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My Saving Grace.

Final Part

Itachi, a much healthier looking Itachi, sat beside Neji reading the newest Sherrilyn Kenyon release as they waited for news on Shizune's condition. In the past few months Itachi had finally regained some of his lost weight and was filling his clothes back out properly, his fatigue was vanishing as well much to his relief, and even more pleasing to him, his hair had grown out enough that he'd been able to snip the silver ends off and still have three inches of silky black to fiddle with, though the slight curl remained much to his consternation. Things were going quite well for him. He slid a glance over to his lover and smiled, quite well indeed. And now they'd soon be welcoming a new addition to the Akatsuki family, as soon as Shizune popped it out anyway.

Neji was leaning against Itachi's shoulder, a half solved cross word puzzle in his lap. He found it difficult to concentrate. Since Naruto had surgery when Shinji was born the whole thing had been over fairly quickly but here they had already waited for hours. He could only imagine how Shizune was feeling now and Kisame's frazzled nerves. "So what do you think 'Tachi, boy or girl?"

"Hmm, I personally want to see Kisame driven insane so I'm hoping he'll get a girl just as pretty as her mother." Itachi chuckled at the mental image of Kisame holding a tiny little girl and teaching her all her knew.

"Oh a girl would have Kisame wrapped around her finger before she even made it all the way out of her mommy." Neji smiled. "She would be daddy's princess for sure." Neji gave up on the cross word and placed the newspaper next to him.

Itachi's lips took a bit of a wistful turn. "If it's a girl she'll be Akatsuki's princess truth be told. We'll all spoil that kid terribly."

"Hmm yeah, she will be pampered and spoilt beyond belief." Neji nuzzled his head against Itachi's shoulder. "I always wanted a baby girl."

The Uchiha actually flinched. He and Neji had never really discussed if they'd ever wanted children and Itachi certainly never went out of his way to bring the subject up. He traced a finger on Neji's thigh. "I did as well, a whole herd of children actually."

"I don't know about a heard but I definitely pictured more than one. Being an only child...It can be rough." Neji reached up a hand and toyed with a lock of Itachi's hair, he loved touching the black silk. "Though little sisters can be annoying too. Hinata and Hanabi could drive me crazy when I grew up, always meddling and poking their nose into my business...I am insanely grateful for them though. They kept me sane growing up."

Itachi leaned into Neji's touch. "Hm, I wouldn't know about that. I was the one driving Sasuke crazy instead of the other way around. He's so easy to rile. Still though," a bittersweet smile curved his lips, "I enjoyed looking after him, even when I had to change his diaper when he was an infant, as disgusting as those things were, it gave me such a good feeling to know i was doing what would help him grow."

"Why are you talking in a past tense?" Neji smiled. "You still drive your brother batshit crazy and you still help him grow...Though I hope you're not changing his diapers these days. You are a wonderful brother, an amazing uncle and you'd be a fantastic father."

"I always thought that, no I always knew that. It was what I felt I was here for, to be a father. There was always just something that felt...rightwhen I was looking after children. Ever since I was a child myself, I wanted to be a father. To hold a child who looked back at me with my eyes in my arms and teach him or her to drive their uncle insane. Even when I knew I preferred men over women I knew I still have my own little boy or little girl one day, surrogates and artificial insemination is a godsend to so many, and then I'd annoy my partner for us to adopt the rest."

Neji shifted so that he could look Itachi straight in the eyes. "I don't care about blood, genes or anything like that. All I know is that I want to have children with you. No matter how we get them they will be ours, they will still drive their uncle insane and us too most likely. I want a family and I want it with you Itachi Uchiha, no one else."

Itachi smiled and pressed a kiss to the corner of Neji's mouth. "I know. I want that too it's just hard, to let go of old dreams when it's forced from you instead of something you choose for yourself."

"I understand that, I really do." Neji tangled their fingers together. "New dreams can be wonderful too and we have plenty of time to figure things out. You're stuck with me Phoenix."

The Uchiha smiled. "No place else I'd rather be my snowflake."

Neji leaned in and kissed Itachi before letting his head fall back on Itachi's shoulder. "Know that you are all I need. I may want other things but you are all I need."

Itachi leaned his head on Neji's, a wave of happiness washing through him. "I love you Neji."

"I love you too." Neji brought their entwined hands up to his mouth and kissed Itachi's knuckles when Sasori came walking into the waiting room muttering about his eyes and needing mind bleach.

