When she woke it was too early to do anything. Too early to get ready for work but it was too late to try and get back to sleep, so sliding out from between his arms, she tip-toed into the bedroom next to them while straightening out the t-shirt which flooded her body, opening the nursery door slowly to avoid noise she approached the cot. Crossing her arms she leant over to see the tiny baby, who was gurgling with happiness, lying on his back kicking his legs and moving his arms as he tried to reach the mobile spinning above him.

"Hello there little boy" her voice went all gooey as she spoke the infant "you're a very good boy, yes you are, you've learnt not to wake mommy and daddy up, yes you have, you have" she leant over planting a kiss on his belly then started to make noises on it as the 3 month old baby giggled and chuckled in delight, she then kissed his cheek and receiving a sloppy on in return.

"Right then Mr, I will bring you your breakfast in a bit but first I need mine" giving him another kiss she placed the blanket, which he had kicked off through the night, back over him and stroked his cheek. She crept back out the room and closed the door before popping her head around to see the smiling baby watching her go.

When she reached the kitchen she pulled a glass out of the cupboard and some orange juice out of the fridge along with some pancakes from last night, putting the pancakes in the microwave she drank the juice she had poured out and sat down on the chrome stool while she waited for the pancakes. Flicking through the nearest magazine she strained her eyes to see the writing, but all she could see was blurred colour and smudges of writing, she had left her glasses in their bedroom and had no ambition to go and get them. Just as she was about to rest her head on the counter someone wrapped their arms around her waist causing her to jump until they whispered in her ear.

"Morning" his voice was low and husky "you're 30 minutes early today, I think we can do to fill that time"

She spun round on her stool and draped her arms around his neck pulling him closer to kiss him, "Well then if that's what you want Jack, I won't oppose" she kissed him again then pulled him out of the kitchen and into their bedroom.

Author's Note: this is the end of the story; the next chapters will be set before this.