation with them? He would like to have imagined that he would have made a great son to them if given the chance. And what a great start your off too! You haven't even been in the same room with them more than 10 minutes and already you've lied your arse off to them…great son indeed, he scolded himself. It was true, he felt horrible about having to lie to Lily and James, but it was necessary. They didn't need to be involved with the drama going on his world. He was better off keeping that information to himself if he could help it.

Of course Dumbledore was another story entirely. Harry had already ruined any chance of covering up the truth at his first meeting with the Headmaster, what with threatening him and the school nurse. He had almost ruined it with James as well due to his escapade around Hogwarts. Harry suddenly thought of the three students he had met in the corridor, particularly the one who he had stunned. An immense feeling of shame weighed down on Harry as images of the boy's unconscious form leaked into his mind. You thought you were being tricked, you thought he was a Death Eater, he tried to reason with himself, but it didn't do any good. The shame was still there.

Harry decided that now was a good time to try and get out of bed. His body still felt exceedingly sore from everything he had been through, but he knew that lying around in bed all day would just prove to make things worse. It was a struggle, but Harry finally managed to get his lower half out from under the covers and placed his bare feet on the cold stone floor, the icy temperature causing him to gasp. With great effort, he managed to get to his feet, despite the protest from his spine and ribcage. No sooner had he turned around that he noticed a rather uncomfortable looking Lily Potter sleeping in the wooden chair across the room from him. Her arms were folded up under chest and her head was nesting on her right shoulder, which Harry knew definitely wouldn't do her any favors when she woke up. The sight was enough to make Harry just pause and take her in. He studied the way her red locks touched every corner of her face, and the way her chest rose and fell ever so slowly with each deep breath she took. Even though her body looked extremely discomforted, Harry couldn't help but admire the serenity that radiated from her face. He couldn't believe that she was actually here…in the flesh…alive and breathing. She told him yesterday that she would come back and see him, and she had kept her word. Harry felt his heart constrict at the thought of his mother, his actual mother sitting here, watching him sleep. It was something that he imagined all mothers would do for their children, and even though she was technically some other Harry's mother, she had still come back and stayed with him.

Harry was just thinking where James might be when Lily began to stir. Harry felt his heart skip a few beats as she tiredly opened her emerald eyes (he would never get over how alike they were to his) and gazed at him adoringly…a warm smile already playing on her lips.

"Hey there…"she began enthusiastically as she arched her back in a stretch, obviously trying to work out some kinks from sleeping on a wooden chair.

"I'm sorry…I…I didn't mean to wake you." He apologized sincerely. Lily shook her head.

"You didn't wake me." She replied, still smiling at him. For a few moments, they both remained still, just staring at each other. Harry hated awkward silences but he couldn't think of anything to say. What were you supposed to say to someone who has been dead your entire life? Somehow a simple "so, how have things been?" just didn't feel appropriate. Thankfully, it was Lily who spoke first.

"Did you sleep well?" Harry nodded.

"How are you feeling?" she asked as she got up from her chair and tried to straighten out her robes which had wrinkled in the night.

Like shit. "better." He responded simply, not meeting her eyes as he did so. He could tell by the expression on her face that she didn't believe him, but she made no move to argue with him. Damn Harry, you're going to have to get better at lying if you plan to pull this off, he scolded himself. He had always been a horrible liar. Lily suddenly became very excitable as an idea flashed in her eyes.

"Are you hungry?" She asked animatedly. Harry didn't even get a chance to respond as a house elf suddenly appeared out of thin air and bowed graciously to Lily and Harry.

"Hello there Whipsey, my son and I would very much like some breakfast." She greeted the elf before turning back to Harry. "What would you like to eat Harry?" Lily let his name linger on her tongue as she said it, like it was a strange, yet exciting word to say. Harry had to admit that he liked the way his name sounded coming out of her mouth. It gave him chills. He had no idea that a Lily from a different world could elicit such an emotional response from him.

"Well…" He was going to say that he'd rather not eat anything but stopped himself. Truth be told, he wasn't really hungry at all. He never really had that much of an appetite to begin with, but over the past few months food had gotten scarce and Harry had learned to live on very very little. However, his mother seemed so excited at the aspect of ordering breakfast for him that he couldn't let her down.

