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X-men and Resident Evil: The Clones

When the virus broke out in Bayville the X-Men jumped into action. They were killing off the undead so the infection wasn't spreading that fast. The next thing they knew the undead had taken over almost every city. The end came faster than they thought they were out every day killing the undead. They even flew to other towns and cities to see if they could help. Mutants were all joining together to kill these things off. The only problem was it seemed like it was a never-ending fight. They had cleared a few small towns so when they found survivors they would take them there to be safe. The kids were getting in the field training, it wasn't the safest way but Logan had his eye on everybody.

Everybody had a job to do: Kitty would get the attention of a crowd of undead, and lead them down an alley. Bobby would wait for them to get in closer and put ice walls up to hold them in. Logan would jump in and start slaughtering them limb by limb.

Storm walked up to Logan in the study, "How much longer do you think we can keep this up?"

"I don't know Storm." He was rubbing his forehead

"The kids are getting exhausted." She walked over beside him.

Logan knew they were getting tired, "They're tough."

"Logan, with Charles gone it is up to us to teach these kids." Storm out her hand on his shoulder.

Logan began to walk away, "I think under the circumstances were doing that." He went to the window and looked out at all the undead that were lurking outside the gate.

Logan decided it was time to spread out more they hadn't been west yet. Who knows what lurks out in the deserts of the West Coast.

"Everybody were going to the West Coast." He had brought everyone into the study.

Bobby was the first to speak "This is crazy Logan."

"We need to see what kind of shape the cities and towns are in." Logan told them, "It is doing no good to clean up here if their just going to keep coming."

Storm was very concerned, "Logan we don't even know what we're dealing with it seemed like the whole world went crazy in a couple of days."

Logan scratched his head, "Somebody out there knows what's going on."

Storm was getting a little upset, "So we are going out there on a chance that somebody might have survived this and knows what's going on?" She pointed out the window, "Look outside Logan do you see anyone you can talk to?"

"No Storm, I don't, that's why we need to go further out." Now Logan was getting upset, "Look if you don't want to go then I'll go myself but I'm going to try."

Storm didn't like it but, she didn't want him out there putting himself in danger, "Alright Logan we will go take a look."

They had all got on the jet Storm powered it up she thought to herself 'This is probably a waste of fuel we really don't have'.

Flying to the West Coast, they were all looking out the windows. The towns were all infested with undead it seemed like there were more here than where they just came from.

They got over Mexico and Storm noticed there was a little shack in the middle of nowhere with swarms of undead around it.

"Logan come look. Why are they around that little shack down there?" She was curious.

"Land us in the little town over there Storm. We'll investigate there first." Logan wanted to find out what was going on.

Storm landed the jet everyone got out there were undead moving through the streets slowly, "We will set up a perimeter around the jet." Logan started looking around killing a few undead along the way.

Rogue who had taken the cure had no powers at the time was walking through the streets. It was getting dark and she had wandered down a street that had brick walls going up both sides of it. She went to turn around to go back the way she came and noticed that a group of undead had blocked it. She took off running the other way and ran into a dead end. The undead were coming at her "LOGAN HELP!"

Logan heard her voice sniffed the air to find out were she was and took off. When he turned the corner he saw Rogue surrounded by the undead.

Then something else caught his eye it was the woman on top of the brick wall her duster jacket blowing in the wind and the two big blades she had in her hands. She did a jump and flipped off the wall landing in front of Rogue. She started stabbing and slicing the undead to pieces she cleared a way and turned to Rogue "RUN!"

Rogue took off running towards Logan. An undead tried to grab her but the woman threw her blade and hit it in the skull. She then started breaking the necks of the undead. Rogue made it to Logan, "Aren't you going to help her?"

Logan raised an eyebrow, "She doesn't look like she needs help."

The woman had made her way through the undead to right in front of Logan where she snapped the last ones neck it dropped at her feet.

She then walked over grabbed her blade out of the skull of undead wiped it on it's shirt flipped it and put it on her back.

