The laptop beeped, indicating a new message. Phoenix Wright looked over his shoulder briefly, then turned away.

'Isn't that important, Nick?' Maya said cheerfully, scrubbing her dish with enthusiasiam.

'Probably not. Just another happy birthday,' Nick grinned sheepishly. 'I didn't know that so many people remembered me.'

'It's because you're the greatest lawyer ever, Nick!' Maya huffed, jerking her sponge at him and sending soap flying all over the place. 'Don't act all modest!'

'Stop getting soap all over my hair! I just gelled it ten minutes ago!'

There was a knock on the door. Maya left the sink and trounced over to open it.

'Hi, Mr Edgeworth!' she said.

'Good afternoon, Ms Fey.' Miles bowed slightly, and looked at Nick. 'Wright.'

'Edgeworth! You're late!'

'I apologise, but really, you of all people shouldn't be telling me that,' he strolled over to inspect the sink, and wrinkled his nose. 'Still as messy as ever, I see...'

'Come on! You've got a butler to do it for you!'

'...On occasion...'

'Anyway, Edgeworth, why were you late? Doesn't seem like you.'

Miles sighed dramatically. 'it wasn't my fault. It was solely the incompetence of my secretary. I don't know how in the world the file of a criminal that was already hanged landed on my desk, but apparently,' Miles shrugged. 'She fails to realise I can't prosecute a dead man.'

Maya coughed loudly, and Miles bolted upright. 'Yes. That reminds me, Wright. I left something at the office. Could you go get it for me.'

'Wha - ? I'm washing dishes, here!'

'Being an errand boy is only slightly more degrading, trust me.'

'Why can't you get get it yourself, Mr high and mighty?'

'Ah..that's because, erm, my, er...' Miles began staring at the ceiling, then suddenly clutched his leg. 'O-ow. I have developed a cramp in my thigh. I can't walk. So can you...'

Nick rolled his eyes. 'It's my birthday, y'know.'

'As one friend to another - please?'

Nick slapped down his sponge, soap splattering onto Miles's jacket. 'Fine, fine. you'd better give me a nice juicy present when you get back.'

When Nick left, Miles was still ruefully rubbing at the wet spots on his cravat. Maya went over and clapped her wet hand on his shoulder.

'H-hey! Stop dirtying my jacket!'

'You deserve it, Mr Edgeworth! I thought you could cook up a better story than that.'

'Ah, yes. I apologise, Ms Fey. It's just that...this whole experience is curiously surreal. I mean, me...a Prosecutor...aiding and abetting in planning a surprise birthday party,' Miles grasped his head. 'It's all too surreal.'

'I guess it doesn't matter much, though, Nick's out of the house, anyway, and that means the fun starts now!' In a sudden spurt of energy, she bounced over to the phone and dialing numbers at top speed.

'What in the world are you doing?'

'Calling Gumshoe, Pearl, everyone! They have to come here right now!'

'Hold it! Isn't that a little bit risky - '

'Mr Edgeworth! You stick to prosecuting, and I'll stick to planning surprises! Deal?'

Miles struggled with all his might, but in the end he could not resist cracking a smile. 'D-deal...' he said. He turned his attention to Nick's laptop, which was still lying on the table, fully open. On the screen were the flashing words YOU HAVE ONE NEW MESSAGE.

'Ms Fey,' Miles said. 'The laptop - '

'Yeah. I know,' Maya said, still fiddling with the phone. 'Nick said it's just another happy birthday, but you can check it if you want, it might be - oh hi, is Mr Gumshoe in his office? Erm, he doesn't have an office? Then - '

Miles bent down and tapped a key. The message came up. He read it slowly, his eyebrows slowly ascending.

'Ms Fey,' he said. 'You'd better take a look at this...'

Maya had just put down the phone. 'What?'

'Read it.'

Maya wiped her hands on her skirt and went over to the laptop. Her lips slowly mouthed the words as she read the message. 'I will show you...the most frightening thing in the world.' She frowned. 'What kind of message is that? Who's it from?'

Miles pointed. '.' he read out, with some difficulty. 'Anyone you know?'

'No. Still, what a funny email address...'

Miles stared at the black letters. He opened his mouth, but Maya beat him to it.

'It's a surprise guest!' she exclaimed.

'I-I'm sorry?'

'This is a warning in advance! Whoever sent this email, they'll be sure to turn up and scare the living daylights of Nick with some trick,' she giggled. 'I've only read about this in books.'

'Maya...' Miles began, his brow growing darker.

'I wonder what surprise it'll be! And who sent it? It's a surprise - for both Nick and me,' she picked up a dish and then began washing at a furious speed. 'Mr Edgeworth, this could be it.'


'Nick's best birthday yet of course! Of course, the only birthday better than this one would be next years, and the one better than that would be the year after that...'

Miles was opening his mouth again, but he slowly closed it. He cast one last glance at the laptop, and then gently set the screen down, turning it off. He smiled ruefully. There were times where he still thought like a prosecutor, a man of the law, and not like a simple human being. Well, he needed to change his mindset, if only for today. He was determined to make his first surprise party a good one.