"I'll take some toast." He answered quietly, causing Lily to narrow her eyes at him, she wasn't happy with that answer, "and maybe an egg?" She continued to stare. "Or…or two?" he offered enthusiastically. Lily still wasn't satisfied.

"Come now Harry, you need to eat something substantial, I know you must be starving." She accused, she obviously knew that he hadn't had anything substantial to eat in a while. Geeze, do I look that bad? He thought to himself. He knew he had lost quite a bit of weight over the past year, but he didn't think it affected his appearance that much. He had always been on the skinny side anyways.

He ran through all the different breakfast foods that came to mind, quickly trying to choose one that would merit Lily's satisfaction. A memory from his childhood with the Dursley's sprang forward. He remembered that it was Dudley's birthday and Aunt Petunia had had Harry fix him everything and anything under the sun except for the pancakes, which she made especially for Dudley every birthday. Harry remembered that she wouldn't let him fix them because she liked to mold them into special shapes that resembled teddy bears or some other childish symbol.

"You'll just muddle it up, just cook the bacon and try not to burn anything!" She would spit at him irately, "I don't want you messing up my Dudder's special day!" Harry remembered that she would pour generous amounts of honey and cinnamon into the batter (his aunt would tell Dudley that it had always been a family tradition to do so) and the smell that would fill the kitchen always made Harry's mouth water longingly. However, this wasn't the reason why he remembered the memory so well. It was because his aunt Petunia never did anything like that for Harry, whose birthday was always ignored, and even though Harry strongly disliked his aunt, especially on Dudley's birthday, he always found himself wishing that he had a mother who would go through the trouble of making pancakes for him. He knew Petunia only went through the trouble of making them because she knew it would make Dudley happy. What would his life be like if he had someone like that? Someone that only wanted his happiness?

He did get to taste Dudley's leftovers once though, and he remembered that even though the pancakes were cold and soggy by then, it still tasted yummy. Of course it tasted yummy…you survived on toast and juice back then, he taunted himself.

"You know what? Pancakes sound good." Harry replied amusingly, a small smile and a hint of a memory playing on his face. Lily might not actually be making them, but it didn't matter. He was going to get the chance to eat pancakes with his mom from an alternate dimension, and since he didn't know how long he was going to be in this universe…he wanted to milk it for all it was worth.

He errantly thought about asking the elf to make them into shapes like his aunt used to do, but shot that down instantly…embarrassed that he would even think of such a thing. Really Harry?

The expression on Lily's face was like a child's on Christmas morning. "You know…that does sound delicious and she turned her attention back to the patiently waiting house elf, "We'll take pancakes please, with warm syrup please," she paused briefly before rapidly remembering something, "oh-oh! Can you please make mine with honey and cinnamon!?" She pleaded in a childlike manner. Her cheeks became rosy with embarrassment at her request.

"I haven't had the chance to eat pancakes in a while; I might as well go all out!" She defended playfully. Harry smiled amusingly at her, but inside he was overcome with shock. So aunt Petunia hadn't been lying about the whole family tradition thing. Apparently it really was a family tradition, something his mother had taken part in. However, that wasn't what had caused the most shock. It was the fact that his mother actually had something in common with his aunt. He had seen the likeness of his mother in aunt Petunia for all those birthdays and he didn't even know it.

"You know what? I'll take mine the same way if you don't mind." He said politely, barely able to contain his excitement. Of course, his excitement was nothing compared to the giddiness Lily was now exhibiting.

"You…you like honey and cinnamon in your pancakes?" she asked in a high pitched sort of tone, like she couldn't fathom the idea.

"There's no better way to have them." He stated simply, eliciting a powerful emotion to appear in her eyes. Surely the Harry in this universe likes them too? He errantly wondered; thrown by the look his mother was giving him.

"Coming right up Professor Potter…young master." The elf nodded to both of them and disappeared with a slight pop. Mom's a professor too? Bloody hell, I wonder what she teaches? Harry quickly thought to himself.