She walked up to Logan, "You shouldn't let kids wander around by them selves."

Rogue spoke up cause she saw Logan was about to explode, "I wandered off by myself to check things out."

The woman looked around, "You shouldn't do that around here."

Rogue looked at this woman, "Hi I'm Rogue and this is Logan."

"Alice." she cocked her head sideways and smiled.

An undead came out from behind a tree and was coming up behind Alice. Logan popped his claws and stabbed it in the neck.

Alice's eyes got wide and she looked at the claws right next to her face. She looked back to Logan out of the corner of her eye as he put his foot up and pushed the undead off his claws.

Alice looked at him, "Well I see you have a few tricks up your sleeve." She cocked her eyebrow.

"More than you know darlin." Raising his eyebrow.

She got a serious look on her face, "What are you?"

He crossed his arms, "I could ask you the same thing."

Rogue made a face and rolled her eyes, "Were mutants"

Alice gave them a strange look , "Mutants, I've never seen mutation like that. And to answer your question I'm an experimental bio-weapon." she turned to look around, "The virus that did this to everyone made me what I am."

Logan looked surprised, "So you know what's going on all over the world?"

Alice looked at the ground then back to them, "Yes I do."

Logan motioned for her to walk with them, "I think we need to talk then."

Alice smiled, "I think we do, lead on." As she motioned for him to start walking.

They were walking up to the jet she noticed the ice wall around the jet, "Where did that come from?"

Rogue smiled at her, "Bobby."

Logan looked at the ice wall, "KITTY."

She popped her head through the wall, "Yeah Logan."

"You want to get us through this." He asked her sternly.

"Oh yeah" she came through the ice and everyone grabbed hands as she phased them through the ice.

Alice was amazed she walked up to the ice wall and touched it then looked back at Kitty, "That was amazing."

Storm came out of the jet, "I see you found someone?"

Alice began her story about how she was head of security at Umbrella and that she was going to turn them in at first. Then they had caught her and injected her with the virus and that the virus got out in Raccoon city. The meltdown at the nuclear power plant was a cover up. She told them about the helicopter crash and how they brought her back. She had escaped the facility with the help of friends and she had wondered about in seclusion because she didn't want anyone to die because of her. She told them about meeting up with Claire and the convoy and that she lost two friends L.J. and Carlos but got Claire and the others to the helicopter and they took off to Alaska. Then she ended her story with telling them she had killed Dr. Issacs with the help of a clone of her.

"They cloned you?" Storm was confused.

"Yes they thought if they couldn't catch me they could make another one just like me." Alice shook her head.

Just then Kitty came running in, "They're coming through the ice wall."

They all ran outside, Bobby was trying to patch the wall.

Alice looked at Logan, "Get them back."

She walked to the wall and jumped up on top of it. She looked down her pupils enlarged to black all the undead and the ground started exploding all around the wall as she turned her head. When she was done she swayed a little and fell backwards off the wall. Logan ran forward and caught her when she fell he carried her into the jet and laid her down.

She awoke to Logan standing by her, "Telekinesis, huh?"

She smiled, "Yeah one of the powers I had after I escaped the Detroit facility, I still haven't got a handle on it." As she put her head in her hands.

Logan smiled, "I noticed that."

"Well what are you planning to do now?" She took her hands away from her face.

"I guess we will keep on trying to help by killing these undead as you called them." Logan scratched his head, "These were all people at one time."

Alice walked up to him and looked him in the eye, "Don't let any of your team get bit. Now I told you my story tell me about mutants." Alice plopped down in the seat.

Logan began by telling her what Stryker had done to him and that he was almost two hundred years old. He told her how people born with the X-gene had certain powers, and that some didn't surface till the person hit puberty. He told her all the powers the kids had. He told her about Charles and the school and about Magneto and his group on Genosha. He told her about losing Charles and Scott, and how he had to kill Jean.

"You loved her, I'm sorry." Alice could see that look in his eye.

"Yeah it seems like a million years ago now." Logan turned around and looked at the kids, "These kids are all that are left of the Xavier school."

