Chapter 1: Bleeding Love

The smell of burning woke me and my setting was wrong in place of my purple and white bedroom was a forest and I found the source of the smell, a small fire started in the middle of the forest. I got up to investigate and in that fire was a man with blonde hair and golden eyes, lifeless eyes I screamed not because of fear but of sorrow the man burning ripped a hole in me. Dreaming this dream I did not know who this man was but in the dream I was screaming the man's name "Jasper! NO! Jasper!" I scream at the top of my lungs as I slow back away and looked around "No! Jasper! Don't leave me!"

Then everything faded out and I was slow waking up to the sound of someone's voice "Jane! Come on get up!" I felt a pillow hit my head I opened my eyes to the white of my comforter and another hit with the pillow; Sammy's pixie like voice rang out "Janessa! Get up!" I moved the cover off of me "there she goes, I'm going to get dress you do the same and don't try anything you know I can hear!" and with that she flinted out my room closing the door behind her. I sighed a deep sigh today was the first day of school for us Tuckers right now we are settled in Forks, Washington and going to Forks high school

I get out of my huge bed and pat over to my bathroom and get in to the shower. Oh wait I forgot you don't know me! Well I'm going to start by saying that my name is Janessa Tucker I'm a half human, half vampire no.. Not the fanged, I v' want to suck your blood type of vampire though we do drink blood. I was born from a human and a vampire, my father Warren Tucker met my mom Gabriella when he was living in Texas at the time and he fell in love with my mother. And my mother fell for him well they started dating and fell even more in love. soon after my father popped the big question and my mom said yes of course and my auntie Olive she's a human planed their wedding and not soon after on their honeymoon I was conceived I know what you're thinking "how can I be here when my father is like dead?" I know I don't get it ether we're on the same page anyway my mom knew what my father was but she wanted to keep me even after the stories about mix breeds ripping out of their mothers when it time for birth and none of them live. But she held me for about 2 months then I was ready to be born my mother lost a lot of blood and was going to die but my father changed my mom and now their together my mom a vampire and my father a vampire and me their daughter half human and half vampire cool huh?

I get out of the shower and rap a big fluffy purple towel around myself and walked back to my room to find Sammy there "here wear this" Sammy handed me black skinny jeans, a brown long sleeved shirt and a pair of fur boots "thanks" I mumble placing them on my bed "I'll be up to do your hair" Sammy said walking toward the door "okay" I said smiling she smiled back left me to dress I dressed and thought about where I was Forks, Washington hmmm what a funny name for a town but yes here I was Forks, Washington where there was a consent cover of clouds perfect for vampires I smiled to myself once I was dressed and sitting in front of my vanity with Sam's hands in my hair I asked "So are we staying here now? Or leave after a year?" she looked at me through the mirror "Jane we'll stay as long as you want" "okay then let's stay I want to graduate" she smiled "well your done" my hair was still curly like it always is but I had a brown yarn hat on and light make-up "come on before we're late for our first day of school" I turned to see Sam holding out my black leather jacket I grabbed it and put it on grabbing my back pack and followed Sam down stairs where the rest of my family was "Jane!" I was hugged by my best friend Bella "Hi Bellsy" I said hugging her back she pulled away "we're going to rock this school!" I laughed there's the Bella I know "Hell yeah we are" I yelled "language Janessa" my mother said looking at me then giving me a kiss on the cheek "Don't smother her Gabby" My father said placing his hand on her hip then pulling me into them in a group hug "have a wonderful day at school J" they said together "I will" I said pulling out of their embrace "Jane come on!" I heard Bella's voice calling from the garage "Coming!" I called back "Eddie you take care of your sister okay?" Dad said as my brother walked down the stairs he smiled at me "I will" he grabbed a hold of my hand pulling me to the garage I waved bye to my parents. Edward went to Bella kissing her "Jane aren't you ride with us?" Bella asked "Yeah" I said climbing in their Volvo and we were off Me, Bella, Edward, Charlie, Noel and Sam and Chris.

We pull into Forks high school parking lot and piled out our cars it was still early for people was still In the parking lot right next to us was a group of inhumanly beautiful people and I knew right away they were vampires I pulled out my phone check the time when it was suddenly gone from my hand I looked up to see Edward holding it smiling at me I glared "EDWARD!" I yelled clearly pissed off

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