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Title: Jelly Beans
Rating: G
Pairings: None?
Warnings: Um? I don't know?
I haven't written a story in FOREVERS. Iメve just had a really bad writers block. I hope this will help it!


Syrus blinked. What in the world was Chazz doing? The small boy crouched down so he was eye level with the table his classmate was sitting out.

"Hey, Chazz?"

The former Obelisk grunted, acknowledging the otherメs presence.

Syrus pointed to the table. "Whatcha doing?"

Chazz glanced up from the table. "What does it look like I am doing?"

The teal haired boy couldn't help but blink again. "...it looks like you are playing with jelly beans."

"The Chazz isn't playing with jelly beans," Chazz scoffed.

"You aren't?"

"No." Chazz looked back down at his jelly beans. "I must eat each color separately." He gestured to the candies he was separating by flavor, "First, the Plum jelly beans."

"...why the plum?"

"Pft. They are the worst."

"Then why not throw them away?"

This time it was Chazz's time to blink. "That would be a waste." He rolled his eyes, "You don't understand the art of eating jelly beans. You always eat the worst first and save the best for last. In this case that would be sour cherry."

Syrus just stared at his friend as he started to eat his jelly beans in a very odd manner to say the least. Chazz was even more crazy then he previously though.


I hope you enjoyed! Hopefully I can get something else out sooner or start writing again on one of my old fanfics!
x Yami Sango