Itachi raised a brow at the redhead as Deidara skipped up to join him. "What is your problem?"

"Opened the wrong door, got a glimpse into hell...Kak fucking Hidan into the supply closet wall." Sasori almost gagged. "Oh god...I'll never get that image out of my head."

Deidara draped himself over Sasori's side. "From what we saw they've been going at each other for a long, long time, they're just really good at hiding it un."

Itachi's eyes widened and he chuckled a bit. "Well they obviously don't need to hide it any longer."

Neji laughed. "All that UST and they were already going at it, good acting."

"Stop talking about it, please just stop." The redhead was almost whining. "Pet, make me forget...who knew Hidan had such a hairy ass..." The normally cold and stoic redhead shuddered and buried his face in Deidara's blond fall of hair.

Deidara wrapped his arms around Sasori. "There, there danna. I got some new leathers today you know, red leather."

An eyebrow rose in interest. "Red you say?" Sasori let his eyes roam over his lover and he licked his lips. "Well you do look good in red pet."

Neji couldn't quite disguise his chuckle as a cough.

Itachi just shook his head at the two as Deidara began whispering something in Sasori's ear that had the redhead dragging the blond off in search of privacy. "Absolutely nothing puts them off for long. Though I admit it can make for some of the most amusing moments."

"Yeah..." Neji chuckled now that the horny duet had left. "So remind me to stay away from bathrooms and supply closets here...Unless you want to join me of course." Neji winked at Itachi and snuggled up against him. "How much longer do you-"

Neji was interrupted by Kisame slamming a door open and rushing out to them.

Itachi raised a brow and murmured, "Apparently not long," then turned an expectant eye on his friend waiting for the news.

For a while Kisame just stared at them with a vacant expression before his face split in a huge, toothy grin. "We have a daughter, a healthy and perfect baby girl. She's getting weighed and measured right now but she's absolutely beautiful.

Neji felt a mirroring smile on his face, Kisame radiated pride and happiness. "And Shizune?"

"Shizune is just fine too; tired...She's been a real champ." Kisame shone with love.

Itachi smiled at his old friend. "Congratulations Mako. You're going to make a good, if very nervous, father."

"The kid's out huh?" Kakuzu's voice rumbled from off to Kisame's left as he and Hidan, both still looking immaculate, came into the waiting room.

"Yes our daughter is here." Kisame was still happy as could be. "Itachi, Shizune and I have talked it over and we would love for you to be our girl's godfather." Kisame turned to Itachi with pleading eyes.

The Uchiha's eyes almost glowed and he smiled broadly. "I'd be honored Kisame."

Kakuzu snorted as he went to sit down, his feet propping up on a low table in the waiting room. "Oh please it's not as if everyone doesn't know you're going to be the godfather for any brats popping out. You're like the super uncle; it'd be stupid not to have you as godfather."

"Well he's a hell of a better choice than you would be." Hidan sat down a few seats away from Kakuzu. "You'd probably eat your young." The silverette rested his right foot against his left knee.

Neji got up from his seat and wrapped his arms around Kisame in a hug. "Congratulations daddy."

Kisame grinned even wider and hugged back, making Neji fear for his ribs.

Itachi chuckled at his friend's antics and got up to tug Neji away from the huge black man. "Hey, my nerd. Go cuddle with your lady, we'll call the others and spread the word so long as you let us know when you and Shizune along with the mogwai are ready to be gawked at."

"I'll do that." Kisame nodded and released Neji into Itachi's hold. He turned and walked to the room where Shizune and his daughter were resting, there was no place he'd rather be than with them.

Itachi chuckled and brought Neji back against him, tugging him back down to sit in his lap before sliding a wicked look over at Hidan and Kakuzu. "So," the syllable was drawn out in a way that put the other two men on edge, "I understand that the two of you scarred Sasori for life. Shouldn't you lockthe door before playing mump the cuddie?"

Hidan sputtered and almost fell off his seat. "Fuck that ginger little tattle tale." He grumbled under his breath.

Neji couldn't help but laugh at both men's expression, little boys caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Kakuzu placed a hand over his face, the darkly tanned skin coloring bronze with blush in a way that had Itachi's lips twitching. "Go to hell Uchiha."

Itachi wasn't finished. "How long have you two been passing the baton while all the rest of us kept wondering when you'd give in and bang each other into unconsciousness by the way?"