It wasn't five seconds later that a small wooden table big enough for two appeared with chairs enclosing either side of it in the middle of the room. A big plate towering with steaming pancakes sat in the middle of the table with two glass pitchers of milk and syrup sitting beside it. The sweet smell of buttery cakes, honey, and cinnamon filled the room and Harry greedily found himself inhaling the heavenly scent in through his nostrils…savoring the aroma he had long forgotten from his childhood. He suddenly found himself to be very hungry after all.

"Ooooo doesn't that look delectable!" His mom exclaimed as she moved to sit down at the table. Harry took the chair across from her and together they started to devour the entire tower of pancakes. The taste of the honey and cinnamon mixed in with the pancakes was nothing short of divine and before he knew it, he had already eaten two of them. He looked over at Lily's plate and was embarrassed to see that she had only gotten halfway through her first one. Taking a generous swig from his glass of milk, he decided to initiate some conversation, and he knew the first thing he wanted to ask.

"So you're a Professor? What do you teach? If…if you don't mind me asking."

"I teach potions." She answered after a few painful moments of trying to chew her food at a cat-like pace. No shit? What about Snape? Does he even exist here? He wanted to ask more about his previous potions master, but thought better of it. It would be best for everyone if any information Harry gave about his own world wasn't voluntary.

"But surely you knew that? I mean, don't I teach…well…doesn't the Lily in your world also teach potions?" She asked him curiously. Damn. It would have been easier to just lie and tell Lily that yes, her counterpart did teach potions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but he was caught off guard at the question, so he told her the truth…well…censored version of it. After all, alternate dimensions were just that…alternate. Therefore, one could assume that not all events would be identical. Surely Lily would know that as well.

"Actually, my parents wer-ARE aurors." He quickly corrected himself, silently cursing himself for to mishap. "They're very good at it too." He added. A dark, haunted look overcame Lily and she looked down quietly at her play.

"Yes, I guess they would be aurors…" she whispered, more to herself than anyone. Harry found himself to genuinely confused at the reaction and suddenly got the feeling that he wasn't the only one not being completely honest.

"Um…did you and James ever want to be aurors?" He asked hopefully. It wasn't that he hated the fact that his dad was the Defense against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts. In fact…he found the idea bloody fantastic, but a small part of Harry always loved the fact that his parents had been aurors. After all, it's what Ron and he had always wanted to be, and he had to admit that that was largely because his own father had been one. Harry's heart ached slightly at the thought of his best friend, but he pushed it aside.

Lily looked like she was considering something before answering. "We actually were aurors a long time ago, but after the birth of Leah, James and I decided that it would be safer to find a…less hazardous occupation."

"I can understand that." Harry answered and went back to his pancakes. He could tell Lily didn't really want to talk about, and he wasn't about to push it, however Lily kept going.

"Oh and Sirius was furious when he found out James was quitting. He still gives him a hard time about it actually." Lily chuckled lightly, but Harry, who had been taking a big gulp from his glass of milk, suddenly found himself choking on the substance. His eyes watered as he tried to get air. Sirius? Sirius is alive here?! Thoughts and memories of his late Godfather came rushing forward, causing emotional turmoil inside Harry. Of course it made sense that his Godfather might be alive here, but still, the thought that somewhere out in this world was a living, breathing Sirius was overwhelming.

"Are you ok?!" Lily exclaimed worriedly as she made to stand up and help him, but Harry waved her down, still unable to speak. When he found he could breathe again he took another drink to sooth his cough.

"Yes...sorry…milk went down the wrong tube." He lied, not really wanting to explain that reaction.

"Are you sure? I could conjure you some water." She offered in a concerned tone.

"No it's fine…I'm really quite alright now. Thank you." He replied. She sat back and studied him for a few seconds, like he might spontaneously combust.

"How do you like the pancakes?" She asked him, and Harry got the strong feeling that she was trying to change the subject to something else.

"They're perfect." He replied cheerfully, relieved to start talking about something else. Lily's eyes lit up at his response as she made to pour more syrup onto hers.

Harry knew he had eaten too much, and his stomach was already showing signs of protest but he didn't care. He had just had his first ever breakfast with his mother, and no breakfast before it had ever seemed so perfect. It was then that Poppy came bustling in with a tray full of potions. Her eyes lit up with joy at the sight of Harry and Lily together.