Alice walked up next to him, "At least they have you to look out for them."

"Yeah I guess." Logan wasn't really sure if what they were doing was the best thing or if he was just putting them all in more danger.

Alice knew it was almost time for the satellite to pass over she had to get out of sight.

She walked over to Logan, "I think it would be best for me to go now."

Logan turned to her, "What do you mean?"

"People have a way of dying around me it's just best if I'm not near." She walked down the ramp of the jet jumped over the wall of ice and disappeared.

Alice felt better as she walked away knowing no one else would be in danger because of her. She really didn't like the isolation but she could deal with it. Some times she felt so alone just her and her thoughts of a time before the virus. She spotted the helicopter got in started up and took off she flew towards the hive out under the little farmhouse where the clones were safely tucked away.

The clones needed some training in fighting so she decided that it was time to let a few go out. She landed the helicopter, took the elevator down the forty or so floors below. There were three that had come out of the water stasis. They were standing there trying to figure out what they were supposed to do.

Alice walked in, "You need to get dressed I'm sending you up top to get some engagement experience."

They all looked at the pile of clothes Alice had collected and went to it and got dressed. She armed them and gave them ammo. Then she took them up to the helicopter and took off headed for the city she also informed them about Logan and his team in town and that they were friends.

Alice let the clones out and decided to go up on top of a building to watch their progress. She found a good spot and settled in with binoculars.

Logan had been out scouting around that day he looked up to see two helicopters fly over his head headed for the south part of town. He took off in that direction he saw that they had landed so he went to the roof to get a better look. He looked down and saw Alice engaged in a fight with these guys in black helmets. He couldn't believe his eyes they had shot her dead. A man walked up to her body bent down then started looking around at all the buildings.

Alice came out from behind the air conditioner, "Logan, what are you doing here?"

He looked at her with relief in his eyes then looked back at the ground, "That's wasn't you."

"That was a clone." She looked down, "And they have figured that out, now they know I'm close we need to get out of here."

They walked to the back of the building she looked down, "I can jump far but not down that far."

He looked at her popped his claws, "Well today must be your lucky day." He took her by the waist, "Put your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist." He carried her to the edge and slid over it using his claws to lower them to the ground. When they were close enough Alice let go and landed.

"Logan you are a handy guy to have around." She smiled at him.

"So I've been told." He looked around the corner to make sure it was clear. "It's clear. Let's go." They both took off running in the direction of the jet.

They were running down the street when Alice just stopped Logan stopped, "Alice what are you doing, come on." She had a blank stare and wasn't moving, her arms were at her side and she stood as still as a statue. He heard guys coming around the corner so he ducked into a store.

The men walked around and he could hear them talking to someone, "She is shut down sir you can pick her up now." One of the guys noticed her eyes they flashed the Umbrella insignia red and white a few seconds later they did it again, "SHE'S COMING OUT OF IT! LOOK OUT!"

When Alice shook her head she looked at them with a look that could kill. Now… she was pissed. She reached and had her guns up faster than they could react. Three went down she jumped, kicked and another one flew, She hit the guy behind her she was spinning and hitting she didn't even notice Logan was behind her.

He had come out and took care of the other guys that had been behind her, she spun around and her fist caught his face "AAAGGGG." She started shaking her hand and of course it didn't even phase him, "Can we get out of here now?" He turned and started walking.

"What are you made of metal? I think I broke my hand." She was still shaking her hand.

"Adamantium, and you probably did." She gave him a strange look.

All of a sudden he grabbed her and spun her into a building pinning her against the wall. "What th-" his hand went over her lips and he put his finger to his mouth in a sshh position then he pointed to the window. She saw a squad of umbrella security walking by. When they had went by he removed his hand from her lips they were just inches apart they looked at each other for a second she raised her eyebrow at him "How did you know?"

He sniffed the air, "I have a good sense of smell."

She looked at him and smiled, "You are very good to have around, that's twice today you've saved my butt Logan."