"Why Itachi, I didn't know you were so interested...Wanna join us, is that it?" Hidan was still flustered and embarrassed but that didn't stop his trademark smirk.

The Uchiha snorted. "No thank you. I have all I need and want right here in my lap." He nuzzled Neji's neck. "I ask because I want to know how long we've been needlessly pushing you together and locking you in closets and such."

Kakuzu sniffed and picked up a magazine. "Seven years."

Neji leaned back against Itachi as an eyebrow rose, seven years that was quite some time to keep a relationship a secret. "Why? I don't mean to pry but why keep it a secret?"

"It's no one's business." Hidan scoffed. "All you guys are worse gossips then my grandmother's bingo league, I don't want to compare notes to Deidara and I don't want to ventmy feelings." He made a grimace. "In fact I'd rather hang from the ceiling in hooks that do that."

Itachi raised a brow. "If memory serves you actually did that in college. Extreme body modification I believe you called it?"

Kakuzu shuddered. "Don't remind us. That was one of the most disgusting, disturbing sights I've ever seen. Even worse than walking in on Konan giving Pein his RPA."

"Everyone's allowed to do something stupid in college, I wasn't the only one." Hidan gave both Itachi and Kakuzu pointed looks.

"Yeah how about we switch the subject before I'm assaulted with more mental images I really don't want." Neji nuzzled against Itachi.

Hidan's eyebrow rose. "Oh ho ho...Any youthful mistake you want to hide huh?" He leaned forward in interest.

Kakuzu eyed the Hyuga speculatively. "Yes do tell."

Itachi nipped his lover's ear. "Have you been keeping secrets from me snowflake or are you just blocking out some of Naruto's more...extreme moments?"

"As Hidan said, everyone's allowed a stupid moment on college...And if I do have any secrets they will stay as such." Neji smiled slyly. "And Naruto...too many stupid moments for me to block out."

"Your little pale eyes just got a lot more interesting Itachi." Hidan nodded in approval. "Maybe he isn't pure vanilla after all."

"For someone who doesn't like gossip you certainly let your tongue wag." Neji raised a dark eyebrow, leaving Hidan gaping.

"Itachi I think you're a bad influence, he was much nicer before." Hidan almost pouted.

The Uchiha chuckled. "Oh it's not me Zombie, my snowflake has always had a little bite to him." He nuzzled the side of Neji's neck. "I should know, I had a few chunks taken out of me before I wormed my way into a date."

Neji smiled and turned his head to kiss Itachi. "Yup, I've got teeth and don't you forget it."

"Eugh, you're too cute for me." Hidan got up from his seat. "Anyone want coffee or something? I'm taking a trip to the cafeteria."

No one made any requests and Kakuzu rose to his feet. "I'll come with you, someone has to keep you from terrifying the cafeteria workers after all."

"And you won't scare them?" Hidan didn't make any objections to the company though, in fact he looked quite pleased as the two of them made it down the corridor.

"They have the weirdest relationship I've ever seen." Neji shook his head at the duo.

Itachi nodded. "Truer words were never spoken." He dug in his pocket for his phone. "Now I think I should start making that round of calls."


Itachi stepped into the home he now shared with Neji and followed the paler man into the living room, watching as his lover picked through the mail they'd picked up from his own former residence, which was now being rented out to an extended Hyuga family member. The silver eyed man muttered about the various things, making Itachi's lips twitch in amusement and his eyes warm at how adorable it was.

"Why would anyone send me an offer on tampons? Do I look like a goddamned woman to you?" Neji glowered and waved a letter around as he turned towards Itachi, tossing his mail into a basket on a side table, he would deal with it later.

A sleepy looking Socrates came into the room winding himself around Neji's feet before doing the same to Itachi, almost climbing the pant leg of his favorite human. The cat loved Neji but he adored Itachi.

Itachi chuckled and bent to pick the cat up, scratching behind the black ears as he walked over to join Neji on the couch. "I can vouch for the fact that you are not, in any way, a woman."

Neji blushed before grinning. "Well you should know." All his irritation disappeared in Itachi's presence. The love he had for this man continued to amaze him, Neji loved him more with each day passing.