"Something sure does smell good in here; I see you both enjoyed a nice spot of breakfast."

"Yes we did Poppy, I have to say it was one of the best breakfasts I've had in a long time." Lily replied, a slight hint of sadness laced in her words. Poppy gave her a sympathetic look before turning to Harry…a frown on her face.

"Although I'm happy that you both had a fantastic breakfast of…" she looked down and acknowledged the syrup before continuing, "pancakes…I daresay you're probably going to have an upset stomach. Food such as that is rough on a starved stomach." She finished disapprovingly. Lily suddenly looked very regretful.

"Oh my you're right Poppy! I should've known better…I'm so sorry Harry!" She exclaimed guiltily. Harry didn't see what the big deal was. Sure he would probably get a little sick, but he didn't want Lily having a guilt trip over it.

"It's really ok Lily, I'll be fine…I'm the one who wanted pancakes in the first place." He reassured her. For a split second Lily looked slightly hurt at being called by her first name, but she quickly masked it with a big smile. Maybe I should have called her mom, I'm sure the Harry here calls her that, he thought to himself, but he didn't feel right calling her that yet. Names like mom and dad had to be earned, and Harry didn't feel he had earned the right to call Lily mom yet. That was someone else's right…that was his counterpart's right, a right that had been taken from him a long time ago.

"Don't make excuses for me Harry, I should have known better." She stated firmly. Poppy saw this as her chance to intervene.

"Well there's no use fretting about it now is there, now, if you don't mind Harry…I've got some potions for you to take." She said as she set the tray full of vials on his nightstand and began uncorking them. Harry made his way over to the bed and sat down, his stomach quenching in discomfort. Yep, those pancakes were not the best idea.

"Now this one is a nutrition potion, and this one is a pain relief." She explained as she handed him two vials which he drank quickly. He winced from the taste and set them back down on the nightstand. Poppy gave him an approving look. "Now, the Headmaster wanted me to tell you that he wants you to stay here until he comes to see you this afternoon. He wants to discuss a few things with you." Harry looked thoroughly annoyed at this bit of news, of course he Dumbledore wanted to discuss a few things, when did he not?

"Do I have to stay in this room the entire time? I would really like to get some fresh air to tell you the truth." He asked, knowing full well the answer would be no. He really didn't look forward to spending all day cooped up in this little room. Plus, he was dying to see how different this world was from his, and more importantly, just who had managed to survive here.

"I'm sorry Mr. Potter, but Dumbledore was rather adamant in his orders that you remain here until he comes to see you. And given the…condition…under which you're here, I have to say that I agree with Albus." She apologized. Harry rolled his eyes and sat back against his pillow, clearly he wasn't going to win that argument.

"Oh before I leave, Lily?" The nurse asked as she turned her attention to Lily. "James stopped in a few minutes ago said he wanted to speak with you." Lily's eyes darkened just a shade and Harry could swear she became slightly redder in the face. "I told him that he could right in and speak to you but he said he had some business to attend to…just thought I'd let you know." She finished before exiting the room. Harry's heart leapt at the thought that James had been so close and he hadn't even known it. Of course he didn't expect James or Lily for that matter, to be in here, eating breakfast with him. They had their own lives, their own children; they didn't owe him a thing. Still, Harry had to admit to himself that it hurt knowing that James had been right outside the room and didn't come in to at least say hi. Oh quit your sulking Harry, you said it yourself…they don't owe you anything. James is probably busy with something else. He scolded himself.

"That son-of-a" she whispered vexingly under her breath, unaware that Harry could hear her. Harry watched as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself. Something had definitely made her angry, and it was something that James had done apparently. Harry looked at his hands guiltily…hopefully he wasn't causing some kind of quarrel to start up between the two.

Lily opened her eyes and looked at Harry apologetically. "I'm so sorry Harry but I need to disappear for a little bit, there are some matters I need to attend to." She told him regretfully, and Harry could tell by the tone of her voice that she really didn't want to leave him.

"It's ok, I think I can manage here in this small closet by myself." He joked with her in an attempt to lighten the mood. She gave him a laugh, but it was empty and half hearted. Something was definitely bothering her.

