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Oh Close your eyes/ I'll be here in the morning/ Close your eyes/ I'll be here for a while/ Oh Lay your head back easy, love/ Close your cryin' eyes/ I'll be layin' here beside you/ When the sun comes on the rise/ I'll stay as long as the cuckoo wails/ And the lonesome bluejay cries/ Oh Close your eyes/ I'll be here in the morning/ Close your eyes/ I'll be here for a while


He was afraid. He was more afraid than he had ever been in his life. Scared of himself; scared of her; scared of them more than anything. Of whatever this was! Truthfully he didn't know what he would call it. He… Just didn't know. He'd never had something like this before. Never been in this type of situation.

He shifted, careful not to wake up the brunette sleeping soundly, curled up against him. He was able to pull himself up, his back pressed against the headboard, head rolled back to stare up at the ceiling. Dawn was slowly trying to creep its way through the darkness outside of his bedroom as thoughts of last night began to slowly creep into his mind.

It had been a slow week for everyone – well save for Guerrero who always seemed to have places to go and people to threaten – and Ilsa had decided to just give everyone the rest of the week off unless something serious happened. She'd ended up leaving for Italy and Chance wasn't at all surprised when Guerrero had informed him he'd be out of state for a while. And he wasn't surprised that Winston had opted to stay at home and relax and sleep the rest of the week off – it was Thursday so by Monday he'd be pretty well rested, that's for sure.

And that left him and Ames. He'd actually expected Ames to go out with friends and party and show up grouchy and hung-over Monday morning. So he was surprised to come downstairs from his shower to find Ames curled on the couch and watching a Jersey Shores marathon in boy shorts and a black sleeveless shirt.

He walked into the kitchen to grab himself a glass of milk. She didn't really seem to be watching the show at all as he rounded to the living-room and stood in the doorway. "Friends busy tonight?" he asked, walking around to the other couch and taking a seat. She looked away from the TV and gave him a small smile that seemed… Almost sad? "Yeah… Not much is happening this weekened save for a few parties that I just don't feel like going to. So like I may just crash at home after this," she motioned to the TV but seemed upset at the prospect of having to go home. Like she was afraid?

"Well hey… If ya don't wanna go that far out you can stay here," he said with a lazy shrug. He wasn't really sure what was wrong but he really felt she didn't need to be alone. He wasn't always the best at reading woman – not something he would ever admit out loud, though – but even he could tell she was almost underline pleading that he'd say something; maybe let her stay here. "Just a suggestion," he added quickly, seeing her furrow her brow at him.

However a small smile appeared and she nodded. "Hey thanks.. That's real cool of you," she sighed, sounding full of relief. He had to smile at that. It was his job to make people feel safe and comfortable and even if Ames was his partner that didn't exclude her from the job either. "Is it OK if I go shower?" she asked, standing up. Chance nodded, but remaind quiet as she stalked away and up the stairs, leaving him alone with Carmine, who jumped up and plopped down to lay where Ames had been sitting, happy to have his spot back.

He looked down, startled as he heard Ames take in a sharp breath and shiver. He unconsciously ran his hand down her arm, feeling goose bumps popping up on her arms and figured she must be having a bad dream. She grumbled and curled to his touch and warmth. "Don't leave me…" she murmured, sighing and relaxing softly as his thumb caressed her arm and she relaxed.

Those words were why he was here. Why he had let her climb into his bed and sleep with him.

Ames had finished her shower as he had headed upstairs to change into gym shorts and a t-shirt for bed. She was drying her hair when he racked his knuckles against the door, seeking to come in and brush his teeth. "Sorry…" she said, almost sheepish like (which really wasn't like Ames at all! She was never sheepish!) before sliding out of the bathroom to let him brush his teeth.

Once he was done, he walked to the guestroom to make sure she was comfy – seeing as she was his guest for the night – and was surprised to find her laying on the bed on-top of the covers, already passed out. Chance frowned and slid into the room and took the end of the sheets and pulled them over her, folding her up like a sleeping bag, before shutting off the light and heading to his room.

He crawled into his bed and turned off the light. Falling asleep quickly had not been something he had been able to do unless exhausted. So he had been just outside of falling asleep when he felt that something wasn't right. Instantly he was awake and up. A gun was removed from a hiding place on his bed and he kept it down and loaded as he crept from his room towards Ames's room where he could tell that something wasn't right and that Ames could be under attack!

He pushed the door open roughly and slipped through the doorway into the room and felt his stomach drop. Ames was curled up on the bed and crying, her body shaking and heaving from her compressed sobs. He quickly put his gun on safety and stuffed it into the back of his shorts and quickly walked around the side of the bed to push her hair out of her face.

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry.. It's fine, don't worry about me.. I'm sorry," she whispered repeatedly. Chance frowned and tried to get her to look at him. "Ames.. Hey.. Come on.. It's OK. I'm here," he said, not sure what else he could say. They looked in each eyes and Ames just cracked. "I-I don't want to be alone! I.. I can't… I don't want to be alone," she cried as he bent down and began to pick her up. There was no way he could let her stay in here alone and the bed was to small for both of them.

She clung desperetly to him as he carried her to his room. He placed her on the ebd and raised to move, only for her to grip him tighter. "Don't- Don't leave me," she gasped out and Chance made her look in his eyes again. "I'm not going anywhere, ok? I'm just gonna get on the bed, alright?" Ames slowly let him go, allowing him to crawl over her and onto the bed. Instantly she turned and curled up close to him, gripping his arm and shaking. He pulled the covers over them and let her relax.

"I had… Had bad dreams last night," she whispered as he ran his finegrs through his hair. "When my mom and dad dying… Brody getting blown up… You and everyone just died and I was alone.. I don't-!" she started to go into panick attack again and Chance gripped her arm and shook her lightly. "Ames? Ames! It's OK. I'm right here, OK? Calm down," he said above a whisper, causing her to slowly relax. "I'm.. I'm such a baby, arnt I?" she asked, and he had to chuckle a little. "No. Nobody wants to be alone. You arnt a baby. You're just.. Human."

She smiled a small, weak, smile and slowly allowed herself to fall asleep as he pat her head, his fingers lightly scrapping her scalp. When she finally fell asleep, Chance allowed himself to slowly drift off to sleep as well – though a light one so he could wake up quickly if she had another episode.

Now here he was.

Chance looked out the window as he saw the sun poking out slightly over the roofs of Los Angeles and sighed. He should just get up and leave. Who knew if she'd remember last night. She could've been in a sort of sleep-walking/talking fit and not recall any of it.

And well… Maybe he should leave to protect himself. He didn't want to admit that sleeping with Ames beside him had been one of his better nights. A night without flashes of his past and fears. Comforting her to sleep had comforted him as well. And yet… It was that thought that let him know he couldn't leave.

He ran his fingers through Ames's hair and closed his eyes, listening to the sound of her breathing and waited for her to wake up; enjoying the silence and comfort he was feeling for as long as he could.

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