The phone rang and Itachi rolled his eyes and passed the cat off to Neji, kissing the pale cheek before he went to pick it up. "Yes?" His brows rose and the reddish brown eyes lit with surprise. "Really?" He pulled out a pad and pen from the message center. "Mmm no, no actually." He wrote out a bit of something. "It's no problem. Yes I've got the time. Mmmhmm, thank you. Goodbye." He set the phone back in its cradle with a contemplative look on his face.

"What was that all about?" Neji asked with a curious expression. He placed Socrates on the couch and walked over to Itachi, running his hand over the other's back. "Who called?"

Itachi smiled and leaned into the stroke, turning his head to nuzzle Neji's cheek. "Mmm that was the school. One of the teachers had to go on maternity leave early due to complications and ordered bed rest. They were calling to ask me to take over her class."

"So you'll go back? Substitute for her?" Neji thought that would be a very good idea. Itachi was born to teach, to be a part of children's lives, he was so very good at it. He didn't want Itachi to do anything he didn't want though. If he still was wary and not ready then he shouldn't do it.

The Uchiha nodded, pressing a kiss to the corner of Neji's mouth. "Yes. I'm going back, thanks to you."

Neji wrapped his arms tightly around Itachi's waist, leaning his head against Itachi's shoulder. "You give me far too much credit. I'm just someone who loves you beyond all reason. Everything you accomplish you do on your own."

Itachi turned so that they were face to face and leaned his forehead against Neji's. "But you're why I'm not wallowing in self-doubt or misery anymore. Because you do love me and you show me the best in myself. Before I met you I just couldn't find any respite from the demons that hounded me but then I saw you, complimented your hair and you started snipping at me. You took my mind off what had happened to me and then after you finally gave me a chance, you started showing me, reminding me, of who I was. You've been my saving grace Neji and then you became my heart."

Neji swallowed hard. He didn't want to seem like a girl but damn those words made his heart clench and tears rise. He held on to Itachi tighter. "As corny as it sound and as much as Tom Cruise has ruined it...You complete me Itachi Uchiha. I don't even thing I really know who I was until you came along and showed me. If I'm your heart then you're mine. I honestly don't know what I would do without you."

Itachi brushed a kiss over Neji's lips. "You don't have to do without me if you don't want to. Marry me."

The Hyuga froze, his hands clutching Itachi's shirt tightly. "Really?" The nerd still existing in Neji couldn't really believe that someone like Itachi would want him like that...Want him forever. "If you really are sure then yes...Of course yes. I would like nothing more than to marry you."

Itachi tucked a lock of hair behind Neji's ear. "Oh I'm sure Neji. I want to spend the rest of my life and preferably eternity with you. You're my snowflake and no one else is ever getting their hands on you but me."

Pulling on on Itachi's short dark tresses he pulled his lover down for a scorching kiss, wanting to meld their bodies together until they were one forever. "That goes both ways Phoenix." Neji panted when he finally released Itachi's lips. "We do this and you're mine! Forever and always."

Itachi flicked his tongue over Neji's lips, his hands going down to stroke over the silver eyed man's hips. "I'm yours Neji, eternally yours."

Moaning Neji pressed closer. "I love you. Oh gods I love you so much." Neji pushed Itachi so that he practically fell into the recliner chair next to the couch and crawled on top of him so that he was straddling his gorgeous lover. "I love you with all that I am and I always will. You found a piece of me I didn't even know was missing."

Itachi ran his hands over Neji's sides, up under the long haired man's shirt. "I love you too baby. I didn't even know I couldlove this much. You healed even the parts I didn't know were wounded." He leaned up to kiss the other man's lips softly, lovingly. "My Neji, you're the very air I breathe." He took Neji's mouth in a steamy, tender kiss, their tongues tangling together.

Arching up, into Itachi's touch Neji offered him all that he was. Pulling on Itachi's clothes, wanting to feel that silky warm skin against his hands, lips and tongue. "I want you love. I always want you. Just the way you hold yourself drives me crazy."

Itachi's hands divested Neji of his shirt as the Uchiha nibbled on the slender column of the other man's throat. "Gods Neji what you do to me. I get hard just looking at you. Did you know," he nipped the edge of Neji's jaw, "that you get this one expression when you're concentrating on a particularly difficult layout. It's frustration, challenge, and stubbornness combined and every time I see it I just want to bend you over your desk, go down on my knees and tongue fuck you until you're begging for me to shove my big stiff prick into your sweet ass, something I'll do gladly just for the privilege of fucking you into the desk."