"Ok, well Dumbledore shouldn't be too long, and if you need anything, anything at all, you just let Poppy know. I'm sorry I have to leave you like this." Harry swore she was close to tears as she turned and rushed out of the room. This place just keeps getting more and more confusing, he thought to himself as he continued to stare at the door in which she had just exited. Well, I'm definitely not staying in here all day. He told himself as he spared a quick glance around the room for his wand which to his dismay, was missing. Dumbledore must still have it, he probably doesn't trust me yet. He knew that the Headmaster would probably be furious at him for disobeying his instructions to stay put, but Harry didn't care. Since when did he listen to his elders in the first place?

Harry pushed himself up off the bed and briefly looked around for his jeans. He really didn't want to walk around in pajama pants, but seeing as his jeans were nowhere in sight, they would have to do. Thankfully there was a small mirror hanging on the wall so he could at least give himself a quick scan to make sure he was halfway decent looking. He knew that he was injured pretty badly, but he wasn't prepared for the haggard looking youth staring back at him, bruised and beaten. Harry brought his hand up to the bandage that covered his forehead. Well that looks ridiculous.

With one swift motion Harry yanked the bandage off and threw it aside. The scar on his forehead was quite inflamed and angry in appearance, but he concluded that walking around with a giant bandage on your head would only draw unwanted attention. He made his way to the door and turned the handle, halfway expecting it to be locked, fortunately though, it wasn't. He let the door open slowly and sneakily, not wanting to alert Poppy of his escape. He scanned the room for the nurse and was relieved that she was nowhere in sight. He could hear a slight rummaging in what he assumed was her office, obviously she was busy with something in there and Harry new this was the opportune moment to make a move.

Very quickly and silently, he made to close the door behind him and scampered hurriedly out of the hospital wing, his ribs aching slightly from trying to be so stealthy. When he found himself out in the corridor he let himself relax slightly. There weren't any a student about which was just fine with him. He didn't think he could handle that kind of attention right now, especially if he ran into his siblings or more importantly…himself. If he could just get out of the castle he would be content. It's not that he wanted to snoop around; he just desperately wanted a breath of fresh air. So much had happened in the past 24 hours and a short walk outside would help clear his mind, even if only for a little while.

Harry knew Hogwarts like the back of his hand, so finding his way outside wasn't a problem at all. He took in the subtle peacefulness of the Hogwarts grounds which, back in his world, were completely devastated from the war. Here he could hear the birds chirping innocently, and the leaves rustle harmoniously from the gentle wind. The sun's rays brought comforting warmth to his face and he found himself inhaling the fresh atmosphere of the open-air.

He could have gotten lost in the feeling, but the sounds of two people arguing brought him out of his day dream. He knew the argument was taking place just around the corner, and the two people involved were not making any attempt to hide their scuffle. Out of curiosity, Harry started walking in the direction of the voices, and the closer he got, the more he realized that one of the voices belonged to Lily, and she sounded angry.

"I just don't understand what your problem is! Why are you acting like this?!" She pleaded angrily as Harry flattened his back on the stone wall. He slightly poked his head around the corner to see who his mother was quarrelling with and saw none other than James Potter. The expression on his face was one of grief and irritation. You shouldn't be eavesdropping Harry, whatever their arguing about, you're probably better off not hearing it, he tried to reason with himself, but it didn't help, he couldn't tear himself away from the two.

"Just forget it Lily, you don't understand," he defended as he ran his hands through his hair in frustration. However, this just proved to make Lily even angrier.

"No, what I don't understand is how you can't even come in and tell your son a simple good morning! What I don't understand is how you can't even inquire about his health or…or see how he's coping with all this. What I don't bloody understand is how you seem to not even want to be around him!?" She yelled vexingly, her face as red as a rose.

"Understand?!" James snapped back, causing Lily to flinch at the harshness in his voice. "What you don't seem to understand Lily is that Harry is dead! He's DEAD! He died 18 years ago and for some reason you and Dumbledore both have it in your head that because that boy up there is some…alternate version of him…that…that that makes everything ok again! That we get some sort of a fucking second chance! Well it doesn't! That Harry up there belongs to some other Lily and James…not to us! Why don't you understand that?!" he yelled in pure rage causing Lily to shrink back in shock.

