I can barely breathe and I'm choking on my saliva, like a dog running faster than it can possibly go.

"Come on, dammit! Faster!" I bark.


My car grinds as I shift it hard and try to squeeze every last bit of energy out of this scrap of metal that was once a decent speeder's wet dream.

Rowa, rowa, rowa, rowa, rowa, rowa, rowa!

The cop cars surround me on each side.




I'll die before I let them take me. I did this for him.

For my love.

They took him, the vile beings.

He's gone.

It's my job to strike and deliver retribution.

Emily couldn't do it. She was too distraught.

Only I . . .

Only I could deliver the blow of justice.

And I did. As much as time allowed.

"You all need to settle down!" I growl, and laughing sardonically at my predicament.

The best part of living on the rez? The highway stretches on and on and is rarely monitored by cops.

Not today. Not when I'm out, racing to my imminent death.

I knew my mission was a kamikaze one.

I accepted anyway.

"I'll see you soon, Sam," I say and then . . .


I am road-kill, flipping over and flattened after ramming my vehicle into the cop car flanking me on the left.



So, I was attempting to turn this into a drabble and realized fairly quickly I couldn't adhere to the rules. I'm just too damn wordy, so at the suggestion of Laura JasperCougar Whitlock, a fellow authoress, I am going to dub this a drizzle.

The chapters will all be fairly short and concise and the story itself won't be long either.

I'm so pleased that I have already received some support on this story. I was worried I'd tick some people off by jumping over to the Jacob side of the line.

Anyway, thanks for reading and taking a chance. I really appreciate it. This crazy story hit me out of the blue while I was hiking and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. I love Leah, and I was bummed that she never really got a happy ending in the books. I always felt there was this low level of attraction and UST between Jacob and Leah, and I wanted the two of them to get together. Although I do understand why Stephenie Meyer's paired him with Nessie. It was a necessary evil, along with that atrocious name: Renesmee. Honestly, who would ever condemn their child to a name like that?

Alright, shutting up now. You won't hear much from me in future chapters. I want the chapters to just flow from one to the next without me interjecting my stupidity in the middle of it.

Should post once a week. It's pretty much all written. I have one or two more chapters left and then it's completed.

Let me know what you think . . . If I should stick to vampires, AH or what?