"Oh Gods." Neji ground down on him. "I'll never be able to work again without thinking about that. You're tongue in my ass, thrusting and slicking me up for that beautiful big cock of yours...Spreading me open and fucking me so deep, so good." Neji worked on Itachi's shirt too, wanting to feel his lover's skin against his own. His eyes were glassy with need and his breath came out in heavy pants. "I want it now 'Tachi, I want to feel you so deep inside me that I can taste you in my throat."

The Uchiha made a soft growl and helped Neji pull his shirt off then smirked as he caught the long haired man's wrists and used his shirt to tie them behind Neji's back. He licked delicately at the pale column of the other man's throat. "Tsk, now what have I said about patience snowflake." His lips and tongue stroked down Neji's neck, laved over the collarbone, then teased down to one silver hoop adorned nipple. He took the hoop in his teeth and tugged gently, the cry that came from his lover making him feel about ten feet tall not to mention what it did to his already hard cock.

Neji was going out of his mind, his nipples were his major weak spot and now that the piercings had healed they were ten times more sensitive than before. Neji honestly believed that he could come just by Itachi playing with them. "This is no fair...I want to give you pleasure too." Even as he said it he arched his back, pushing his chest into Itachi's touch, wanting more. "And how can I be patient when everything you do turn me on?" He ground his ass on Itachi's lap, wanting his lover to become as needy as he was.

Itachi's tongue laved the pierced flesh and he purred. "Don't you know that I get pleasure just from touching you? Tasting you," another lap of his tongue, "Hearing the sounds you make as I slowly drive you out of your mind?" His hand came up to play with the nipple and piercing that his mouth was neglecting. His other hand was roaming the rest of Neji's skin, raking his nails lightly over the ivory expanse in teasing swirls and sweeps. He didn't make any move to stop his lover from pressing against his groin, it felt too fucking good and he loved to see Neji work for more.

It felt as if Neji's entire body was vibrating, calling out for more. He did want to touch Itachi but being restrained like this, with someone he loved and trusted completely...Neji had to admit that it was a huge turn on. He moaned loudly and tossed his head back, his hair tickling his back and pooling onto Itachi's thighs. He continued to twist and turn, dry humping Itachi for all he was worth. His jeans felt way too tight. "Please, please Phoenix...Unbutton my pants. I ache for you." He ground down again, extra hard and leaned forward, licking a wet stripe up Itachi's neck and jaw, growling at the addictive taste.

A pleased purr came from the older man and he used his free hand to pluck at the button of Neji's pants until it was undone and he could pull down the zipper. He snaked his hand inside the gap and palmed his lovers cock through the underwear. "Here snowflake? Is this where you're aching?"

"Yes, of fuck yes!" Neji leaned his forehead against Itachi's shoulder, rocking in his lover's lap. He couldn't decide what felt better, pushing up into Itachi's hand or grinding down on to the hard erection under his ass. "I ache so badly, please touch me more." Neji didn't care at all that he was begging and mewling; if it got Itachi to touch him then he'd gladly beg more. "Do you feel it? How wet it is, how I weep for you to touch me?" Precum was leaking from his tip, wetting both his shaft and his dark boxer-briefs.

Itachi tugged on the nipple piercing again. "How do you want me to touch you baby? Do you want me to keep rubbing you through your underwear? Do you want me to take your beautiful, dripping cock out and wrap my fingers around it? Or would you rather I strip your pants off, lift you up, and take you into my mouth?" He pressed his hand gently against the covered erection his lover was sporting to drive him just that much wilder.

Neji bucked in Itachi's lap, imagining all the ways Itachi spoke of and moaning at the pleasure of all of them. "Your mouth, of course I want that sexy, beautiful and utterly wicked mouth on me." Neji was panting as he was writhing in Itachi's hold. "I want you to wrap your lips around me, tease me with your tongue and suck me dry." He raised his head so that he could lick at Itachi's lips, nibble that soft bottom lip before deepening the kiss, kissing his lover with a fervor that was bordering on desperation.

A pleased sound rumbled in Itachi's chest as he returned the kiss, tangling his tongue with Neji's and sucking on the younger man's tongue as if he was practicing for Neji's cock, not that any practice was needed. His hands went to Neji's underwear and pants, pushing them down past the hips. He gave Neji's ass a little tap. "Raise up baby."