Harry knew Lily was firing back some hefty insults at her husband but Harry didn't comprehend them. Had he heard James right? Was his counterpart really dead in this universe? Suddenly all of Lily's emotions and reactions to him earlier made perfect sense. How every time she looked at him, it was like she was looking at him for the first time. Because she WAS looking at you for the first time! Now he understood why his siblings didn't recognize him in the court yard, or why Poppy didn't recognize him, or more importantly, why James didn't recognize him when he was threatening his class. It was because he didn't exist here. How could I have been so stupid!? I should have picked up on that! He scolded himself.

Could nothing ever go right for him? Here he thought that in some other world, he had actually gotten a chance to have a happy life; a life with a family that truly cared about him. He could've rested easier knowing that at least somewhere; Voldemort hadn't fucked up his existence. But it didn't matter now; Harry knew that fate obviously hated him. In one life, he survived but his parents paid the price, and in this one…for them to survive, he himself had paid the price.

Before he knew it, Harry was back inside the school, his heart beating frantically in his chest at James's words. Belongs to some other Lily and James…not to us, kept replaying over and over again in his mind. Deep down, he knew that James was right, that he didn't belong here, but it didn't lessen the sting that those words had on him. They had hurt more than he would have expected, and Harry found that he wanted nothing more than to find a way back to his world…away from all this madness. He yearned to just wake up and realize that yes…this had all in fact been a dream, but it wasn't, and that fact weighed heavily on him.

Dumbledore…just…just find Dumbledore, surely he'll no way back. He has too. Harry repeated to himself. If Dumbledore didn't know how to send him back, then Harry feared that no one would.

Harry had just rounded a corner when he found himself face to face with the one wizard he had just been thinking about, Dumbledore. He suddenly remembered that he had disobeyed the Headmaster in leaving his hospital room, but to his surprise, Dumbledore didn't look the slightest bit annoyed. In fact, he was giving Harry one of his warmest smiles. Of course, from Harry's experience, that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

"It's nice to see you out and about so soon Mr. Potter, I trust your feeling better then?" He inquired nonchalantly. Harry didn't answer, but the look on his face obviously told the Headmaster that something big had happened, and the smile on his face was replaced with a look of sympathy. "Perhaps it is time that we have a little chat Harry? I feel there are some things that it would beneficial for you to know and understand if you are going to spend any length of time in this universe." The old wizard offered. Harry didn't answer but he found himself nodding slowly, his heart deflating at the same time. So Dumbledore didn't know how to send him back. If he had known, he wouldn't have inferred that Harry was going to be here for any length of time. Harry knew he couldn't have looked more desolate from this revelation.

"However, I feel that the corridor isn't the most suitable place for a conversation such as this. Perhaps my office would be preferable?" He added casually and motioned for Harry to follow him. Harry knew better though, he knew that Dumbledore just wanted to get him out of the public's eye for fear that he raise unwanted questions or suspicions. Silently, he agreed with him, after what he had just found out? After the…words…that James had spoke about him? The last thing he wanted was to come face to face with anyone that he might know.

Dumbledore's office was just like Harry remembered it back in Harry's universe. Harry found a small comfort in that fact. Some things never changed. Dumbledore motioned to the chair directly in front of his desk. "Please Harry, take a seat." Harry obliged and sat himself down, not really looking the Headmaster in the eye. Dumbledore sat himself down behind his desk and offered Harry a lemon drop. If Harry could have looked more annoyed, he would have given his Uncle Vernon a run for his money. Dumbledore took the hint and moved on.

"Now, Harry, I know you have a lot of questions, but before I answer them, I would like to know some things first." Harry gave Dumbledore an irritated look.

"Like what?" he snapped. He knew that eventually he was going to have to let Dumbledore in on the happenings in his universe, but it didn't stop the annoyance he felt at not getting his own answers first.

"Well for starters, I would very much like to know how is it that you are familiar with the snake known as Nagini?"

This was going to be a loooooong discussion. Harry thought bitterly.