"It's a nice butt, and I didn't mind saving the rest of you either." He winked at her.

She shook her head and smiled, "Alright, we need to get to your jet before they find it."

As they were running through the streets the two helicopters flew over and were headed out of the city.

They made it back to the jet Storm was frantic, "Logan where have you been a few of those things got in and Rogue was bitten."

Logan freaked out, "WHAT! Where is she?"

"In the jet" Storm was so worried Alice could tell they cared a lot about these kids.

"When was she bitten?" Alice asked her.

"What does it matter when she was bit?" Storm tried to walk by her.

Alice grabbed her arm, "When was she bitten I need to know." Logan was exiting the jet.

Storm got frantic "Why so you can kill her?"

Alice shook her head, "No so I can give her the anti-virus."

Logan ran down the ramp, "There's an anti-virus?"

Alice looked at him, "Yes in the hive." She looked at Storm, "When was she bitten?"

"About two hours ago." Storm calmed down a little.

Alice jumped into action, "Grab her and all of you follow me to the helicopter NOW!"

They were on the move again, they reached the helicopter and Alice flew it to the little farmhouse and landed it.

Storm was puzzled, "We saw this from the air. " They walked through the door, "How can there be anything in here?"

The floor opened and the elevator came they got in and everyone was speechless they never would have suspected anything being here.

Alice turned to them, "What you are going to see is very bloody and there are bodies everywhere try not to get separated please."

The elevator door opened and everyone stepped out there was blood smeared on the walls, bodies hanging from the ceiling and some were just torn apart.

Kitty gasped, "Oh my gosh what happened down here."

As they kept walking Alice looked back, "Dr. Issacs."

A clone walked out to meet them she walked up to Alice, "Hi."

Alice looked at her, "We need to get her in a room and give her the anti-virus now."

The clone led Logan to a room, "Put her in her."

Alice came in with the anti-virus and injected her, "I don't know what this will do with her X-gene."

Kitty was getting very uncomfortable on this floor.

Alice walked over to Storm, "Take the elevator a floor up it's cleaner and there's food." She told the clone to show them where it was.

Alice walked back over by Rogue, "We need to keep a close eye on her." She looked at Logan and put her hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry she'll be fine."

Logan was sitting on a chair when Alice walked in an hour later, "I need to take some vitals on her."

They both walked over by Rogue at the same time Logan took Rogue's hand Alice put her fingers on her wrist to take a pulse.

Two hours later Alice woke up laying on top of Logan she lifted her self up on her hands so her face was above his she looked down at him. She smacked his face, "Logan." she did it again, "Logan!"

His eyes opened he looked at her balancing on her hands and the rest of her was on top of him, "Why are you on top darlin?"

She gave him a 'alright smart ass look ', "Cause I like it that way, Why do I feel like a truck hit me?"

She rolled off him and grabbed her head. He lifted up and shook his.

Rogue opened her eyes "MMMmmm LOGAN! Where are you?"

"Down here kid." Him and Alice both stood up still a little weary.

"What happened?" Rogue smacked him in the arm, "I was yellin for ya and you weren't there." She clinched her fist and 'clink' claws popped out.

"Rogue, darlin' you got your power back." Logan was happy to see that he didn't like her not being able to defend herself.

Alice was still shaking off the effects, "What is her power?"

"She absorbs your powers and memories and if she holds on long enough she'll put you in a coma" Logan leaned over to Alice and put his arm around her waist, "You better sit down it only lasts for a few minutes."

He helped her to the chair.

"Wow Alice I've seen everything that has happened to you I'm sorry." Rogue sat up.

"No I'm sorry you had to see all of it." Alice was starting to feel a little better she stood up and walked across the room to the elevator, "I'll leave you to for a few minutes."

AN: This story is a little harder to write my first one Resident Evil Meets the X-men M rated flowed out of me a lot faster. I am trying to give a more flirty friendship between these two characters this time instead of the sexual attraction on they had in the last on. So bare with me I do believe I have an idea where this one is going.