Neji scrambled for leverage, putting his knees on each armrest so he could raise his hips enough for Itachi to pull his pants off. It was a difficult thing to do without the use of his arms and the fact that he didn't want to break the kiss. He didn't want to release those talented lips even for a moment.

Itachi made quick work of the pants and underwear, flinging them off into unknown corners of the room, and had his lover gloriously naked before him. His hand wrapped around Neji's cock stroking the shaft leisurely as Neji continued to devour his mouth. He loved the taste of his snowflake, so addictive and intoxicating.

"Mmm, yes. It feels so good." Neji murmured against Itachi's lips, thrusting into his lover's hand, wanting more friction. What Itachi was doing now was nothing more than to tease. It felt gloriously good but it wasn't enough, not nearly enough. "Please 'Tachi...Please, please, please." He marked every please with a new kiss.

"I can't take you into my mouth if you're keeping it occupied baby." He nipped at Neji's lower lip and rubbed his thumb over the Hyuga's frenulum.

"Oh fuck...Right now I don't even know what I want anymore. I just want you Phoenix." Neji tore his mouth away from Itachi's with difficulty, latching on to his neck instead, sucking and nibbling.

Itachi smirked and flipped Neji off him so his knees were on the cushions of the couch and he was behind the brunette. "I think I'll start with a snack before I move on to the main course." He nibbled down the line of Neji's back, stroked his hands over Neji's bound arms, nipped an ass cheek teasingly, before spreading them and exposing the tight rosebud to his gaze. "Mmm you look good enough to eat and I intend to feast." He leaned down and stroked his tongue over the ring of muscle.

Neji shuddered and babbled incoherently as he rubbed his face against the coarse fabric of the couch, trying to keep himself grounded someway. His hole trembled and twitched as Itachi lapped over it and Neji pushed his ass upwards, spreading his knees more, offering himself up to that talented mouth. There was a strain in his arms from the position he was in but Neji couldn't care less, all he felt was the mind-blowing pleasure.

The Uchiha's talented tongue wiggled and slipped inside Neji, thrusting slowly to fuck him with his tongue. He moved one elegant hand around to stroke Neji's erection to the pace of his tongue's rhythm. Gods the sounds Neji made. He shivered as they inflamed him further and his own pants became painful. He quickly shed them, stripping himself naked, even as he reached under the couch cushions to grab the small bottle of lube he'd stashed there. Extremely horny gay man's rule #1: Always have lube in every room of your house, you never know where and when you're going to need it.

Moans and mewls, curses and pleas continued to fall from Neji's lips as his body rocked with Itachi's licks and thrusts. It almost felt too good. His hole fluttered and clenched around Itachi's slick tongue as if trying to get it deeper. Neji wanted desperately to be filled more. His cock was red and hard and precum dripped onte the couch underneath him. "Please Itachi enough. Just take that beautiful cock and ram it inside me, fill me up to the brim and fuck me. Fuck me now!"

Itachi pulled back and nipped Neji's ass cheek sharply. "What have I said about patience, though I have to say," he soothed the bite with a swipe of his tongue, "I love to hear you beg or demand so desperately." He popped the cap of the lube and drizzled a little over Neji's hole before slipping a finger inside to test how stretched his snowflake was. He pushed the finger in and out slowly, and added a second one so he could scissor them inside his lover. He loved doing this, because he knew it made Neji feel good and turned the heat up just a bit more.

Tensing up a bit at the bite Neji was almost ashamed to admit that, that little pinch of pain only made him more aroused. He wasn't into pain in the bedroom but Itachi...Itachi turned him on with everything he did. He pushed back against Itachi's fingers, clenching around it rhythmically, longing for them to be something bigger, something thicker.

"I swear Itachi, if you don't get on with this right now I will flip you over and fuck your tight ass." Neji looked over his shoulder as best he could with his bound hands. "No more teasing, no more prepping. I need you now 'tachi, want you...crave you."

Itachi moved up so that he was standing behind his lover and bent to purr into Neji's ear. "I can't say I'd mind having you inside me Neji but right now your ass is the one getting fucked," he nipped lightly at the other man's lobe, "and one day I'm going to cuff you to the bed and show you the real meaning of teasing. For now though..." He took his fingers out of his lover, lined his cock up with Neji's hole, and untied the long haired man's hands. "Grab onto the back of the couch baby."

Neji scrambled to comply, ignoring the way his arms ached and tingled as the blood-flow returned to them and he grabbed the back of the couch tightly, sinking his fingers deep into the soft fabric. His body was humming with need and everywhere Itachi brushed against him or touched him buzzed with electricity. He was so ready, so focused on the man behind him and what he was doing.

"I...I don't think I'll ever be able to be patient with you. You drive me fucking insane, just the sound of your voice makes me want to drop my pants and jump you."

A loud keening sound escaped Neji as he felt the blunt, wide head of Itachi's cock nuzzle his entrance, he wanted it inside him so badly. He pushed back sharply and gasp in satisfaction and slight pain as he managed to impale himself on his lover.

A soft growl rumbled in Itachi's chest as he pushed forward even as Neji pushed back, the feeling of sliding into that tight clinging heat was bliss and torture all in one. He pressed a kiss to the back of Neji's neck and grabbed his hips as he pressed in until he was balls deep inside his lover. "I'm going to take you now, to pound into you until you scream my name. I'm going to fill you up, to mark you until everyone know just who you belong to, and who I belong to."

He pulled back slowly, giving Neji time to anticipate what was to come then thrust back in hard and fast, his hips snapping forward against Neji's ass with a soft slap of flesh.

"Yes, do it! Mark me, make me yours completely!" Neji's body rocked forward with the force of Itachi's thrust and he still pushed back, moved with Itachi, showing his lover just how much he wanted him and how good it felt. His hair stuck to his sweaty back and temples and Neji brushed the damp strands away with impatient movements before grabbing the back of the couch again. "Fuck me silly Itachi, make me feel you for days."

Itachi hunched over his lover, his hips moving quickly, growls and groans rumbling in his chest each time Neji pushed back to meet the savage motions. He reached out and grabbed the long hair, pulling so Neji's back was arched even further and he could mouth the muscle of the other man's shoulder. His other hand went down and around to pump his lover's cock in counterpoint rhythm to the almost brutal thrusts. He could feel his release hovering at the edges of his shredded control and angled his hip to rub against Neji's prostate in an attempt to drive the other man closer to his own peak.

Stars erupted behind Neji's eyelids every time Itachi's cock brushed his prostate and it was almost difficult to breathe. Itachi's hand around his cock, Itachi filling him up to the brim, Itachi's warmth against his back...Neji's whole world narrowed in on his lover. Itachi was the only thing real, the only thing that mattered and the only one Neji would ever want. "Nnngh 'Tachi, feels so good." His cock swelled in Itachi's hand. Neji loved having his hair pulled during sex, it was a major kink of his and since Itachi was his every wet dream come true Neji was on the verge of climaxing. "I'm...I'm gonna cum." His balls drew closer to his body and his ass clenched around the cock in it as Neji's orgasm hit him. "I love you! I love you so much!"

It took only that to have Itachi cascading over the edge after his lover, fireworks exploding behind his eyes and his teeth clamping down on Neji's shoulder as his seed boiled up out of his cock spilling inside the other man. He strained against his lover for a few moments before his muscles relaxed enough to let him flop to the side, falling down onto the couch with Neji in his lap. He licked at the red bite mark he'd left on Neji's pale shoulder affectionately. "My Neji. I love you."

Neji struggled to breathe and get the ability to speak back. He wrapped his arms around Itachi and leaned into his lover. "Damn it 'Tachi...I think you've managed to fuck the words right out of me." He gasped and turned his head kiss Itachi's neck.

Itachi chuckled softly and nuzzled Neji's cheek. "I'm sure you'll recover." His eyes closed in contentment. He was almost blindingly happy just sitting here with Neji in the afterglow. "If not then I can teach you sign language."

"I'd love that...after I've regain use of my muscles too. Let's make it a future project." Neji smiled and reached for the blanket lying at the edge of the couch, wrapping it around their naked bodies as he cuddled deeper into Itachi's embrace.

"Mmm sounds like a plan." Itachi's smile widened as the cat jumped up onto them after a few moments and curled up into Neji's lap. Here was his family for the time being and perhaps later down the road he and Neji might adopt a child who needed the love. For now though things were absolutely perfect here with his saving grace.


ANAnd here we leave our boys and this universe for this time. I'm sure there will be other visits to check up on how they are doing. Either in the snippets in Live, Learn and Love or as oneshots. Keep your eyes out. Thank you for taking this journey with us. –bows-

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